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I am including the recording of the meeting but the blog post below will contain much of the information from the video.
Now on to the written details. There is quite a bit here so ...
Governor's Public Health Funding Update:
If you don’t know what the Public Health Commission or SEA4 was make sure you check out h4ml.org/gphcshorts.  You can watch from the inception of the commission through the passing of the legislation on that page. You may also find the download helpful.

Ultimately, counties were offered an increase in public health funding that they couldn’t refuse. Unfortunately, the bill also contains a dangerous loophole that is mutually exclusive with the statement maintaining county power.

Eligibility for funding hinges on compliance with administrative rules created by the Department of Health. These rules can be changed at any time and include compulsory testing, monitoring, and required vaccines.

All but about 20 counties have opted into the program.  You can check out the map here to find out about your county.
NEWS TO CELEBRATE: Johnson County has opted out of the program for the time being.
You can read more in the daily journal article. The article makes several commonsense arguments as to why the county did not opt-in to the program including additional strings that may be attached. Elected officials also state that they may consider the funding in the future but right now, the program is only two years and they have concerns if the program was cut in the future.

Great job Johnson County. 


What better time to opt out than before the money is delivered?
During our meeting we talked about the power of one, and how one person is able to create great change. We are proud of our members taking action and making a difference.  One of our members was even able to publish an editorial in his local paper.  (Link to follow)

For now, we need YOU to exercise your power of one. 

Go meet with your elected and be sure to make it clear that commissioners should opt out (even if they already opted in) and state legislators must remove the loop-hole.
Talking points:
Download HERE
County commissioners:
  1. Share the daily journal article.
  2. Tell the Commissioners about the loophole that is mutually exclusive with the clause retaining county autonomy. (Citation source: IC 16-46-10-6)
  3. Ask the commissioners if they are going to end programs and terminate employees if the funding isn’t renewed in two years OR if the Department of Health issues rules the county is unwilling to comply with.
  4. Ask the commissioners how they will ensure a return on tax-payer investment within county health. Be clear that “population served” is not an acceptable means of measurement.
State Senator/State Representatives:
  1. Tell them you want them to author and vote for the Bodily Integrity Act H4ML has proposed and they must correct any current law that may infringe on the inalienable right of bodily integrity.
  2. Tell them, secondary to #1, you expect them to correct the error made when putting mutually exclusive statements in SEA4. They must remove the clause in IC 16-46-10-6, regarding administrative rules, that negates the county autonomy clause.
Bodily Integrity Act:
Bodily integrity is Medical Liberty.

We will settle for nothing less.
Bodily integrity is an individual’s inalienable right to be free from unwanted intrusions to their bodies that would interfere with them being intact and whole.
This means an end to medical mandates.
All other legislative actions for medical liberty are secondary to this one principle.
This is going to be a heavy lift, but ultimately, if we do not have the right to refuse an intrusion of our bodies, WE DO NOT OWN THEM.

If we do not demand bodily integrity now, we will never escape the constant and exhausting fight against “exemption law.”

Hoosiers we have a choice. We can secure our bodies or we can constantly be searching for the next bandaid for the issue.

I know that you will join me in this quest to secure Medical Liberty. Here is how you an help:
  1. Sign the petition on our website now!
  2. Invite your friends, family, & acquaintances to join as well!
  3. Make an appointment to talk with your legislator about authoring and supporting the Bodily Integrity Act
Everyone can get important text updates by texting 260-286-0988 the word: INTEGRITY
We are diving into a difficult battle and one way we will be successful is through a renewed focus on our WATCHDOGS program.

Becoming a watchdog is an incredibly impactful way to contribute without

The purpose of watchdogs is to hold legislators accountable for actions and words. Our pack will connect periodically for those who wish. Other watchdogs may choose to operate as lone wolves while reporting back to H4ML via forms.

Primary responsibilities will be to develop an employer-employee relationship with the legislator, meet with them in person once per year. These meetings can often be held in your hometown. These bonus barks are not required but can be helpful to remind them you are watching. Watchdogs will also have 2-3 other points of dialog with the legislator in person, email or phone throughout the year. After each point of contact watchdogs will communicate back with H4ML.
After the recording stopped an important question was brought up regarding other legislation that might be offered and if H4ML activists should be supporting it too.

H4ML encourages it’s activists to be critical thinkers. Politics can make this a very difficult task.  I don’t want people to just “do what we say.” I want you to question our recommendations and be sure you know why you are doing the things we recommend. This is why I put so much time and energy into laying things out in the blog or through handouts.

I want our activists to QUESTION EVERYTHING!
When you are questioning if you should support legislation here are things to consider:

  1. Is this legislation getting to the root of the problem or regulating it?
  2. Will this add unnecessary laws and bloat the government?
  3. Are legislators or other interested parties trying to distract me from what I really want?
Let’s dig into these three just a bit.
  1. Getting to the root, or creating regulation:

Getting to the root of the issue is imperative if you don’t want a never-ending battle.  We know the issue of Medical Liberty is not an easy one. We are up against Goaliaths, but we will never secure the sovereignty of our bodies if we are constantly creating regulations. 
Regulatory bills often end up flipped, rather than creating “protections for some” they often create restrictions for many.

HB1001 (2022), the law for COVID-19 exemptions, is the perfect example of this.  We kicked this fight off in 2021 with SB 74 which would have prevented employers from requiring vaccines for their employees. The legislature turned this into exemptions with several exclusions that left those working in healthcare and entertainment without “protection.” Worse yet, this joke of a bill created a law that allows twice-weekly discriminatory testing against those using exemptions. 

In the best case scenarios regulatory bills become watered down and are essentially worthless but allow legislators the ability to falsely claim that they fought for your issue and then gaslight you when you demand accountability.

  1. Will this create unnecessary laws & bloat the government:

The example above regarding HB1001 (2022) and the resulting testing is the perfect example of a bloated government.  The government should not be requiring testing, in fact this state law undermines religious discrimination protections. 

I am sure there are hundreds of examples of this but that novel will have to wait for another day.  Ultimately, we do not want to spend our time creating more and more laws, we should be living through constitutional principles and limiting government involvement as much as possible.
After all we are intelligent, thoughtful human beings who should be accountable for our actions. Society must not be reliant on the government to rule over every aspect of life.

  1. Are legislators or other interested parties trying to distract me from what I really want?
This is a key. ALWAYS be asking “If I believe what they say, and do what they want, how do they benefit?”
Distraction is a political tactic and it can come in many forms.  This tactic often goes hand in hand with threats. For example, politicians like to threaten constituents with “loosing an opportunity,” especially when that opportunity requires less work from the politician, poses less of a political threat, and gets you off their backs. Politicians may say things like, “You are fighting an impossible battle” or “you are being unreasonable” after making disparaging comments they will offer up a cookie.  “I am with you, really.  You just don’t understand how things work around here.  What I can do for you is…”

Most of the time the tactic is not that obvious but be looking for this sort of pattern with politicians.  Once you spot it, recognition becomes easier. If you miss this tactic, don’t beat yourself up because they are trained professionals and have had plenty of practice.
We are currently working on classes to help you identify and stop these tactics. Make sure you stay tuned and sign up for future educational opportunities, sign up here.
That wraps up this monthly update. 

In Liberty,
Ashley & H4ML Team
<![CDATA[GPHC county commissioner update]]>Mon, 24 Jul 2023 21:07:59 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/gphc-county-commissioner-update
  1. Public health is important, but not at the expense of liberty.
  2. SB4 was designed to centralize public health through coercion. (WATCH THE VIDEOS)
  3. The bill has a loophole that ties funding to administrative rules adopted by the State Dept. of Health requiring a choice between autonomy or funding. It is an unnecessary addon, the counties are already required to use the funds for the defined core public health services.
  4. Supporters of SEA4 are confusing Medicaid expansion with public health. The US spends the most per capita on health yet it has the worst outcomes in developed countries. How will throwing more money at the problem help?
Everyone agrees Public Health is important. We are not trying to insinuate that it shouldn’t be a priority. BUT IT IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY, A LACK OF TRANSPARENCY OR COMMON SENSE.

The purpose of SB4 is to centralize public health creating a top-down approach to ensure “consistent & equitable” public health measures across the country. The intent to use coercion to centralize public health power was clear in the snippets from the Governor’s Public Health Commission meeting on June 30th meeting found here.

Legislators claim counties “maintain their authority” while ignoring a gaping loophole. Funding is tied to administrative rules set by the State Department of Health. However the law already requires that the funding be spent on the core public health services. The clause requiring counties to follow administrative rules is unnecessary.

Senator Tyler Johnson attended the July 24th 2023 Dekalb commissioners meeting and admitted this was a concern. Especially because administrative rules may be changed, historically, we have seen the health department act with a “heavy hand.”

He admits that he voted in opposition of the bill, but disappointingly, he encouraged the County Commissioners to accept the funding.

Why would he ask the commissioners to vote yes, when he was unwilling to? When asked, his only response was that these are taxpayer dollars and that we shouldn’t refuse them.
Supporters of opting in crowed about the need for more funding with emotional pleas related to the underinsured and homeless. While access to care is a significant issue. Primary care and disease management are not the role of public health. Aligning under-insured with appropriate programs and resources is the solution, not replicating Medicaid programs. Public health is not about disease management, it is PREVENTION. Wittingly or not, their testimonies were proposing an expansion of Medicaid through the public health system. This is a slippery slope towards socialized medicine and bigger government. At present the U.S. spends significantly more than other developed countries and yet has the worst health outcomes. Is it logical to believe that throwing money at this problem will improve the situation?
Commissioners should do the fiscally responsible thing, opt out.

Give the state legislature an opportunity to fix this mess and ensure a responsible, sustainable, and transparent plan is in place and FREE of financial strings.  The additional requirement of following administrative rules could only be for one thing. CONTROL.
Accepting this funding with the current requirements will render counties helpless against future lockdowns pushed by the state, federal and even global organizations.

You have two action items:
  1. Tell your county commissioners to opt-out. ***If they have already opted in you can still opt out before getting the funds. See if your county already opted-in here.
  2. Tell your state legislators to remove the financial strings and provide transparency. If the governor’s public health commission is truly about health, the legislature must remove the nonsensical requirement for compliance with “rules adopted by the state department.” IC 16-46-10-6
Here is a copy of the testimony I gave at the Dekalb County Commissioner's meeting.  Feel free to email, read or print copies and share with your commissioners.  
I would also like to correct something I said at the commissioners meeting today.  I spoke on the amount of funding the county would receive.  My calculations were wrong. Though I was reading "match" my brain interpreted it as "co-pay." 

The funding listed on the "opt-in amount" is the amount the county will receive from the state and is IN ADDITION to, not including, the county match. That means the calculations I made on the spot were INCREDIBLY wrong.

The actual figures make the offer of additional funds nearly impossible to decline. 

County health departments may see nearly a double in funding the first year and more the following years. One thing was clear, the specifics are not well laid out, the counties do not know their opt-in match nor can they provide specifics on the new budget totals.

This does not change the risk to liberty that these funds include. In fact, this information may add an additional level of concern. Clearly there is incredible motivation to ensure consistent, sustainable, and equitable public health measures.

I cannot place a price on freedom or our constitution, however not all feel the same way.  We are definitely fighting an uphill battle but that does not mean we quit. We must keep fighting, we must push through.

Even if your county has opted in, GATHER YOUR NEIGHBORS and go tell the commission to opt out before receiving any funds.
<![CDATA[Summer Update]]>Sun, 09 Jul 2023 01:11:43 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/summer-updateWhat you will find below:
SB4- Public Health Commission in your county
Spellers Showings
‘The Big Catch-up’ Vaccination campaign
VAERS Education Update
Next Legislative Season
SB4- Public Health Commission in your county. 
Initial meetings have been had in most counties setting up the accounts to receive funding.  This does not mean that the county has necessarily opted in, but that is sure to come by September. 

As you can see by the photo above, about 1/3 of the Counties in Indiana have opted in.

What do we do about this?

We have already done so much, but there is still more work on the horizon.  Be sure that you are staying up to date on the issue and talking with your county commissioners and county councilmen about concerns moving forward.

Download our last update and get your commissioners to acknowledge and agree to transparency and fiscal responsibility.

If we don't communicate with them about the dangers that come with this bill they will never know.

If, or WHEN, our concerns come to light we will be able to point back to these requests and force change. If constituents are unable to ensure sovereignty of the county, they may choose to replace those elected responsible for the implementation of these programs. If we don't speak up now, it will be more difficult to hold them accountable later!

** We are working on gathering more information.  You can help by asking your county how much the county pays into the public health department.  You are NOT looking for the Health Department's budget, but how much of the health department's budget comes directly from the county.

Fort Wayne SPELLERS Screening!

We have had a wonderful turn out to our previous 2 screenings of this riveting documentary about non-verbal individuals finding their voice through spelling. 

We will have another Screening in Ft. Wayne tomorrow Sunday July 9th. Doors open at 2, screening at 2:30.  If you haven't gotten your tickets do so now.

A special thanks to our monthly donors who make these events possible.

Get Tickets

If you have missed these screenings and would like to help host one in your area please text us at 260-286-0988.  We will pay the screening fee but are looking for FREE or low budget locations to host. 


There has been quite a buzz about Chelsea Clinton talking about the WHO "BIG CATCH-UP." This program is supported by all the usual suspects including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is working to improve the slump in vaccinations caused by the pandemic.

Worse yet, "The BIG CATCH-UP" is only a part of Immunization Agenda 2030. We encourage you to visit the website and review it.  Then compare to SB4...

What does this mean for us?

It means that vaccination pressure will continue to mount.  With the additional funding coming into our counties via SB4 we may see an increase in school vaccine clinics.

We have already been getting emails about parents who are being told by schools that vaccinations are required for enrollment. The schools are NOT mentioning religious or medical exemptions and have a very threatening tone.

We must be educating our communities. Download the infographic below and share it in your community. We will also be adding it to our social media outlets but we are being heavily censored by big tech, your dissemination of this info is tremendously helpful. 

We have been keeping our ear to the ground and it is looking like the state will be moving to accept additional funding for vaccinations during next legislative session. According to "Vaccinate Indiana" FY22 resulted in over $5 million in "Section 317 funds."

The group is already mobilizing activists to email legislators to ensure the funding is there.

Hoosiers we must also mobilize.  We need to ensure our legislature, local school boards, & county health departments understand that we do not want vaccination clinics in our schools and we especially do not approve of hosting them during school hours. 

Could you spare an hour a month to meet with or call your officials?

One of the reason H4ML has been so successful is because of YOUR willingness to participate.

If you are scared or unsure what to say, use this download to help you plan your visit. It was designed for communicating with legislators but you can modify it for your county elect, and health departments. 

VAERS Education

VAERS Project is still swinging strong educating healthcare professionals about VAERS for FREE.  So many people are surprised when they find out this information is available at no cost.  We do ask for donations to support the project. Our monthly donors have provided such an amazing gift by ensuring this important information can get in the hands of everyone, for FREE. We are committed to ensuring this remains the case.

For those wanting more information, Ashley has created comprehensive courses covering the topic of VAERS from a more holistic perspective through her company Wellness Through Awareness.

There are three different course tracks

  1. For nurses, approved for contact hours (CEU)
  2. For patients and caregivers,
  3. For providers not needing CE.
Ashley is excited about the launch of these in depth programs and hopes to see them implemented in public health departments  and hospitals across the country.

Get $5 off the course by using promo code: H4ML

2024 Legislative Season

Legislative season will be upon us before we know it.

While we are still working on our complete plans for legislative action, we already know one of our priorities will be ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency regarding what was passed in SB4 (now SEA4) in 2023.

If you would like to weigh in on what you feel our MEDICAL LIBERTY legislative priority should be click here and let us know!

Surprise... I added a hidden section.

We would like to have a comprehensive " Medical Liberty Bookshelf" with recommended reading. Could you help us out and submit your favorite books?

We are also considering adding a bigger merch shop... what would you like to see?

Would you be interested in a t-shirt design contest? Let us know in the comments
In Liberty,

The H4ML Team

<![CDATA[Public Health 911 in your county!]]>Wed, 07 Jun 2023 13:59:21 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/public-health-911-in-your-countyYour county will be voting to start the process of accepting the money from SB4.

It will be done by July 1st, we must take immediate action.
I have tried to make this as easy as possible for you.  Use the download above and demand transparency and fiscal responsibility prior to accepting the funding. 

It does not matter if the county has already started the process. Keep pushing for this transparency and make sure the citizens are being heard and REPRESENTED. 

It is not too late, we must keep fighting the idea of "Medicaid for all."

For more info on why it isn't to late watch the live video below:
Submit feedback from your exchanges with elected officials here.
Listen to Indianapolis City-County Council and what they had to say.
Watch the uncut video HERE.
<![CDATA[May Monthly Meeting]]>Mon, 22 May 2023 19:16:59 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/may-monthly-meetingWe had our monthly Meeting the 18th and here is the recording. I won't always post the recording but, I am trying to strike some balance between activism and personal life.

The call to action has everything you need to communicate with the elect and your peers. Download the worksheet, become informed, and take action! It is all there!!

Here are the links you need:

Watch the videos from the public health commission, the mentioned hearings on SB4 and the new call to action... h4ml.org/gphcshorts

Email Andrea for more information about the business initiative: nearme@hoosiersformedicalliberty.com

Text us your county name like: ADAMS COUNTY to 260-286-0988 for your county commissioner's contact information.

If anyone wants to volunteer to collect all of the Health Department's websites I will post them, but I am not committing to keeping it updated. It might also be worth while to collect the website of the county commissioners and county councils as well.  I would HAPPILY post that on here. Before you start reach out to me and I will send you a spreadsheet to plug the information into.
It is imperative to communicate with your county elect now!!
They could start the planning phases on these measures soon.

Download the call to action and demand accountability.
**the video may take a moment to load
<![CDATA[We are bringing Spellers to Bloomington!]]>Thu, 11 May 2023 16:24:49 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/we-are-bringing-spellers-to-bloomington
Can't wait to learn more about SPELLERS?

Learn more here: https://spellers.com
We are excited to announce we are hosting a FREE screening of SPELLERS!

This groundbreaking documentary explores the beliefs about developmental delays in non-verbal autistic individuals and asks: “What if we’ve been wrong… about every single one of them?”

Register: https://kinema.com/events/spellers-bagwep

Thursday, May 25th
The American Legion
1800 W 3rd. St. Bloomington 47404
Doors open at 6:00 pm, screening at 6:30pm

In Liberty,

P.S. We would love to see this film sweep the state. If you are interested in helping host please reach back out to us, we can cover the screening fee.

P.P.S. Thank you to our generous donors! You are the reason we can host community-building events like this. If you are not a reoccurring donor and are able, please visit h4ml.org/membership to start today!
<![CDATA[SB4 conference committee hearing]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2023 12:12:47 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-conference-committee-hearing
It is hard to believe that the entire meeting was less than one minute!  If I hadn't watched it myself I wouldn't believe it. 

There is NO INFORMATION in the meeting. .
Hoosiers have no way of knowing what changes were made.

Worse yet, the committee report was not published as of 7am Wed.

Is the legislature hiding behind closed doors?

Do they think that you can't hold them accountable if you don't witness their actions?

Hoosiers, if so, they are sorely mistaken.
Accountability happens during election season.

Phone calls during legislative season are communication.

The members of this committee removed your ability to understand changes to the bill prior to its last vote.

Were they hoping they could stop you?

We have no choice but to assume the changes were anti-Liberty.

Call your State Senator & State Representative today.

Tell them: "Kill SB4. Anything other than a no vote is a vote against Liberty. Kill SB4."

Need help finding your legislators?
Text 260-286-0988 the word FIND
<![CDATA[SB4]]>Fri, 21 Apr 2023 16:16:56 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4
🚨☎️Action needed for SB4! ☎️🚨
Call the following legislators and tell them:
“Hoosiers do not approve of SB4. Send it to summer study or the the 2nd House Reading, Amendment 9 as written. Hoosiers are watching!”
Charbonneau 317-232-9494 Senator.Charbonneau@iga.in.gov
Barrett 317-234-2993 h56@iga.in.gov
Garten 317-232-9840 Senator.Garten@iga.in.gov
Busch 317-232-9488 Senator.Busch@iga.in.gov
Vermilion 317-232-9833 h31@iga.in.gov
Ledbetter 317-234-9139 h75@iga.in.gov
Zent 317-232-9850 h51@iga.in.gov
Yoder 317-232-9534 s40@iga.in.gov
Fleming 317-234-9048 h71@iga.in.gov
Porter 317-232-9875 h96@iga.in.gov
Delaney 317-234-3101 h86@iga.in.gov
Breaux 317-232-9847 s34@iga.in.gov
We need as many calls as possible. This will be very interesting.
They can do virtually ANYTHING to this bill in conference committee.
We must ensure they know we are going to take action.

If you prefer to email here are all the addresses.
Senator.Charbonneau@iga.in.gov, h56@iga.in.gov, Senator.Garten@iga.in.gov, Senator.Busch@iga.in.gov, h31@iga.in.gov, h75@iga.in.gov, h51@iga.in.gov, s40@iga.in.gov, h71@iga.in.gov, h96@iga.in.gov, h86@iga.in.gov, s34@iga.in.gov

Why should we make calls?
Anything goes in conference committee. Legislators actually call it the "wild west" because you never know what is going to happen.
This bill could be drastically changed for the worse, and we need to make our voices heard once again.
We must rally and continue to pressure them.
In my experience I don’t think a lot of activism happens during conference committee and this may be pretty shocking.  It is a pivotal time and by us showing large numbers in this crucial committee it will only validate the fact that HOOSIERS ARE WATCHING.
Legislators should know that if we are watching and taking action now, they can certainly expect it come time for the 2024 primaries.
H4ML does not endorse, support, or oppose any candidate, however we will continue report on the issue and the shortcomings of the state legislators. It will then be the constituents who drive this home and really create accountability.
We hope you will help us do this by becoming a WATCHDOG.

What is conference committee?
Again, conference committee is called the “wild west” because anything is possible.  Bills only come to conference committee when a bill passes through the chambers (house & senate) and both chambers do not agree on the amended language.
After the bill is changed in the second chamber the author will either “concur” or in this case they will “dissent” or disagree with the changes.  The originating chamber will then vote and “adopt” the “dissent.” Once that occurs the “Conferees” and “Advisors” will be appointed from both chambers representing both the democratic and republican parties.
A meeting date will be set and the “Conferees” & “Advisors” will work to change the bill and come up with a “conference committee report.”  Once the changes are made it will go back to both chambers and they will vote to adopt the “conference committee report.”  There is NOT an opportunity for any more changes, it is simply a yes or no vote.
That means YOUR legislators will be voting on this bill again and could benefit from your phone calls with the same message as above.

What is amendment #9?
Amendment #9 is a no nonsense amendment that would create transparency and require the IDOH to provide information to the public about the rules, metrics, and an opt out procedure for participation in the additional funding, 30 days prior to the counties vote to accept funding. 

The amendment also requires a renewal vote every two years by the county executive.

<![CDATA[SB4 2nd reading update]]>Thu, 13 Apr 2023 04:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-2nd-reading-updateSB4 went for second reading today. This means that the bill has passed through a committee and was open for amendments from any member of the House of Representatives.

There were 29 different amendments filed on the bill and remarkably 10 of them were “called down” by their author.
Despite the FLURRY of activity, the bill is still the dangerous foundation for centralized public health and an ever-bloating budget. More on this below…
SB4 will be voted on Monday.
Call your State Rep and tell them:

“Speak out publicly against SB4. VOTE NO. It is too controversial."

💬Need help finding their info? Text 260-286-0988 the word: FIND
What does it mean to “call an amendment down.” A member of the House can file amendments but that doesn’t mean that they will be heard. The author must be willing to “call it down” and present it.
Often, government happens behind closed doors.
The Republicans rally together to where they wheel and deal, begging leadership for permission to call their amendments. I have heard that this often includes a lot of yelling, berating, and bullying.

THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK. – I will save this soapbox for another day.

Despite the amendments made today, the bill is laying the foundation for centralized public health, is haphazardly increasing spending, requires counties to “opt-in” to funding prior to understanding the terms and conditions, and, worst of all, it is doing this without any guarantee that the health of Hoosiers will improve.

The United States spends more on “health care” than other 1st world countries and yet has the worst health outcomes.

Clearly, spending large amounts of money is not working.

Yet the unelected “Governor’s Public Health Commission” has determined that was the best plan and now our elect are going along with it.
For the actual amendments, I am going to cover the "highlights":

Amendments 22 - These amendments were lumped together with amendment #23 when presented.
  1. Added that counties could stop funding at any time.
    1. This amendment makes you feel good about a change, but in reality, it doesn’t protect you from tyranny and a bigger government.
    2. Requires direct action by the county elected to stop funding. How likely is that?
    3. There was a better option. Amendment 9 was authored by Rep. Cash. When I asked Rep Cash why she didn’t call the amendment, she reported that she felt the “opt-out anytime” was a better option. She cited that the county commissioners told her they wanted the opt-out at any time. The way the bill stands, once your county council votes yes, there is no further required vote. Your county is perpetually enrolled unless the county fails to file a financial report or your county takes action to “opt-out.” You decide the better option.
      1. Amendment 9 would have:
        1. Required a vote by the county council every 2 years to accept funding- Limited the length of time that your county could participate without getting feedback from constituents.
        2. Ensured the public knew the rules and metrics the county was agreeing to PRIOR to the vote. This would have allowed citizens to have input on what their elected choose. (ACCOUNTABILITY!!!)
        3. Defined a clear opt-out process for between the 2-year voting periods.
  2. The amendment added “De-identified aggregate data.” The counties are responsible for reporting on the core public health services.
    1. This amendment removes identifiers from that report.
    2. Again, feels good, and changes nothing. This is simply on the new reports required for funding. Not the vaccine registry, not contact tracing, or any other number of data collectors.
    3. Simply put, the tyranny of centralized public health just means that the state does not need this information. They can use the county to target the locals rather than doing it themselves. Given the right opportunity, the county health department can be weaponized to target certain populations effectively. (Maybe the unvaccinated?!?!)
  3. Changed “research institution” to “institution of higher education.”
    • You really need to ask yourself why it is important to change this. The section of the bill this changes refers to the grants given by the county to assist in meeting “core public health services.”
    • For example, IU, is an “institution of higher education.” Now your county can give a grant to IU to achieve core public health service.
    • Could there be a conflict of interest? Is there any accountability to the citizens? How well will these projects be managed by the county?
  4. Amendment #23 looks confusing, but it just made sure that the few city health departments that exist would be treated equally as the county health departments.
Amendment 2- Growth of big government and the abilities of their contractors. Increase in administrative services and your taxes…

Amendment 3- “Prioritized current operation care providing entities.” Meaning that the counties should prioritize the established facilities and care teams that they have rather than creating new programs. This is merely a nice label and pretty words. It really changes nothing. How do you measure this or enforce this?

The amendment is just to make you feel good, not actually do anything.

Amendment 11
- This amendment requires the health department (only) to give information on: CHIRP- Children & Hoosier Immunization Registry and how to opt-out. VAERS- Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, VICP- Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and CICP- Counter Measure Injury Compensation Program.
  1. In my opinion, this was a means for Leadership to appease Rep Cash and make her feel like part of the team.  She opted for this amendment rather than some of the other hard-hitting amendments that could have moved medical liberty forward.
Some will suggest that making compromises and building friendships with other members of the house will help “get things done.” I don’t know about you but watching things move with abortion and constitutional carry shows me that I don’t want to do things the “friendship way.”
We watched as leadership plows through controversial bills that destroy personal liberty and support big business, but when it comes to protecting the constituents who elect them, it “takes time.” That time, often means a decade or more.
  1. The strongest point of this amendment is that parents will now be informed at the local health department that their children are being added to a registry. But it doesn’t prevent them from being added without consent.  
When my kids were getting vaccines at the doctor’s office the informed consent process went like this. “Your child needs x, y, & z vaccines. The nurse will be in with them do you have any questions?” The nurse would come in with a tray, state what vaccines were to be given, fill out the vaccine card, and have me initial then administer.

I was never, NEVER told what the vaccine was for, why it was needed, what the side effects were, or what to do if an issue arises.  I was never given alternatives. When I did get information on side effects and what to do it was after my child was already a screaming mess. The information was via a handout that was never explained and handed to me in a pile of other papers that got lost in my diaper bag as I tried to console my screaming baby and check out…

Rep Cash had some really great amendments and yet this was the one she chose.

Is it a policy win? Technically, I guess. In the scheme of things this did not move the needle on medical liberty.

This is a good lesson for all of us in the difference between political respect and political relationships.
More on this in a later blog.

Check out the other amazing amendments we requested for this bill. #7 & #12 Food labeling transparency. Amendments #14 & #15 creating Indiana VAERS. Unfortunately Reps Cash & Sweet did not feel comfortable calling these amendments.
Amendment 8- This was the last of the amendments that passed on SB4. It created a “Health Powers Review Task Force.” This amendment establishes a small group, appointed by Sen. Pro Temp Rod Bray & Speaker of the House Todd Houston (GOP gatekeepers), to investigate the abuse of power during the pandemic. This amendment does nothing to prevent it from happening again. 
Do we really need the commission to determine the overreach of power during COVID?
Hoosiers have been asking for limitation of power since 2020.
A commission isn’t ACTION.
AFTER, the commission makes it’s assessment the legislature will yet again have to be brave enough to take action and limit the power of the tyrannical Governor & his enforcers at the health department.
Again, I see this as an appeasement to get legislators who might want to do the right thing to “stay in line.”
As I was walking into the statehouse this morning I had an interesting conversation with a representative who told me that SB4 almost died in ways and means.
Ways and means has 24 members. THAT IS A CREDIBLE THREAT.
The representative went on to say,
There are a lot of legislators who won't speak publicly, but don't like the bill. They are concerned because 'this is exactly what we dealt with during COVID.' They may just kill it."
I told the legislator I was speaking with that the refusal to speak publicly is the problem.
Hoosiers are counting on those they elect to speak out for them.
Yet by their own admission they can't "speak out."
Hoosiers deserve accurate representation.
Excuses are no longer good enough.
What would have happened if even 10 Representatives would have taken a bold stand to stop SB4?

Would it have made it through?

Political apathy and following leadership is exactly what got us in this mess.
Hoosiers you have to take a stand and make sure your Reps understand that you will not tolerate weak responses to serious issues. 
The primary election season will be upon us before we know it. Now is the time to start soul-searching and determining if you are being adequately represented.
Is your representative speaking out publicly about important issues?
Is it time to find a replacement to run for office?
We are going to talk more about our watchdogs program at our meeting Thursday April 20th 7pm. You can attend in person in Bloomington, Fort Wayne, or Mishawaka. You can also view the meeting through zoom.
The last amendment we are going to review is number 18. Rep Delaney withdrew the amendment meaning it was never taken to a vote. The amendment itself isn’t a big deal, but rather what was said during the conversation.

Rep. Brad Barrett, sponsor of the bill made some interesting comments when dismissing the proposed changes.

“We are trying to keep this bill as tight as possible right now.” He went on to state that behavioral health and other measures will be added in the future but for this year, they were limiting the list.

I want to point out that the requirements for public health departments are more than DOUBLE, increasing from around 11 statutory requirements to over 23 different requirements.

This is exactly what Dr. Paul Halverson said in the June 30th public health commission meeting. That the current requirements weren’t enough to force participation. Watch video #4 to hear the discussion for yourself.
As they expand the core public health services, will they make them required for all counties to force them into centralized public health?
To sum everything up, this bill lays the groundwork for centralized public health, creates a massive increase in spending without clear directions and the best the Indiana state legislature could do was slap lipstick on the pig. 

Hoosiers we will be fighting this for years to come, and it is unlikely that our citizens will see any health improvements.  
To sum everything up, this bill lays the groundwork for centralized public health, creates a massive increase in spending without clear directions and the best the Indiana state legislature could do was slap lipstick on the pig. 

Hoosiers we will be fighting this for years to come, and it is unlikely that our citizens will see any health improvements.  
Even though I would love to offer better news about SB4, we knew this was an uphill battle.
From the beginning, I said it was unlikely that we could stop this from passing through. 
Hoosiers, YOU have stepped up and started raising awareness in your counties. You took this information to your county commissioners, your county councils, and even your health boards.  I could not be prouder of the work you have done.
Make no mistake, because of your diligent work we have pushed this bill back farther than the establishment could have ever expected. 
The ONLY reason this was accomplished was because of YOUR RELENTLESS CALLS!
Your steadfast dedication to remaining informed and engaged.
I applaud you. 
I hope you have found our dedication to keeping you informed helpful. We truly strive to serve you, while not always perfect we feel that it is incredibly helpful.
Not only have we pushed this bill back and bought a little more time to fight sB4 we have also had a great session. Together, we killed VaxPass Lite and passed legislation protecting foster families from discrimination.
We look forward to continued growth and would appreciate your financial support.
Visit h4ml.org/membership and donate what you are able with a one-time donation. Or skip Starbucks once a month and support H4ML with a $10 monthly donation. If you can spare $25, $50, or even $100 per month, we would greatly appreciate your generosity.
Thank you!
In Liberty,
<![CDATA[SB4- 2nd house committee]]>Sat, 08 Apr 2023 18:16:51 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/april-08th-2023SB4 will be heard on Tuesday April 11th in committee. There will not be any testimony. The committee will be amending and voting on the bill.
Your calls are imperative.
The previous committee claims that this bill protects county autonomy, however there are still many risks with this bill.
Tell them:
“SB4 was built with the intent to coerce public health centralization. Tax dollars will be haphazardly spent, without a plan to ensure a wise investment. The Public Health Overhaul is controversial & must go to summer study session. Vote No.“
Cherry & Thompson 317-232-9651
Barrett, Snow & Slager 317-234-2993
Smaltz & Prescott 317-234-9499
Judy 317-232-9863
Heine 317-232-9648
Baird 317-232-9981
Mayfield 317-232-9620
Clere (317) 232-9769
The committee is pretty big, if you wish to make additional calls please follow up below.

Goodrich 317-234-0931
Heaton 317-234-3827
Jordan 317-232-9651
O'Brien 317-232-9815
Rowray 317-232-9643
Porter 317-232-9875
Are you curious as to why the bill is so problematic? Review the videos from the public health commission meeting that took place on June 30th.

Here is the short list of issues, below we will go line by line.
  1. Doubling the "core public services" for county health departments. --Currently these are not required for all, but only time will tell how quickly these will be required for each county.
  2. Creating district/regional public health offices. This is part of centralization and an increase in oversight. Think "big government."
  3. State offering guidance to assist with uniform application of public health laws --What does this mean? “Uniform application” watch the June 30, 2022 governor’s public health commission to hear where this idea originated. H4ml.org/gphcshorts video #1 for a short clip
  4. No disclosure of frequency of votes to opt-in, or how counties can opt-out.
  5. State is establishing metrics instead of local counties. (Centralized decision making.)
  6. Potential for significant increase in taxes. County and state level? Goal to increase spending from $55 per person to $91 per person, plus inflation!!
  7. School liaison role- coordination with school nurses on wide range of services and “core public health services.” These include communicable disease prevention, access to childhood immunizations, hearing, vision & oral screenings, testing & counseling for HIV, Hep C & Sexually transmitted infections, and behavioral & mental health.
  8. No change to funding for counties who don't agree to provide core public health services. If the goal is to improve Hoosier public health why wouldn't there be an option for grants to improve specific areas.
  9. Counties may give grants to any individual to carry out core public health measures. This decreases accountability.
  10. To receive any funding counties must follow rules adopted by the state department. This contradicts with Pg 9 Line 16- Reports no transfer of authority in operating local health department. The county has the ability to reject emergency directives, what happens if emergency directives become part of permanent rules?
  11. “Behavioral incentives” may be used to achieve desired health outcomes… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Will our public health offices raffle a car for students who get vaccinated?

See the line by line review here.
<![CDATA[Diligent work and political respect pay off!]]>Thu, 06 Apr 2023 03:18:22 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/diligent-work-and-political-respect-pay-offPicture
Vaccination status discrimination is deplorable in any situation, but when it prevents loving homes from welcoming Hoosier children in need, there is a little extra sting!

H4ML first started working to put an end to vaccine discrimination within the foster care system in the summer of 2022. During the special session, H4ML activists applied pressure to legislators demanding loving foster care homes be opened. More on this later!

We launched a petition and heard story after story of loving families working through the process to become licensed foster homes only to be denied at the last moment.
These families were not denied because their homes were unfit.

These families were denied solely based on the vaccination status of family members.

Indiana has a shortage of foster families, and yet loving homes were being denied based on vaccine discrimination.

H4ML was determined to help children in need and the families ready to welcome them into their homes.

Passing legislation on controversial issues like vaccination status doesn’t just happen. It takes diligent work and political respect…
Political respect isn’t about building relationships.
Political respect is a result of consistent accountability… and sometimes fear.
Well, perhaps, mostly fear.

When politicians begin to fear that they will lose their seats for failing to live up to campaign promises and the requirement of REPRESENTING constituents, they begin to take action.
This legislative victory, defeating vaccination discrimination, is the direct result of Hoosiers stepping up, clearly communicating, and being consistent in fighting for medical liberty.
You all should be very proud of yourselves!
Many, myself included, were worried about what Medical Liberty legislation would look like this year without our tried and true champions, Representative Curt Nisly & Representative John Jacob. I truly miss working with these gentlemen on the “inside.”
They were fearless in their defense of Medical Liberty, never hesitating to file amendments and do the difficult things. These champions were able to rack up several roll call votes (more on this important topic soon) and by working with H4ML we were able to effectively force legislative change like the “vaccine passport ban” in 2021, and HB1001 “COVID exemptions” in 2022.
Moving forward after their loss, we knew things would be different in the legislature, but the legacy of their diligent work and political respect lives on. H4ML will continue to utilize the hard work of Rep Nisly & Rep Jacob for years to come.

This years legislative success is proof that the GOP establishment cannot take away the power of the people by removing great Legislators.
This is a milestone for Hoosiers!
Let’s talk about diligence and political respect.
In August, H4ML applied pressure, and Rep Chris Judy offered up an amendment allowing religious exemptions for potential foster families but quickly withdrew it. The GOP establishment made idle promises that the bill would be heard in committee during the 2023 session if he withdrew. He believed them.
We met with Judy, as he is my representative, and he insisted that nothing more than exemptions could be done.

I was not satisfied with this answer. I took my preferred language to newly elected Senator Dr. Tyler Johnson. This language would prevent vaccine status discrimination from occurring for foster families and adoptive families. NO. EXEMPTIONS. NEEDED.

Dr. Johnson felt that the language was appropriate and agreed to have the bill written. It was filed at SB 272. Unfortunately, this bill died in committee.

Judy also filed his foster care exemptions bill and it never received a hearing, despite the promises made to him in August.

We can only conclude that either Judy did not have the political respect of his peers, or he really never intended to work on eliminating discriminatory practices from foster care.  Some might suggest that BOTH of these are true.

February 9th, Indiana DCS sent out an administrative letter (found here) stating that DCS would no longer limit foster homes based on the vaccination status of foster family members. 
We knew this was nothing more than appeasement.
Administrative letters can be overturned in the blink of an eye and mean very little in the way of political success for controversial issues.
But why would DCS & the Governor go through the trouble of issuing this letter?
The week before the letter was issued, H4ML exposed the plans of the Governor & his Public Health Commission to centralize public health using coercive means for counties wishing to be autonomous. The Indy Star published an article titled “Will Eric Holcomb’s COVID lockdown kill his public health overhaul?”

Gov. Holcomb & the Establishment were feeling the political power of H4ML activists.
Holcomb needed political cover.
He needed to make Hoosiers feel a sense of safety.
He severely underestimated the voracity of Hoosier’s drive for Medical Liberty.

Hoosiers were not going to be fooled by the false promise of Liberty.

In an effort to double down and move forward with true protections, H4ML began looking for places to insert the language that was now supported by DCS into a bill.
The legislature had no excuse not to pass this language.

H4ML had also been working with Representative Becky Cash & Representative Lorissa Sweet, they agreed that removing discrimination was important. 

H4ML identified HB 1560 “Adoption” as a potential home for the foster care legislation.

Representative Sweet applied 3 different amendments encompassing foster care and adoption. Representative Cash applied 2 amendments addressing vaccine discrimination in adoption.

Ultimately the amendments were not called. However, the Reps were told by other members of the house that they felt the language could be added to another bill.

That same week Rep. Sweet obtained a roll call vote on another controversial issue, solidifying her political power.

Roll call votes are imperative! (We will create another post about this soon!)

Rep Sweet showed the rest of the house that she was not afraid to do the right thing and expose legislators who would vote against good legislation if they could get away with it.

Representative Sweet is a credible threat to the corruption within the statehouse.

As it would have it March 15th the language Rep Sweet offered as an amendment encompassing both foster care and adoption was added into SB 345.

If it weren’t for the political respect that Rep Sweet garnered through that roll call vote, the pressure exerted by H4ML Activists on multiple fronts, and Rep Sweet & Rep Cash pushing the others to apply the amendment, and the looming threat of another roll call vote- this legislative victory might not have happened.
You will not be politically respected until you are politically feared.
That is the bottom line. No political respect unless there is political fear.
This could all disappear in an instant.
If politicians do not fear losing their seats, they will not truly represent the will of the people.
How do we ensure continued success?
  1. Make sure politicians fear losing their seats. This doesn’t have to be a nasty process. There are many ways to achieve this.
    1. Join our watchdogs program. We create an employer/employee relationship with our legislators.
    2. Become a precinct committeeman.
    3. Consider running for office. Liberty Defense had an amazing group of candidates last year. These liberty candidates struck fear in the hearts of R.I.N.Os around the state. You can learn more by texting 260-693-7334 the word: ELECTION.
  2. Continue to be active in politics. Your participation in our calls to action makes a world of difference. After 3 grueling years the GOP establishment understands that H4ML’s activists are not going to go away. Hoosiers will be consistent in fighting for Medical Liberty even when things “feel normal.”
  3. Support H4ML’s Growth. Politics is a numbers game. We have fantastic numbers and we are making progress. Now imagine what Medical Liberty would look like if we doubled or tripled our numbers?!?
    1. Become a monthly donor. $10, $25, and $50 are common monthly donations. If you are able to give more we greatly appreciate it. Learn where this money goes here.
    2. Become a Local Partner. Building a community is a must. Meeting in person facilitates that, so we have H4ML Near Me meetings in Bloomington, Ft. Wayne, & Mishawaka. We are expanding but need Local Partners to host the meetings. Could you or someone you know facilitate a monthly meeting? Check details here.
    3. Volunteer. There are lots of ways to pitch in around H4ML. Visit our website and see what interests you!
<![CDATA[Kill that bill!]]>Mon, 03 Apr 2023 12:33:46 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/4323 Session is wrapping up, but we have work to do!

Barrett: 317-234-2993
Ledbetter: 317-234-9139
King: 317-232-9657
Hostettler: 317-234-9452
Schaibley 317-232-9833

“SB4 must go to summer study. It is controversial and based on coercion, as seen in the June 30th meeting.

PAUSE, let them speak.
Then say:

“Past legislation hasn’t protected Hoosiers from COVID Discrimination. They are being denied jobs & forced to mask because of religious beliefs. These policies are not based on science. The Rep must add 1127 & protections against discriminatory masking on SB474.”

SB4 info: h4ml.org/blog/lipstick-on-a-pig
Discrimination info: h4ml.org/blog/stop-covid-discrimination


SB4 will be heard in committee tomorrow. There will NOT be testimony, however your phone calls are imperative. The committee must hear from Hoosiers yet again and understand that we will not being going away!

We included two important issues on this call to action.

The session will wrap up soon and deadlines are approaching.  All bills must be heard on 3rd reading by April 17th & 18th. That means that the last realistic date for SB4 (Public Health Commission) to be heard in committee is tomorrow or next Tuesday.  We will keep up on this. When this is heard there will not be an option for testimony.

However, if SB4 does pass through committee it must be voted on 2 more times!

It would be WISE to start calling your personal State Rep.

If you have not been calling your Rep about this issue, now is the time. If/When SB4 passes, your Rep will vote. They need to understand that a YES vote equates to supporting tyranny & coercion.

Tell your Rep: "VOTE NO ON SB4, it must go to a summer study committee."

Make sure they know how to access the videos from the June 30th meeting.

If you need help finding out who your Rep is, text 260-286-0988 the word: FIND
Over the last couple weeks we have been getting a steady stream of reports about discrimination in the workplace. Hoosiers are once again reporting that hospital systems are removing masks from the vaccinated and only requiring those using religious or medical exemption to mask.

**If you have experienced discrimination please share your story with us here.

These policies are not based in science. It is common knowledge that the COVID vaccine does not prevent infection, transmission, hospitalization, or death.

These employees are being targeted for their religious beliefs. Their personal health choices are being exposed to their peers and the community. As recent history has shown, this type of policy is used as a means of coercion generating peer pressure to elicit the desired response (vaccination).

It is not clear if all employees released from masking are "up to date" on vaccination.  The CDC is telling American's that received their last COVID vaccine before September 2022 that they are due for their updated Booster. Are those not "protected" by the "updated booster" allowed to go without a mask?

There are certainly a lot of variables but since Jan 2021 we have known that natural immunity is enduring and HOPED that the vaccines would do the same.

We must end discrimination.

In Liberty,

P.S. Our sincere thanks to our dedicated monthly donors. They make these texts possible. If you have not become a monthly donor yet, please help us continue this important mission.

Your donation of $10, $25, or even $50 is greatly appreciated!
<![CDATA[Public Health Centralization, budget 2023]]>Tue, 28 Mar 2023 04:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/public-health-centralization-budget-2023HB1001, the state budget bill will be heard Thursday 3/30.
Please make phone calls as below.
This bill is funding the initiatives in SB4 or the Governor’s Public Health Commission bill. While a bulk of the language from the commission was taken out it still funds “partnerships” between state and county public health and moving towards centralization.

Make your phone calls, tell the appropriations committee that:
“Hoosiers do not want centralized public health as directed by HB1001. Public health funding should be issued through grant programs, not partnerships.”
Eric Bassler 317-234-9426
Travis Holdman 317-232-9453
Ryan D. Mishler 317-232-9814
Jeff Raatz 317-233-0930
Jon Ford 317-232-9541
Chris Garten 317-232-9840
(Below have already heard during SB4 testimony. If they are your Senator it would be wise to call! If you don’t know who your senator is text 260-286-0988 ONLY the word: FIND
Liz Brown 317-232-9400
Justin Busch 317-232-9488
Edward E. Charbonneau 317-232-9494  
Michael Crider  317-234-9054

*get the numbers sent to your phone: Text 260-286-0988 the code: 33023
You may also choose to send an email outlining concerns about the centralization of the public health system through partnerships in HB1001. Refer to the June 30th meetings that can be found at h4ml.org/gphcshorts
Senate appropriations committee emails:
Senator.Bassler@iga.in.gov, Senator.Brown@iga.in.gov, Senator.Busch@iga.in.gov, Senator.Charbonneau@iga.in.gov, Senator.Crider@iga.in.gov, Senator.Ford@iga.in.gov, Senator.Garten@iga.in.gov, Senator.Holdman@iga.in.gov, Senator.Mishler@iga.in.gov, Senator.Raatz@iga.in.gov,  s30@iga.in.gov, s10@iga.in.gov, s3@iga.in.gov, s2@iga.in.gov
If you feel called to testify visit h4ml.org/legislation to watch a helpful video.  The hearing will take place on Thursday March 30th, 2023 at 9am in room 431.
In Liberty,

P.S. Make sure you visit h4ml.org/gphcshorts, scroll to the bottom and watch where Rep Cindy Ledbetter thinks this funding will go.... Not public health (prevention) but disease management.
<![CDATA[Stop COVID Discrimination]]>Mon, 27 Mar 2023 03:20:06 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/stop-covid-discriminationDiscrimination has to end!

Recently I have been getting messages from people reporting discrimination based on their COVID vaccination status. 

Some have sent in information about continued testing. MANY are reporting that their employer is singling them out with masks.

We know that the vaccines do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, or even death.

How does any of this make sense?

It doesn't.

In 2022, HB1001 was passed and Hoosiers are STILL told that this bill is to "protect their right to decline the COVID vaccine."
Watch more at h4ml.org/gphcshorts
The bad news is, the bill was poorly written and actually codified religious discrimination through testing. This is a HUGE problem.

The bill also excluded students in medical professions from protections.

Rep Becky Cash wrote a bill, HB1127, that would have corrected the major issues with 2022's HB1001. The bill died in committee without so much as a hearing.

We were incredibly disappointed.

The good news is that there is an opportunity to put this same language in another bill!

Will you help us end COVID discrimination?

Use the info below to complete the call to action.
☎️ Call ☎️
Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139
Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452
Joanna King 317-232-9657
Donna Schaibley 317-232-9833

Tell them:

"Offer the language from 1127 into SB474 during Public Health Committee. Sen. Johnson, the author is on board & Rep Cash has already drafted the amendment, but you must file it. It would correct workforce issues related to COVID Discrimination."

💥💥Call today, this bill could be heard as early as tomorrow!
☎️ Call ☎️
Brad Barrett 317-234-2993 (Chair of the Committee)

"Hear 474, and get 1127 into SB474 during committee. Sen. Johnson, the author is on board & Rep Cash has already drafted the amendment. It would correct workforce issues related to COVID Discrimination."
Are you wondering what this language will do, and how it fits into the bill?
SB 474 deals with workforce.
According to the summary, the bill removes physicals and drug testing of nurses to facilitate workforce.
We all know the mandates and discrimination around the COVID vaccine have significantly impacted nursing workforce.
HB1127 is a workforce issue and the Speaker, Todd Huston, agrees as evidence by the fact that the bill was sent to pensions and labor committee.
It should be germame (pertinent to the bill) for this reason.
However, germaneness rule should not apply since we are asking that this language be applied in committee.
This is the ONLY chance that we will have to get the discriminatory testing removed this year. It must be done NOW. 
This amendment supports the improvement of nursing work force in 2 ways.
First in the short term, we have nurses leaving jobs because of the mandates and we have future nurses who are being denied clinical placement. They have been denied exemptions because of a small oversight and the language from 1127 will remedy the oversight.
The remedy simply mirrors the medical provider section to the rest of the bill without putting entities in danger of a violation of federal laws/requirements.
Secondly, The language also addresses testing. We have reports of employees leaving their employer because of frequent testing. Some nurses faced serious issues with nose bleeds and tissue damage.
This language strikes balance, because it does not limit the ability of the employer to those who are showing symptoms or have had high risk exposure. It adds evidence based practices to testing.
Thank you for your continued work towards Medical Liberty.

<![CDATA[Lipstick on a pig...]]>Mon, 20 Mar 2023 18:50:01 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/lipstick-on-a-pigThe Health Committee must hear from you.
Some would have you believe that SB4 is salvageable.
It isn't a secret, and everyone recognizes that applying amendments is nothing more than a band-aid.

The bad news is that SB4 was built off the guidance of a group selected by Governor Holcomb.

These wanna be elites exposed themselves on June 30th, 2022 as arrogant and manipulative individuals, hell bent on coercing the counties into financial bondage.

The commission laid their entire plan out on recorded meeting. What kind of wheeling and dealing do you think is happening behind closed doors?
For the sake of Liberty, SB4 must die.
Call the Public Health Committee and tell them: "Kill SB 4. It is just too controversial. If nothing else, send it to summer study."

Bradford Barrett 317-234-2993
Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139
Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452
Joanna King 317-232-9657
Donna Schaibley & Ann Vermilion 317-232-9833
Robert Behning 317-232-9753
Martin Carbaugh 317-232-9620
Dennis Zent 317-232-9850
Robin Shackleford 317-232-9827
Rita Fleming 317-234-9048
Ryan Hatfield 317-232-9628
Gregory Porter 317-232-9875

(If you can't call all, start at the top and make as many as able.)
A few amendments will not fix this bill.
See the 💥LAUNDRY LIST💥of issues!!

We also have an 📩 email template you can edit and send to the committee. (A big thank you to Rodney who compiled this email based off the concerns we had listed on the blog previously.)

H64@iga.in.gov, H81@iga.in.gov, H291@iga.in.gov, H51@iga.in.gov, H49@iga.in.gov, H75@iga.in.gov, H56@iga.in.gov, H24@iga.in.gov, H31@iga.in.gov, H77@iga.in.gov, H71@iga.in.gov, H98@iga.in.gov, H96@iga.in.gov
SB4 is not on the schedule for tomorrow, Tuesday March 20th. We have been getting some concerned messages and this is misinformation.

SB480 is the only bill on the schedule for tomorrow.
Make sure you stay connected.

If you don't get our texts yet, shoot us a message 260-286-0988 the code: 320. You will also get the call to action from above so you can just click the phone numbers and read the suggested statement.

In Liberty,

P.S. Can you help support our text messages? Texting is not cheap, but we see how effective they are & know you value them too. Please consider a monthly donation h4ml.org/membership
<![CDATA[Foster Care Update]]>Wed, 15 Mar 2023 22:28:55 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/foster-care-update
<![CDATA[SB4 update]]>Wed, 15 Mar 2023 15:41:21 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-updatePlease understand that I am actively working to update this page.

CONTENTS WILL CHANGE! But the info will be consistent.

Update on SB4 following committee hearing 3/14 after only 22 hour notice.
They say politics move slow, I disagree. All of these things take time and energy. I am doing my best to keep up but this may be messy for a bit. Thanks for your understanding. 


The doubling of required core public health services. Get rid of them. (See h4ml.org/gphcshorts video # 4)

Current statutes are part of the areas where the state is failing.

We have had programs in place for years re: maternal fetal health and NOTHING to show for it. Our rates are abysmal. Why don't we do studies to identify root cause instead of throwing money at the same old things and hoping for something different. Clearly, what we are doing isn't enough...

If there need to be additional core public health measures, then require the counties to do a focused needs assessment and drive public health measures based on issues identified by the people working on the ground. These counties know the needs of their communities, let them do what they do best.
This could be accounted for in the way of grants. "We identify --- need. Our current situation is ---. We feel that interventions --- will address the issue and get us to (SMART goal), and we anticipate a cost of $$$." The total amount of grants could be distributed based on the calculations in the current bill and as long as the county is completing the fiscal and showing forward progression on current smart goals and statutes they can increase the amount per capita over the course of time. Graduated increase in funding directly correlated to results. THAT IS FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE.

The beauty of this plan is that it would empower communities, and then cooperative learning and collaboration could take place based on success. Counties could be highlighted to explain the problem as above, evaluate the interventions, and make recommendations on what they would have done differently or what they learned along the way. Other counties can look at these presentations, take what they feel would work for them and develop county specific interventions so they are tailored to individual needs. (Vaping vs. tobacco vs marijuana)

We have concerns over the cart blanche delegation of authority to the CDC through IDOH to write rules (moving the goalposts) for what constitutes compliance for counties who opt in to funding. (Addressed in the 6/30 videos)

Everything that was disaster about the original bill language could be promulgated by CDC through IDOH utilizing the rule-making process.

They are expected to opt in before these rules are written, and there is no language that clarifies what happens if they later opt out. Despite Sen. Kenly stated there was an opt-out provision today.
For example, County X opts in and 3 months in "the next pandemic" strikes, resulting in rules changes BY IDOH. The county decides that they are going to go against their new rule. Does home rule still apply?
This is perplexing because they technically can decline but then they are in violation of
Pg 26 line 31. Does the county lose funding or does home rule apply? (H4ML.org/gphcshorts video #2)
What is the procedure for leaving, and what happens when they do? (No funding moving forward; expected to refund previous funding; fines; etc etc)

Do the counties know they aren't required to apply?

At what point do "public education campaigns" as suggested by Senator Brooks become coercion? Honestly, this recommendation sounds a lot like the IDOH is planning a tattle tail situation. (See h4ml.org/gphcshorts video #5)

I didn't see anything addressing funding for counties who don't opt in.
Are they then on their own?

In a previous version, there was at least a statement regarding those counties getting the same funding as the year prior.

This did not account for inflation or population changes and should be addressed. If the plan isn't to force participation, this should be immediately addressed and a plan for those counties should be arranged. One might suggest continuing to use the old model and adjusting for inflation and the availability for grants to address specific needs.

Call to action

Great Job, the legislature is showing signs of political respect for Medical Liberty!

We have the chance to kill ❌ the Governor's Public Health Commission!

Do not back down!
Call the committee & tell them: "SB4 undercuts county autonomy through the administrative rule-making process. Vote No."

Join us for our monthly meeting tomorrow, Thursday 3/16, online or in Bloomington, Ft. Wayne, & Mishawaka h4ml.org/meeting

Bradford Barrett 317-234-2993
Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139 *If you have faced covid discrimination, she needs to know! (see blog)
Robert Behning 317-232-9753
Martin Carbaugh 317-232-9620
Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452
oanna King 317-232-9657
Gregory Porter 317-232-9875
Donna Schaibley & Ann Vermilion 317-232-9833
Dennis Zent 317-232-9850

In Liberty, Ashley P.S. Thank you to our monthly donors for making this possible. If you are able, please become a reoccurring donor. h4ml.org/membership
North East Indiana- Check it out, the Nisly's will be in Fort Wayne on Saturday revitalizing the republican party!  I would love to see you there!
<![CDATA[Governor's public Health Commission Hearing]]>Mon, 13 Mar 2023 17:02:04 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/governors-public-health-commission-hearingAre our representatives trying to keep us from testifying?
SB4 Public Health Commission will be heard tomorrow!

All 👋on deck! They only gave 22 hrs notice!
Perhaps they don't want citizens interrupting the "Lobbiest parade" like in the senate!

Can you testify tomorrow morning in House Chamber at 8:30?
If so, please text 260-286-0988: TESTIFY

If not, please call the committee & tell them:
"VOTE NO on SB4. Keep big government out of county public health. This bill is dangerous & lays the groundwork for centralization ."

Bradford Barrett 317-234-2993
Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139
Robert Behning 317-232-9753
Martin Carbaugh 317-232-9620
Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452
Joanna King 317-232-9657
Gregory Porter 317-232-9875
Donna Schaibley & Ann Vermilion 317-232-9833
Dennis Zent 317-232-9850
Robin Shackleford 317-232-9827
Rita Fleming 317-234-9048
Ryan Hatfield 317-232-9628
Gregory Porter 317-232-9875

Get more info: h4ml.org/gphcshorts

Thx, Ashley & H4ML
<![CDATA[Foster care anti-discrimination]]>Fri, 10 Feb 2023 00:47:58 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/foster-care-anti-discriminationPicture
Congrats Hoosiers!!

You forced Gov. Holcomb to take drastic action!

Governor Holcomb is TERRIFIED that his public health COERCION… oops, commission could FAIL!

He and his commission watched as Hoosiers decimated "SB47 VaxPass Lite in committee."

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty Activists are so effective at putting pressure on the legislature that something DRASTIC had to be done.

That is precisely what Gov. Holcomb did. 

Today, February 9th, 2023, Indiana DCS sent out an administrative letter (found here) stating that DCS would no longer limit foster homes based on the vaccination status of foster family members. 

While this is a step in the right direction, make no mistake, this is simply appeasement!


This internal policy can be changed at any time and is not legally binding.

These changes have been requested for years, and loving homes will now be opened to foster children.

BUT that could disappear in an instant, as early as next week!!

The ONLY explanation for this is that they need Hoosiers to back down.

Holcomb needs to make you BELIEVE that he has good intentions at heart.

He needs to appeal to your “sensible” side.


Do you remember being shut out of your churches?
Do you remember being limited on how you could conduct your business?
Do you remember the distress of your children as they were forced out of schools?
Do you see how your children’s education has suffered?
What about their mental and emotional health?
Have you witnessed the damage to social and behavioral norms?
Do you remember contact tracing and the violation of privacy?
Hoosiers, we must press on!

An administrative letter is not enough.

If Gov. Holcomb truly wants foster homes open, he needs to push for legislation to do this.
Fortunately Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has been working on this since last session!

We pushed for SB 272 “Foster anti-discrimination”.

It will ensure vaccine discrimination does not interfere with foster care or adoption.

When asking for what legal implementation “Cronies” will tell you,

“These things take time…”
“You need to be reasonable...”

Hoosiers, it is reasonable to want legal protection.

Hoosier children should not be shut out of safe and loving homes.

Call Senator Greg walker now!

Sen. Greg Walker 317-232-9984

Tell him:

“Hear and vote on SB 272 the “Foster Care Anti-Discrimination” bill.  Gov. Holcomb & DCS issued a letter that must be backed by this legislation.”

Get the above sent to your phone, text 260-286-0988 the code 272

In Liberty,

P.S. Don't forget to call Heath VanNatter 317-234-9499 and tell him to "Hear and vote on 1127 to END COVID Discrimination!"

P.S.S- Don't miss the latest update from Forti-fy podcast reviewing YOUR success with SB47!

<![CDATA[Revenge- Vaxpass Lite]]>Mon, 06 Feb 2023 06:56:52 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/revenge-vaxpass-liteWill Indiana institute Vaccine Passports?

SB47 VaxPass Lite will be heard in committee again this Wednesday, February 8th.

Citizen testimony will not be heard, but the bill will be amended and voted on.

Be sure to call the Senate Health & Provider Services Committee and tell them:

“Vote NO on SB 47 VaxPass Lite. SB47 violates IC 16-39-11. Excuses for voting yes will not be accepted.”

Donato & Crider 317-234-9054
Charbonneau & Becker 317-232-9494
Busch 317-232-9488
Bohacek 317-232-9541
Breaux 317-232-9847
Brown 317-232-9497
Leising 317-232-9493
Melton 317-232-9432
Johnson 317-232-9466
Yoder 317-232-9534

It has been 3 weeks since the initial hearing and testimony from the public.

During that hearing, the committee admitted that the Indiana State Department of Health would be issuing a scannable record for proof of vaccination with the intent to use it for travel. 

It has been 3 weeks since the initial hearing and testimony from the public.

During that hearing, the committee admitted that the Indiana State Department of Health would be issuing a scannable record for proof of vaccination with the intent to use it for travel.
By definition, this scannable record IS a vaccine passport. 
One member of the committee also recognized that QR codes to show proof of vaccination may be obtained easily from 3rd parties. Confirming the testimony given by Ashley Grogg.

If a legislator votes yes to SB47 they will be voting for a bill that would violate IC 16-39-11, passed in 2021, preventing the state from issuing or requiring an immunization passport. 

Make your calls today!

You might be wondering, why after 3 weeks the chair decided to bring this back to vote.

Some speculate that it could be Senator Charbonneau’s revenge for activists declaring the truth about SB4 Public Health Commission on February 1st.

“Will Governor Eric Holcomb’s COVID lockdown kill his public health overhaul?” was the headline of an article published by the Indy Star February 2nd.

The article reported Hoosiers “seized the opportunity” to spread COVID “misinformation” and claim that the bill was a “Trojan Horse” in an effort to usurp county control.
They got one thing right, SB4 is a Trojan Horse.
Hoosiers would be so lucky to kill this bill.

Many truths were exposed about the bill even though citizen voices were suppressed and disregarded.

Two hours of “Lobbyist Parade” was heard prior to the first citizen testifying.
You read that right.
Not a single voter testimony was heard for over two hours!
Senator Ed Charbonneau, chairman of the committee, started the meeting at 9 am, warned that time for testimony was limited, and there were a large number of individuals signed up to testify.

He feigned concern for everyone being able to testify stating “Please keep testimony to 3 minutes.”
Hoosiers noted the disgusting display of favoritism to lobbyists and those representing the interests of the medical-industrial complex as they were called up one after another. Hoosiers started calling Charbonneau's office demanding the “lobbyist parade end.”
Over two hours into the committee hearing, and about 20 minutes after angry calls started streaming into Charbonneau's office, citizen testimony began.

Once finally allowed to speak, a county commissioner bravely rebuked the bill with genuine concerns.
Sen. Charbonneau struck at him with harsh words as if he didn’t actually hear the concerns from the Commissioner that the “opt-in” didn’t leave room for opting out.
Charbonneau practically yelled at the Commissioner stating that the bill wouldn’t impact his county if he opted out. The commissioner tried to explain again to no avail.
Nearly every citizen who spoke requested that the senators review the Public Health Commission’s June 30th meeting.
The commission was quoted by many of the citizens exposing where concerns about the “Trojan Horse” originated.

Hear what some of the June 30th meeting here.

In what only appears to be an effort to remain ignorant, Senator Charbonneau refused to hear a 1.5-minute clip from the meeting during a testimony.

Despite compelling evidence including multiple direct quotes from the commission discussing bypassing “home rule," increasing public health requirements to force participation, and re-education campaigns, the committee went on to unanimously vote in favor of the bill.

Nearly every member added that they have concerns but didn’t want to “impede the process” and hoped that the bill would be “fixed.”

If we learned anything from last year, it is that these bills only get worse as they move along.

Republican leadership blindly follows the words of Governor Holcomb and the committee chairs do the bidding of leadership.

Republican leadership is known to state that the “heavy lifting” should be done in committee and not amongst the entire assembly.

The likelihood of this bill being improved in favor of Hoosiers is slim to nil.

In fact, inside sources suggest that the bill will only become worse.

Yet somehow EVERY LAST COMMITTEE member voted “yes” and supported this bill that will ultimately lead to bigger government and Federal strings that will restrict the rights of the county.

Hoosiers, our legislators must receive a clear message.

Hoosiers expect their representatives to vote with their conscious, not the party line. Excuses for votes will no longer be tolerated.

Hoosiers are watching. 

Hoosiers are participating.
Hoosiers will connect legislative season to election season.
Call your own legislators. Tell them “Excuses will not be tolerated. Protect Liberty. Vote No to coercion and the Governor’s Public Health Commission.”

**Learn how to find your legislators, text 260-286-0988 the word: FIND

***If you aren’t familiar with the Governors Public Health commission be sure to check out the resources on our website.

In Liberty,
Ashley Grogg MSN-RN

P.S. SB4 is far from over. It will move on to the appropriations committee. We will be issuing calls to action when this occurs.

P.S.S. Our work is funded by generous Hoosier donors just like you. They fund all our text alerts so you can have easy and immediate calls to action when every minute counts. If you can become a monthly donor do so now.

<![CDATA[SB4 2/1/2023]]>Thu, 02 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-212023Many of you have asked what has happened with SB4: Public Health Commission.  We have lots of video up on Facebook.  I am going to add links in here for your viewing pleasure. 

Stay tuned for more updates.  This will be a LONG fight, but this is year will be pivotal.
Post committee hearing wrap up:
Various testimonies:
<![CDATA[SB4 Public Health Coercion]]>Mon, 30 Jan 2023 18:14:19 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-public-health-coercionThis bill is exactly what we have been warning about for the past several months. 

Make no mistake, this is the slow addition into centralizing the local public health agencies under the reign of the CDC & WHO.

Listen to the video below for more information... 

We will continue to update this page as able.

<![CDATA[rEMOVED: sb 47 vAXPASS LITE]]>Wed, 25 Jan 2023 01:04:26 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/removed-sb-47-vaxpass-litePicture
Fantastic news!

SB 47: VaxPass Lite was removed from committee hearing tomorrow.

Hoosiers, you are so powerful!

Your calls, your emails, THEY WORKED!

Pat yourself on the back and celebrate this victory.

Don't be fooled, it could come back. Our legislature is known to sneak stuff in. We will be watching so be sure you are getting our text alerts.

Feel free to share the image above with your friends.

Tell them the good work we are doing together and encourage them to join.

Thank you for your action in all of this! 

A big thank you to all of our donors, they make the text messages possible. 

If it weren't for our ability to quickly alert our members and their swift action I don't believe this victory would be possible.

If you are not a donor yet, please consider. This legislative season is going to be a busy one and we will continue to communicate with you and make sure YOUR voice is heard down at the statehouse.  When you donate to Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, you are making this possible.

In Liberty,
<![CDATA[SB47 Vaxpass Lite- Committee Hearing]]>Mon, 23 Jan 2023 22:13:04 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb47-vaxpass-lite-committee-hearing Picture
Watch Lively testimony from last week. The hearing begins just after the 53 minute mark.
VaxPass Lite SB47 Will be amended & voted on Wednesday.
No testimony that day.

Hoosiers must send a clear message to the members of the committee.

Call by the end of business Tuesday.
Tell them: “Vote NO on VaxPass Lite, SB47. Hoosier tax dollars should not be used to support vaccine passports.”

Stacey Donato & Michael Crider 317-234-9054
Ed Charbonneau & Vaneta Becker 317-232-9494
Justin Busch 317-232-9488
Liz Brown 317-232-9497
Jean Breaux 317-232-9847
Jean Leising 317-232-9493
Eddie Melton 317-232-9432
Shelli Yoder 317-232-9534
✨It was reported that Mike Bohacek 317-232-9541 &Tyler Johnson 317-232-9466 will be voting no.
❓When calling state “I heard Senator will vote no on SB 47, VaxPass Lite. Is that accurate?”
👏If confirmed, “I look forward to seeing that vote.”
❌Otherwise, “Vote No on SB 47 VaxPass Lite. Hoosier tax dollars should not support VaxPass!”

Would you like to submit written testimony?
I tried to give a good base for those who struggle with how to write. Take what you can use, ignore the rest. Written testimony MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NOON TUESDAY!!!


Senator.Becker@iga.in.gov, Senator.Bohacek@iga.in.gov, Senator.Brown@iga.in.gov, Senator.Busch@iga.in.gov, Senator.Charbonneau@iga.in.gov, Senator.Crider@iga.in.gov, Senator.Donato@iga.in.gov, Senator.Johnson@iga.in.gov, Senator.Leising@iga.in.gov 

s34@iga.in.gov, s3@iga.in.gov, s40@iga.in.gov


Vote no on SB47. Hoosiers do not want to participate in vaccine passports.
Make an intro “My name is _____. I expect you to vote no on sb47. Hoosiers do not want to participate in vaccine passports because (list your choice of 1-3 key points in short phrases).” This really should be the extent. 
Elaborate on your three points in short paragraphs of the body. 

Paragraph 1: Context and basic ideas of point one.
Paragraph 2: Context and basic ideas of point two if applicable.
Paragraph 3: Context and basic ideas of point three if applicable.

Close. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. No voluntary vax pass in Indiana because of (list 1-3 key points in short phrases). Remember, vote no on SB 47 “Vax Pass Lite.” 
Your name


If you have personal testimony share it. If you need ideas consider elaborating on 1-3 of the following:
  1. No reason for scannable code other than vax pass. Indiana has “vaccine passport ban” but scannable codes would be viewed as contributing to the use of vaccine passports.
  2. Parents can already get PIN from MD to access CHIRP/MyVaxIndiana and print records.
  3. How vaccine requirements limited your free movement during COVID.
  4. Government enabled vaccine passports. Not required by government directly but through requirements on businesses. (like we saw during COVID).
  5. What your concerns are.
  6. Violation of constitutional right to be secure in papers.
  7. Contribution to ushering in Nanny state
  8. How Vax passports will disproportionately impact minorities who are hesitant based on historical maltreatment.
Your email does not have to be long. I would encourage you to keep it to 3-5 paragraphs, and try to keep it under 10-15 sentences. Think about the number of emails that they are hopefully getting. If you need a template check the one out below.
House Happenings
Currently there are not any vaccination bills on the schedule. We have been receiving questions about HB 1198 Decriminalizing HIV Donations. Despite this bill being outside our scope, we thought we should address it due to the concerns of the community.

Representative Wendy McNamara and the Courts & Criminal Code committee will hear “HB 1198 Decriminalizing HIV Donations” authored by Rep. McNamara.

Yep, you read that right. McNamara will remove criminal penalties for those who knowingly and recklessly donate bodily fluids while infected with HIV.

What good can come from decriminalizing HIV donations?

What kind of people is McNamara protecting from criminal penalties?

Who in their right mind has HIV and donates bodily fluids known to transmit the communicable and potentially deadly disease?

HIV donation supporters, like McNamara, will claim that testing is still completed to limit the use of HIV infected fluids, however, why should resources be wasted collecting these donations for them to be wasted?

If this legislation is concerning to you, call the committee and tell them
“Vote no on HB1198 Decriminalizing HIV Donations.”
Wendy McNamara 317-232-9802
Michael J. Aylesworth 317-234-9139
Steve Bartels 317-232-9863
Mitch Gore 317-232-9671
Ragen Hatcher 317-232-9798
Chris Jeter 317-234-0931
Joanna King 317-232-9657
Wendy McNamara 317-232-9802
Jennifer Meltzer 317-232-9657
Sharon Negele 317-232-9802
Matt Pierce 317-232-9794
Robin Shackleford 317-232-9827
Gregory Steuerwald 317-234-3827
Lorissa Sweet 317-234-9447
<![CDATA[SB 47 VAX Pass Lite--- UPDATE]]>Thu, 19 Jan 2023 13:56:20 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb-47-vax-pass-lite-updateTestimony went well, you can hear the synopsis of what happened in the video below. It is also on social media.  I wanted to get some additions made then I will make the video downloadable so you can share.

I will be updating this blog post today with more details and the WHY behind our next steps. Updates will be BELOW the video.

You know me... I like INFORMED consent.

You shouldn't just do what I say because I say it, you should understand WHY it is important.  ;)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I truly know we are making an impact together!!