<![CDATA[HOOSIERS FOR MEDICAL LIBERTY - Blog]]>Sat, 22 Jan 2022 00:09:54 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Politics: A dirty game of smoke, mirrors, and deception.]]>Thu, 20 Jan 2022 18:40:51 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/politics-a-dirty-game-of-smoke-mirrors-and-deceptionHoosier cries for Medical Liberty protections have fallen on deaf ears for over a year. The Indiana General Assembly (IGA) flat out refused to adopt SB74 last year, scrambled for political cover, only to fall short by passing a worthless vaccine passport ban.
It looks like they might be trying their hardest to do nothing more than the same this year, but they want you to think they are “striking balance” between the rights of the people and the rights of the businesses. 
Where do you think their loyalties belong?
With the people or with the businesses?
2022 legislative session started two and half weeks ago. It feels much longer because Hoosiers have been getting empty promises with major strings attached for the past two months. 

Despite over 14 hours of testimony the House Republicans refused to make any positive changes for medical liberty on HB1001 and INSIST on bowing down to dangerous demands set forth by the governor.

HB1001’s exemptions are no more protective than federal protections currently available and has its fair share of strings attached. The bill includes provisions that would allow an unelected official to accept federal funding and “any other federal law, regulation, guidance or policy pertaining to COVID-19 relief.” This is giving the federal government an open door into our state governance. The IGA has the capability to end the state of emergency without adding these stipulations into law. The administrative aspects of this bill are a threat to Liberty!

We DO NOT want this bill the way it stands.

Meeting Jan 20th 7pm EST

On Thursday Jan 13th HB1001 was open for amendments and brave Representatives Curt Nisly and John Jacob offered up amendments that would have corrected the flaws of the bill.

Yet neither of them were passed.
I encourage you to go back and watch the footage.

Representative Nisly’s amendment would have stripped out the governors demands. House Republicans seem to carry too much loyalty to the king… err Governor than to do the right thing and end the state of emergency via a House Concurrent Resolution. Instead, they choose to continue to promote the poor fiscal decisions of the Biden administration and open Hoosiers up to the potential for increasingly tyrannical rule. The amendment was defeated when nearly all House Representatives voted against it.

Next Rep. John Jacob brought forth an amendment for Bodily integrity. This amendment would have fixed all the issues Medical Liberty Activists saw in HB1001’s vaccination portion of the bill. It was beautifully crafted and Rep. Jacob’s speech was heartfelt and compelling. However Representative Leonard made a point of order stating that the amendment was in violation of rule 118.

Rule 118 is also referred to as “Bill pending.” Meaning that you can not write an amendment that looks like a current bill.  At the time of filing the amendment, there were NO bills in the house that looked similar. Yet on January 13th HB1408 appeared on the IGA website and was eerily similar to Rep Jacob's amendment.  In this story the order of events is incredibly important.

Let’s look at this timeline:

But there is more to this story. When watching session, you don’t get to see everything that happens. While the House “stood in recess” Representative John Jacob went to bat for your medical liberty. Stating that he would withdraw the amendment if the committee chair that HB1408 was assigned to would publicly announce the bill would be heard and VOTED on. Both Representatives Todd Huston & Representative Leonard were reported to appeared to be appalled at his request and DENIED it.
Could it be that the House Republicans are hell bent on ensuring they protect the interests of Governor Holcomb, special interest groups, and big business while flat out refusing to address TRUE Medical Liberty?
Take an objective look at these facts and decide for yourself.

HB1001 passed through the House and has been referred to the Senate where Senators Messmer and Charbonneau are sponsoring the bill. 

These two senators have not previously been champions of medical liberty, in fact Senator Charbonneau is the chair of health and provider services committee. This particular committee has historically had close relationships with the hospital association and pharma. 

Some might say that the assignment of HB1001 to Sen. Charbonneau was an intentional death sentence, especially after Senate Pro Temp Rod Bray’s negative public comments about the bill.

Senator Charbonneau’s committee has already passed Senate Bill 3 which covers the dangerous administrative portions of the HB1001 without the exemption portions.  SB3 will be heard on second reading today (Jan 20th).

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty drafted an amendment and attempted to get several Senators to file it on behalf of Hoosiers. Unfortunately, Senator Kruse is out of town ineligible and with the help of Dr. Dan Stock three other Senators were approached without anyone willing to take up the amendment.
My expectation is that HB1001 will die in Charbonneau’s committee and SB3 will pass through and transfer over to the House rapidly while HB1001 sits to die.

Understanding politics is difficult enough however, it is easy to completely lose sight and misunderstand when the political class uses smoke, mirrors, and deception.
Hoosiers deserve Medical Liberty and they certainly deserve transparency of government.

Call to action:

Call your House Representative & Senators TODAY and tell them:

“I am sick of political games and misdirection. It is time to deliver TRUE Medical Liberty protections. It's time to live up to your role. I am asking you to take a stand, do what is right, help bring transparency to politics.”

If you need help finding your elected officials text 260-286-0988 the word: FIND
We find this song inspiring and think you will to.  Check FiveTimesAugust.com out for more information.

Our commitment to you:

  • H4ML will continue to expose the inner workings of the IGA so that we can fight for Medical Liberty here in the Hoosier state.
  • H4ML will continue to work with our legislators to gain policy.
  • H4ML will continue to add resources and information to this website.
  • H4ML will continue to share news articles on social media outlining the most recent topics so you can stay informed.
  • H4ML will continue to educate Hoosiers on their right to file an exemption and how to do it.
  • H4ML will continue to support Hoosiers facing job loss, looking for assistance, & needing to share their stories.
  • H4ML will continue to facilitate FACL trainings to ensure more of our citizens are prepared to take political action.

But H4ML needs your help. In order to reach the legislators who don't take Medical Liberty seriously we need to continue to organize the constituents in their districts.  We need to make sure they have NO EXCUSE to avoid representing the people the way they ask.

H4ML needs you to share these calls to action.
H4ML needs you join the mailing & texting lists. (you can do this on the right hand side of this page!)
H4ML needs you to invite your friends to a meeting.
H4ML needs you to help find Local Partners to help host in person meetings!

We couldn't be more thankful for the way you have helped get H4ML up off the ground and supported our continued growth. Hoosiers have all worked so hard and are starting to see the fruits of our labors. Now is absolutely not the time to back down. We must continue to grow this momentum and exceed all expectations. 

I have faith in our great state.
I have hope for our future.
I know we will triumph over tyranny.

Thank you for all you do!

For Liberty,
Ashley Grogg MSN-RN

P.S. Don't miss our meeting tonight Jan 20th at 7pm EST. Register here.

P.S.S. Do you like what you see here? Be part of the change and support H4ML financially through Membership or donation. Thank you for your generous and ongoing support!

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.
<![CDATA[HB1003]]>Tue, 18 Jan 2022 12:34:33 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/hb1003H4ML Call to Action!

Are you concerned about the quality of care in Hospitals?

Staffing shortages have been exacerbated by vaccine mandates and the House is trying to correct shortages via dangerous HB1003 through temporary licensing & cutting back on student clinical hours without addressing mandates.

Here is the breakdown of issues with this bill:
  1. The bill addresses temporary licensing for Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Respiratory therapists, and Pharmacists. It creates a temporary fix but may actually cause a bigger problem once it expires. The bill ends the last day of the quarter in which the federal emergency ends. That means temporary licensees and their employers could have notice of any where from 3 months to as little as 3 days notice that the license expires. This could easily create a vacuum effect and cause immediate staffing issues.
  2. Nursing students can get a temporary license prior to completing NCLEX, the MINIMUM competency licensing test. There are also no parameters on how long a student is permitted to work without completing the exam. This is very concerning, hospitals are desperate for staff and may take advantage of students in these positions. While working large numbers of hours to earn money and please their new employer students may not prioritize the exam over work. Students may also be at higher risk for burn out, mistakes, and moral injury.
  3. The bill also offers temporary licensing to foreign nurses. We don't hold anything against foreign nurses, however the state has seen issues with language barriers creating dangerous situations for patients. This could be fixed with a simple amendment to require English competency.
  4. The bill addresses nursing education allowing qualifying nursing programs to "increase enrollment at any rate the program considers appropriate." This is asking for trouble. Nursing faculty is difficult to obtain and there are no guidelines to keep the programs from over enrolling to increase. The bill adds that programs may be mostly staffed by part-time faculty and allows the school to replace important clinical hours with simulation lab up to 50%. This is astounding, clinical hours imperative for students to learn how to interact with patients and learn the skills that cannot be taught out of a book. This has significant potential to impair the education of our future nurses. These students may care for you or your loved ones.
  5. Finally, they NEVER address vaccine mandates for students. It seems the House Republicans want to go above and beyond to allow licensing loopholes and potentially allow for bad practices in nursing education, yet they can't address the elephant in the room. Far to many students in health care tracts are being bullied, harassed, and even removed from their programs for not taking the vaccination. This seems incredibly unfair, once in the medical profession these students will have the right to exemptions for medical and religious reasons. Other students are choosing career paths outside of healthcare to avoid vaccine mandates.  This injustice must be corrected!

Call the Authors & your Rep and tell them: "HB1003 needs to be amended. Vote YES on Rep. Nisly's amendments calling for respect of religious exemptions for health care students and increased safety in temporary licenses and health care education."

Make 4 calls before 1pm this afternoon!

1. Ethan Manning 317-232-9619
2. Your State House Representative (learn who it is by replying: Find)
3. Brad Barrett 317-234-2993
4. J. Michael Davisson 317-232-9619

Don't forget to tell your friends, especially if they are in a medical profession.

Our Virtual Meeting dates have changed!

Join us via Zoom to learn more about what is happening. In case you missed our last email our meetings have changed to the 3rd Thursday of the month.

That means we will be meeting Thursday Jan 20th at 7pm EST

Register here

We look forward to seeing you there!
Thank you,
<![CDATA[Happy Holidays]]>Wed, 22 Dec 2021 21:53:55 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/happy-holidaysIt is hard to believe that 2021 will be coming to an end in the next two weeks. 

What an incredibly wild ride it has been. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as you close out your year.

2021 started out with a bang as we embarked on our first legislative journey learning along the way. H4ML & it's Membership was the driving force behind SB74 and nearly 20 amendments on other bills to secure Medical Liberty. We have been working behind the scenes to make sure we can continue creating change here in Indiana!

I want to end the year with a last update and sharing my New Year's Resolution, but more on that later!

Here is what you will read today:

  1. Ashley's New Year's resolution.
  2. Monthly Meeting Date is MOVING! Exciting changes, coming in 2022!
  3. Legislative Plans for 2022.
  4. Candidate questions, and why we can't go there.
  5. Success & Growth.
Ashley's New Years Resolution!
Resolutions are often thought of as personal goals that people make and then, usually break. Intentions are good and the resolution is probably something very much needed, yet often discarded.
Why?- Let's revisit this in a little bit.

Right now, we are all living in a dystopian world where everyday happenings seem surreal and impossible.

So many of us would like to just return to “normal.” As much as I hate to admit it, normal is never coming back.

We will never go back to the “pre-pandemic” way of life.

In a lot of ways, that is a blessing.

Hoosiers have learned so much over the last two years. Many of us have become politically active for the first time, perhaps in our lives. For so long we took the importance of politics for granted.

I don't enjoy politics, but I never want to go back to apathy. This has been an incredibly empowering time for all of us. Even though most days it can feel overwhelming or even as though we are up against insurmountable odds.

The truth is, the American spirit is THRIVING
The American Dream isn't possible without American Politics.

My New Year's resolution is to never return to normal.
My New Year's resolution is to find balance between politics and the American dream.
My New Year's resolution is encourage and inspire those same things in each of you.
I want nothing more than for each and every one of us to continue fighting for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Each new day brings a new lesson and reason to keep fighting for everything we have enjoyed.

My hope is that you will join me in this resolution and share this message with others, so that they may be inspired to shake off apathy and join in defending Liberty.

But… I mentioned before- New Year's Resolutions are often forgotten.

Why do we break our resolutions?

Do we make resolutions that are unattainable?
Maybe there is a lack of support?
Or, life just gets busy?

Sure these are all reasons why people break their resolution.

This resolution is attainable, its a work in progress.

This resolution will be supported, because we are all working on it together.

Of course, life is going to get busy, but we must never forget where we are. We must never forget how much time we have sacrificed to reclaim our rights.

Even after victory seems apparent is going to be vital to remain “in play." By staying engaged we will ensure we never come back to this place again.

Will you join me in my New Year's Resolution and help make it a reality? 

Changes to our monthly meetings!
With a new year comes some exciting new changes. For quite a while I have wanted to roll out H4ML Near Me and we are FINALLY there. We will be moving our monthly meetings to the THIRD THURSDAY of the month from 7:00-8:00pm EST.

I have put the final touches on the agreement forms and now we can recruit local professionals to assist in hosting meetings.

Our plan is to have 5 locations in January. Each location will live stream the typical monthly meeting for the first 20 minutes and then the rest of the meeting will be for community building and outreach planning.

We think this is going to add so much life to the movement, rapidly accelerate growth, and success.

As we add locations you will be able to find them under the H4ML Near Me page nestled under the “Get Involved" tab on the website.

You can also text 260-286-0988 with your county for example: ADAMS COUNTY to get notified of new meeting places.

If there is a local professional in your area that would like to consistently host monthly meetings please have them text 260-286-0988 the word: PARTNER to get more information.

You will still be able to participate from home via Zoom just as before. You will need to register for the meeting again.

Thank you for helping us make this a success!

2022 Legislation
Did you ever imagine you would be excited about Legislation?

Me either!

Yet here we are, waiting with baited breath to see what kind of legislation will pop up surrounding Medical Liberty.

So far there are two bills filed by Senator Kruse. SB 30 which is very similar to our bill last year, ensuring exemptions. SB 31 which is specific to COVID. Senator Kruse has a third bill being drafted off of language we presented and we are pretty excited about the prospects.

The House of Representatives has only filed one bill…

We have all seen House Bill 1001, which is a far cry from protection for Hoosiers but we anticipate many more bills yet to come.

We will be keeping an eye on legislation and could use some volunteers.

We will be reaching out to those who have specifically asked to help in the past and will have a zoom to discuss bill reading.

Be on the lookout for that email.

Haven't signed up yet? No worries, click the link for volunteering and sign up now.
Candidate questions & why we won't go there!
It is so exciting to see so many of you looking ahead to the future!

Much like this year snuck up on us and flew past, we know that the May primaries won't be much different.

We would love to be able to answer all the questions we get about the best liberty candidates, but as a non-profit, we cannot do that. In fact, we do not endorse, promote, support, or oppose any political candidate.

We don't want to leave you hanging. Liberty Defense PAC is an amazing organization run by a good friend of H4ML and they are fully equipped to help answer all your candidate questions.

In fact, January 15th they are hosting a HUGE candidate reveal. 

From what we have heard there is going to be a large number of new candidates hitting the scene. This event will give you the opportunity to meet them and learn about what they stand for!

Go get your tickets quickly, I have heard they are selling fast.

Rep. Curt Nisly and his wife Mary will be featured speakers!
Accomplishments & Acknowledgements
I want to give a great big shout out to all our members and donors.

You truly make this all happen. Through your generosity we have accomplished so much in the past year. Let's take a quick review of what your donations have accomplished:

  • Our amazing website, full of resources, education, and petitions. It is not only appreciated by Hoosiers but we get traffic from all over the country using our resources for exemptions.
  • 24/7 access to education on exemptions including sample forms, educational videos, blogs and so much more.
  • 12+ in person exemptions trainings, and another 10+ online exemptions trainings
  • Nearly 5,000 Hoosiers have been part of one of our many exemption trainings
  • Thousands of emails with updates, education, and encouragement
  • 70,000 text messages sent to engage and activate Hoosiers in the development of Medical Liberty policy.
  • Monthly Zoom meetings. Including an upgraded meeting space to accommodate 1000 participants after we outgrew the old platform.
  • Education on the political process, how to navigate the Statehouse etc
  • Educational literature and handouts for rallies, events, and seminars.

Some of our work has not cost a dime, lets celebrate that too!
  • Building community and a network of Medical Liberty Warriros
  • Connecting citizens with their legislators
  • Streamlining communication for attorneys and plaintiffs in the Ascension case
  • Connecting citizens with legal counsel when needed.
  • Utilizing social media to elicit change
  • Training 600 Hoosiers in Confrontational politics by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership
  • and so much more…

We couldn't be more grateful for the way the state has pulled together in order to defend our Medical Liberties.

While we celebrate this, we do ask that you take a moment and consider becoming a monthly donor.

As you can see we have been hard at work and will continue to be, as we grow so do our costs.

Text messaging has been revolutionary to the liberty movement and we are so happy to be able to provide quick alerts for our members especially when only about 20% of the emails we send are read.

Text messaging has made a remarkable impact on the speed and EASE of which Hoosiers participate in politics.

We hope you will continue to support these efforts!

Some of you may be able to donate $100, $50, or $25 per month, but know that donations of $10 monthly make a huge difference!

If you are already a member you can easily edit your donating preferences. If you need help, please reply to this email.

If you are not yet a member please do so now and consider the possibilities if you decide to donate monthly.

Thank you again, for all that you do. Merry Christmas, from my family to yours.

For Liberty,
Ashley Grogg MSN-RN

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

<![CDATA[HB1001- Universal agreement?]]>Mon, 20 Dec 2021 16:38:32 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/hb1001-universal-agreementIn July Hoosiers started calling the statehouse asking for protections from Vaccine mandates.
Healthcare workers were the first to experience the issue. We quickly saw how mandates harmed morale, staffing, and eventually patient care. This continues to plague the hospital systems of Indiana.
Since July countless other areas of the Hoosier workforce have been impacted by unconstitutional mandates.
President Biden’s sweeping recommendations added fuel to the fire when he charged OHSA, Federal Contractors, and CMS to create requirements.
One would think that the Indiana Republican super majority would work to take a strong stance to protect Hoosiers.
Hoosiers are losing their jobs.
Despite ongoing calls from their constituents, the state legislature couldn’t lift a little finger to help when going back into session for redistricting in September, on Organizational Day in November, or the two “special meetings” they called the week of Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas.
Thursday December 16th dozens of Hoosiers testified on the language in HB1001 for the second time.
During both days of testimony, totaling over fourteen hours, it was clear Hoosiers expect stronger protection against vaccine mandates than the bill presently offers, and they do NOT want the state of emergency codified into law.
Hoosiers were extremely well spoken and quite clear that they expected amendments that would end mandates all together, add enforcement, and remove the language codifying the state of emergency.

Many of those testifying plainly stated they did not want the state of emergency codified, and some went so far as to say they would rather not have anything passed than the language presented. Some, desperate to see a positive outcome, provided potential solutions and amendments.
Hoosiers seem to be in universal agreement:
The state of emergency should be ended without codifying it and Hoosiers deserve an end to mandates.
Somehow State House Leadership and Governor Holcomb missed the memo, in fact on Friday December 17th the Journal Gazette posted an article reporting the opposite:
Gov. Eric Holcomb wants the vaccine mandate and state emergency status issues separated.

He said there is a universal agreement on the items related to ending the emergency, “so why not deal with what we agree on and get that out of the way and then have our discussion?”

That appears to be where Senate Republicans are headed.

Senate President Pro Tem Rodric Bray said there is wisdom to that idea because the vaccine mandate language is much more complicated.

“There's a lot of talk about doing that separately right now,” he said.

In the article you see that Governor Holcomb seems to think there is a universal agreement on the items related to ending the emergency and Rodric Bray, Senate Leader is in agreement.
Are they completely blind to what the people want?
Who is part of the universal agreement codifying the state of emergency?
It isn’t Hoosiers!
Are legislators going to bend to the whims of the Governor, special interest groups, and corporations rather than upholding their duties to the people they represent?
House Leadership did not make a comment. Do you think they are thinking differently, or could this all have been one giant ruse?
Have Hoosiers been tricked into a not so jolly song and dance around the Holidays to lull them into a sense of Holiday comfort and joy?
Inside sources suspect that House Leadership is going to fall flat on their promises to amend HB1001.
Sources familiar with the subject have speculated that the house will attempt to skip the amendment process all together and push it through allowing the Senate to “clean it up.” Based on Rod Bray’s comments there is little hope that they will work quickly to address the issue of vaccine mandates.
Hoosiers we must make our expectations clear:
☎️☎️ CALL TO ACTION ☎️☎️
Get this call to action sent to your phone, text 260-286-0988 the code: 1001

Make 5 calls immediately demand the House representatives live up to their word.

“Amend HB1001 to reflect the wishes of Hoosiers. Do NOT make the state of emergency law! Hoosiers do NOT want that. We do expect enforceable legislation ending mandates to be the FIRST priority of the legislature as we have asked for months.”

-Rod Bray 317-232-9416
-Todd Houston 317-232-9677
- Matt Lehman 317-234-9380 (bill author)
-Your local House Rep
-Your Senator

Don't know who they are? Find out, text 260-286-0988: find

For Liberty,

P.S. Did you know you have an important role as a reconnaissance agent? Every time you make calls and send an update back to H4ML detailing your conversations it help us gauge our next steps. Your role is VITAL!

P.S.S. Do you like what you see here? Be part of the change and support H4ML financially through Membership or donation. Our members ensure that important calls to action like this are sent out via email and text message. You also fund educational programs and materials assisting Hoosiers in understanding and claiming their rights. Thank you for your generous and ongoing support!
Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.
<![CDATA[What do you do when a legislator threatens you?]]>Wed, 15 Dec 2021 21:03:08 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/what-do-you-do-when-a-legislator-threatens-youWhat do you do when a legislator threatens you?

Yeah, I said it.

What do you do when a legislator threatens you?


What does that mean, “rejoice and double down”...?

Shouldn’t I be afraid of a threat? Shouldn’t I be alarmed?

The answer to both of those questions is NO.

Very rarely, at least in Indiana, do political threats come in the form of a physical threat of violence. Often, it is one of a political nature.

A mix, if you will, between a whining legislator, comparable to a 4-year-old, and a threat of “if we do this you will get worse.”

So what was the threat, why should I rejoice, and how do we double down?

I’m glad you asked, let’s get to work!

The threat...

In all reality, this was not a singular threat. Many of our members have been reporting back that the legislative aids are getting quite angry and even aggressive on the phone.
Aids are disgruntled when constituents want to end the state of emergency without codifying it. From their perspective Hoosiers are being unreasonable. Afterall, the great demi-gods are finally bending to listen to the needs of constituents. In the eyes of legislators, “Hoosiers should be grateful,” the issue is being addressed.
They don’t understand why we are not accepting it on their terms. During phone calls, aids are demanding to know why citizens are objecting, then making veiled threats such as:
“Are you ok with paying back tons of money to the federal government?”
“Can you live with millions of Hoosiers being without health insurance.”
First, Indiana’s population is less than seven (7) million, if MILLIONS of Hoosiers only have insurance because of emergency federal funding we have greater problems. If the economic fallout of pandemic lockdowns had impacted our state that severely, we should be focusing more clearly on getting Hoosiers back to work.
I would also like to point out that just because we disagree with this bill doesn’t mean we would want harm to come to Hoosiers.
Of course, we want Hoosiers to have health insurance.
Of course, we don’t want to have to pay back “tons of money” to the federal government.
The truth is we shouldn’t have taken the money in the first place.
We don’t want the state of emergency codified. If the legislature really wants to end the state of emergency, they have the ability to do that WITHOUT forcing this bill through.
We have seen multiple House Concurrent Resolutions presented and no action taken, likely due to the Federal Funding that Gov. Holcomb has accepted on behalf of the state.
You see the reason they are taking action is because Hoosiers have been angry about this for OVER A YEAR!
They are hoping that Hooisers are not smart enough to figure out the bait and switch. They are simply moving the state of emergency into law.
Are you willing to circumvent the way our government was set up in order to ensure that we get government handouts?
If Governor Holcomb wouldn’t have taken these federal bribes in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this situation. There comes a point in which you have to end the insanity.
We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch. Indiana needs to stop taking government money in exchange for security in the form of food stamps and Medicaid funding.
Indiana must start moving in the right direction rather than facilitating more federal meddling in our state.
Do not forget, President Biden stated, he was working with Governors of each state to ensure his edicts for mask mandates and lockdowns occurred.

Don’t be mistaken, this money was a federal bribe in the form of a noose, choking your liberty.


How are we supposed to rejoice with all that doom and gloom?

Easy. Understand the situation!

Threats can only mean one thing. The pressure within the state house is ever increasing because of the successful efforts of Hoosiers fighting for Medical Liberty!

As the aids continue to receive pushback and the legislators feel they are in a no-win situation, everyone within those walls is on edge.

That means Hoosiers are winning.

How long before the pressure builds so strong the issue bursts wide open?

Double down!

This is my favorite part, doubling down.
Doubling down means when you gain ground you continue to advance.
When your opponent is on the ropes, you don’t back off.
You don’t give them a moment to breathe.
You don’t let them gain footing.
You secure the win with more pressure.
We must create more pressure!
Here is your call to action.
  1. Rejoice! (Go ahead, do that happy dance!)
  2. Call the House Pensions and Labor committee, tell them: “Hoosiers will not take responsibility for the financial noose Gov. Holcomb placed on our liberties. Do not codify the state of emergency, Hoosiers will not accept an unfair trade. We do, however, expect a legal end to mandates.”  
  3. Share this message with five (5) friends.
  4. Join us at the state house for testimony tomorrow.
Thank you for your steadfast dedication to Liberty!  We couldn't be more thankful for all of your hard work. This is your victory!

Rejoice & Double Down!

For Liberty,

P.S. Did you know you have an important role as a reconnaissance agent? Every time you make calls and send an update back to H4ML detailing your conversations it help us gauge our next steps. Your role is VITAL!

P.S.S. Do you like what you see here? Be part of the change and support H4ML financially through Membership or donation. Our members ensure that important calls to action like this are sent out via email and text message. You also fund educational programs and materials assisting Hoosiers in understanding and claiming their rights. Thank you for your generous and ongoing support!
Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.
<![CDATA[A Season of Anticipation, Joy & Preparation!]]>Thu, 09 Dec 2021 19:13:11 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/a-season-of-anticipation-joy-preparation‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, Fa La La La...
Republican State Representatives want you to think they are giving you an early Christmas gift in HB1001.
If you asked for deep reaching tyranny and half-baked Medical Liberty, you can celebrate!
If not, you deserve to know the truth.
HB1001 is a bribe.
Your incessant demands for Medical Liberty have legislators in a tizzy. They are fearful for what legislative session could hold AND if you will decide they are no longer fit to be your representatives in the May primaries.
House Republicans are trying to have their Christmas cake and eat it too.

Reps are hopeful they can appease YOU by offering up a stale fruit-cake in the form of rehashed federal vaccine exemptions coupled with legalized discrimination through testing of the unvaccinated, in order to get Hoosiers to willingly accept Governor Holcomb’s demands to make dangerous portions of the state of emergency PERMANENT.
For those of you who haven’t read previous blog posts (1, 2, 3, 4), we will do a quick recap, but more on that later.
Next Thursday, December 16th, the House Pensions and Labor Committee will meet and hear public testimony on HB1001 and our Christmas wish is for YOU to be there!
Testifying at the State House eliminates the Legislature’s ability to claim ignorance. They have no choice but to look the issue in the face as they hear your heartbreaking stories as  they go “on record”.
We heard so many amazing testimonies on November 23, when our representatives called a special session the week of Thanksgiving, surrounding the preliminary draft that is now HB1001.

Some question the timing of each of these meetings.

Some speculate that the legislature is attempting to trip up Medical Liberty activists.

Some believe the legislature is playing psychological games and ‘jerking the chain’ of their constituents, as they bank on you not showing up due to the proximity of the Holidays.
We all need to ask ourselves,

“What is the sincerity of the State Legislature in wanting to protect the livelihoods of Hoosiers?”

Let’s look at the facts
  1. Initially, A preliminary draft was proposed, not a bill.
  2. Public testimony was sought on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.
  3. Testimonies were stacked heavily up front with lobbyists.
  4. The proposed 11/29 session was cancelled; which we should’ve anticipated, considering the bill was not even filed. We were duped!
  5. A number of the House Reps asked for you to show up and stand in solidarity with them yet ONLY appeared a full hour late, after being told you were preparing to leave.
  6. The Representatives that were present showered the crowd with excuses regarding prior bad votes and failures.
  7. When they finally filed the bill, the requests of Hoosiers, including eliminating discrimination, adding teeth, and ending mandates were not represented. However, the requests of the lobbyist were heard in the removal of pregnancy and/or anticipated pregnancy as a medical contraindication.
Plus, the dangerous state of emergency language is still present.
Christmas packages should be tied up in ribbons and strings, but we CANNOT allow our liberties to be tied up in tyrannical federal financial strings.
Now, the week before Christmas another special session is called!

I suppose one ‘might’ consider movement on an actual bill to be a gift; is it, though?
Do you truly expect the legislature to take further action this close to Christmas?

Will they actually head back down to the State House the week between Christmas and New Years?

The 2022 Session will begin, at the latest, on January 10th.

They waited too long to actually achieve this goal by the end of 2021.

We absolutely need to continue to hold legislators accountable NOW and after the first of the year to ensure our concerns are not brushed under the rug and out the door along with the dried up pine needles from our Christmas trees.

What is next?
Call to action:

Get the call to action via text: 260-286-0988 the code: 1001
  1. Call your legislators TODAY and tell them to
    1. Separate state of emergency issues from Medical Liberty.
    2. End mandates and provide TRUE protections for your constituents
  2. Attend H4MLs zoom meeting on 12/14 for encouragement, tips, and information on testifying at the State House.
  3. Show up at the State House on December 16th, prepared to stay ALL DAY and to testify.
As promised a recap of the issues with HB1001. I do encourage you to go back and read the blog posts from November for all the details. Here is the short list:
  1. 🏆Portion of the proposal states that employers cannot ask more questions after an exemption submitted. This means no pastor signature, no citing scripture or validating previous vaccination status. This must remain in effect!
  2. 🚨 The proposal does not have “Teeth” or proposal must have language showing that it is enforceable. There is not a point to a bill that cannot be enforced. This is a big reason in which discrimination cases cannot be tried until after financial loss.
  3. 🚨 Public schools and State employees are NOT included in the exemptions- these groups must be represented. Teachers, school staff, law enforcement, firemen, and ANY STATE EMPLOYEES must be protected. Others should be protected too including on job learning like: college students, apprentices, or interns.
  4. 🚨 Employees should not be required to test based solely on their vaccination status. In the presence of an exemption, it constitutes discrimination. Vaccinated can become infected and even transmit. If testing occurs should be for ALL employees. This bill would LEGALIZE DISCRIMINATION!
  5. 🚨 Employees utilizing exemptions should not face discrimination or segregation. We have seen this across the state and it must END.
  6. 🚨 Flu vaccine has been mandated by companies outside of health care. This proposal should cover Flu vaccine as well. Health care workers already have an independent ability to decline the flu vaccine. Who knows if there will be a new pandemic? Do we really want to be at the risk of repeating this?
As per usual, Hoosiers, you always amaze me with your eagerness to TAKE ACTION! Your hard work and communication with legislators is paying off even if their efforts continue to be more like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

Make no mistake- you are the reason for all the "trouble" this season!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

For Liberty,
Ashley Grogg MSN-RN

P.S. If you haven't taken the opportunity to become a member yet please do so!
Membership and donations over he past year have facilitated thousands of text messages, loads of education, financed the religious exemption classes for THOUSANDS of Hoosiers and so much more.  We have a lot to be thankful for and truly could not have done it without you.
Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.
<![CDATA[ACCESS DENIED!]]>Tue, 30 Nov 2021 20:21:45 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/access-deniedWOW!  What an amazing day for Medical Liberty at the State House yesterday!

The power of the Hoosier voices was heard!

Around 20 State representatives were said to have asked Hoosiers to stand in solidarity with them yesterday, November 29th, for about an hour. A crowd quickly amassed at 10 am on the third floor. The Legislators were expected to address the Medical Liberty Activists around 10:20.

The atmosphere was great, 100-150 Hoosiers were excited to share their testimony and looked forward to not only being heard, but UNDERSTOOD by legislators who were interested in protecting their rights.

I think it’s fair to say that the crowd expected to hear the legislators talk about how they were going to address the shortcomings of the preliminary draft presented last week and move forward with true Medical Liberty.

Hoosiers started getting restless. By 10:50 myself and other leaders had received many questions about where the legislators were or if they were even going to show up.

There was discussion amongst leaders and the Representatives asked that Hoosiers wait until 11am. The crowd was addressed.

I encouraged Hoosiers to attempt to meet with their legislators, take our survey, and proceed to their representative’s offices in an attempt at having a one on one. I encouraged them to be firm yet RESPECTFUL to their representatives, in spite of the disrespect they’d been shown. You can download and send our survey to your legislator. It is designed to determine their level of commitment to medical liberty so Hoosiers know where their legislators stand.
File Size: 211 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Download and share this survey with your legislators. Tell them you expect to see their survey returned to Hoosiers for Medical Liberty.
Sometime after 11am a small number of Representatives finally made it to the 3rd floor.

Did they really think they could request citizen support, only to jerk them around, make them wait over an hour?

Is your time not to be respected?

As Reps began addressing the crowed it was clear that Hoosiers were upset.

The people were not there to give praise because “something is better than nothing.”

Hoosiers were there to hold the line.

House representatives would have loved nothing more than to have had a pep rally over the crumbs offered by the preliminary draft and their willingness to simply show up to work.

House Reps were quickly snapped back into reality as constituents began telling the hardships they are facing. 

Hoosiers are losing their jobs.

Hoosiers are stressed and struggling.

Hoosiers are facing Medical Discrimination that is IMPEDING their care and healing.
Hoosiers were not shy in voicing their concerns with the mounting issues caused by mandates and discrimination related to vaccination status.

Representative Alan Morrison stated “we have to get something passed now before Hoosiers lose their jobs.” Several spoke up and said “Many Hoosiers already have!”

Other issues continued to be addressed including Dr. Stock regarding medical exemptions, “You will NOT save jobs, if you make it so that they have to have a letter from their doctor. Me and one other doctor in the state of Indiana will write that letter. These doctors have financial guns to their heads. They won’t write the letter!”

Representative Morrison defended his position by saying “We are doing everything we can right now.” The crowd responded with “No, you’re not!”

Then an elderly lady spoke up asking “Sir, will there be any protections for patients against how healthcare workers are treating the unvaccinated, because they are wearing us down?”

Dr. Stock spoke up again and said “Vaccine non-discrimination legislation is the only thing that will take away the teeth they are imposing this with. They have so much control over the healthcare system, you will not do this with an exemption bill.”

Another lady spoke up about ‘Right to Try’ indicating we should have the choice to try off-label usage medications and we should not have to take vaccines.

A young man spoke up about the NEJM studies showing vaccine immunity wanes in two months and the risk is far greater than any potential benefit. He presented printed studies to Rep. Morrison.

The people were upset. They didn’t feel confident that they are being heard, properly represented, or protected.
They were explicitly clear in their desires but were only met with excuses and explanations of “how politics works.
The insincere efforts to address medical liberty couldn’t have been more obvious. After failing to provide much information about improvements other than the “addition of teeth” through an amendment at a later time, frustrations continued to grow. Some legislators suggested other amendments that would protect Hoosiers. Sadly, the amendment mentioned was already addressed and voted down by these same legislators during the past session.

After fielding some pretty hard-hitting questions and facing some accountability for past actions the Q&A was ended so that constituents could address legislators individually.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and Hoosiers were heard, even if they weren’t listened to.

Are they addressing Medical Liberty after months of your calls due to a change of heart?

Some will say that the House Reps made it clear that addressing Medical Liberty is a priority simply by filing the preliminary draft as a bill.
However, the actions of the Representatives tell me otherwise. Just like making the people stand around and wait at the state house, they have made it clear that the PEOPLE ARE NOT THEIR PRIORITY by filing House bill 1001 the way it is written.
Example: the requests of citizens were ignored, while lobbyist were granted some of their wishes.  

We have also heard from some of those present, that individual conversations indicated that the priority was in fact to protect the rights of business rather than the citizens.  
Looking at the details:

🚨 Legislators are still trying to make an unfair trade, using your medical liberty to make the state of emergency a part of permanent law.

🔥 In doing such they are opening up our state to unprecedented federal overreach at the discretion of an unelected bureaucrat.

💥Further, they are disrupting the patient physician relationship by allowing young children to be vaccinated in pharmacies and vaccine clinics rather than under the watchful eye of their physician.

🚨They are excluding State Institutions and Hospitals from the vaccine passport ban.

🌪 Several issues with the proposed language for exemption. We firmly believe passing exemptions law only reinforces discrimination and segregation created by mandates. These protection are already established under the civil rights act, though they are often ignored. Read more here!

🚨 We noted in review that none of the request of constituents were addressed in this version HOWEVER lobbyist request to remove pregnancy or anticipated pregnancy as a medical contraindication was removed.

Does this show you how dedicated they are to your Medical Liberty?

Please visit our blog to see the other issues present.

That is all pretty heavy!

Do not be discouraged, Folks!
We are winning!
I know it doesn’t feel that way, however the legislators are ONLY taking action because YOU have forced them to.
Keep pushing!
Don’t back down!
Don’t fall into the trap of playing games!
Do NOT be placated by access! Turn up the heat! Now is not the time to stand down and accept crumbs.
Be bold! Be Brave! Keep holding the line!
Hoosier expectations:
  1. Medical Liberty shouldn’t be contingent on the demands of the Governor! Medical Liberty should be addressed independently of the State of Emergency.
  2. Mandates aren’t welcome in Indiana.
  3. Laws protecting medical Liberty must be enforceable.
  4. No one should be excluded from protection.
  5. Discrimination and segregation are not acceptable, even in regard to testing.

🚨🚨Call to action!🚨🚨

HB 1001 has been assigned to the House Pensions and Labor committee. Time to start taking action. 
We must ensure that we are adequately represented.

Call these five members of the Committee and tell them:
“Separate the state of emergency from Medical Liberty protections in HB 1001! We will not settle for an unfair trade and insufficient protections of our medical liberties. We will not tolerate discrimination by mandatory testing of employees exercising exemptions.”

Heath VanNatter 317-234-9450
Dave Abbott 317-232-9643
Dan Leonard 317-232-9802
Jerry Torr 317-234-3827
Joanna King 317-232-9657

Get this call to action sent straight to your phone. Text 260-286-0988: 1001

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty will continue to support you! We will continue to provide updates and action alerts! This is a fluid situation and we are keeping our finger on the pulse of every action and inaction being taken by our legislators.

Thank you for your ongoing support! YOU are why we do what we do!

We are here to support, YOU, THE PEOPLE of our great state in your quest for Medical Liberty!

Ashley Grogg & Sandy Spaetti

P.S. Today is Giving Tuesday, we would appreciate you choosing Hoosiers for Medical Liberty as one of your charitable organization today.

P.S.S. Did you know that The Global Covid Summit is coming to Indiana?

Sat. Dec. 4th Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Heather Gessling, Dr. Dan Stock, Dr. Peirre Kory, Dr. Paul Marick and many others will be attending!

Please join us for physicians, scientists and frontline professionals to discuss, share insights, and analyze findings regarding COVID-19 treatment and care. 

<![CDATA[Hoosiers are at it again!]]>Sun, 28 Nov 2021 18:18:46 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/hoosiers-are-at-it-againThe groundswell of angry voters has the Indiana GOP on their heels.

Your voices can no longer be ignored, and a small portion of the Indiana State House of Representatives needs your help to stand up to leadership.

You read that right.

After ignoring MONTHS of your desperate cries for help, pleading for action to end the state of emergency, and a YEAR of trying get them to reinforce your right to exemptions before losing your jobs, they are asking YOU to come to their rescue.

Are you ready to run to their aid?

Do you trust their motives are pure?

I don’t know about you, but I am a little suspicious. What do Hoosiers stand to gain by attending a gathering Monday morning at 10am when the special session was cancelled?

The legislators present know that they will not be passing any legislation that day. If they were truly motivated to pass protective legislation, they would not simply be calling for your presence. They would be working on continuing to grow the number of legislators present. They know they need a majority to move anything! They know they could force the hand of the Speaker (Todd Huston) by standing together. The Speaker needs them to keep his job!

What efforts are they putting in to show sincerity?

Could this just be more smoke and mirrors?

Hoosiers shouldn’t blindly trust the legislators that have put the rights of businesses over the rights of individuals for months and even voted in opposition of Medical Liberty.

The GOP learned a valuable lesson this Thanksgiving week when they offered an egregious preliminary draft in attempt to barter for your rights at the last minute.

Hoosiers would have gotten an unfair trade.

Over 60 people attended Tuesday’s last minute public testimony for the preliminary draft. Hoosiers saw through the plan and refused to make “tradsies” on a weak offer.
Make NO mistake, your presence was a powerful show that Hoosiers will NOT compromise on our rights.
The GOP got the message, Hoosiers are not willing to trade temporary “feel goods” for long term government overreach.

Legislators now know they MUST end the state of emergency and ban mandates in two separate acts. These two issues are clearly demarcated in the minds of Hoosiers and looming variant hysteria threatens both issues.

So what now?

Why are these 20 or so State Representatives asking for your help?

Was the public testimony alone responsible for a change of heart?

While the public testimony was intense and heartbreaking, the legislature has been hearing similar stories from you for months. I don’t think that is what has pushed them forward. So what is?

They are scared.

No, they are TERRIFIED!

Hoosiers showed up at the State House IN MASS with little to NO warning.

You were not only present, but you were powerful.
You were articulate.
You were EDUCATED.

I couldn’t be more proud of all of you. But the GOP- they really are shaking in their boots.

They are concerned that you will hold them accountable for failing you time and time again over the past two years. They want to lull you into a sense of security before the 2022 primaries.

They want you to sit back and TRUST they will do the right thing.


Complacency and apathy will be the DEATH of Liberty. I would like to hold out hope that the legislature has had a true change of heart and is ready to take action.

We need proof. We need a way to keep them accountable.

To meet this need Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has prepared a simple survey for Indiana state legislature to show their commitment to protecting your medical liberty. H4ML will be attending Monday and circulating the surveys to legislators in attendance.

In order to ensure all legislators have the opportunity to show sincerity, not only will we will be emailing them all a copy. We know how quickly things like this “get lost” in email. So, we encourage everyone to help in the return of these surveys. Below you can download and print off a copy. You can either take a paper copy to your legislator or start emailing them asking them to complete and return the form to H4ML themselves.
2022 Canidate Survey
File Size: 211 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Further, when presenting legislation, legislators need to ensure they take a principled stand. The information below outlines what constitutes as a principled stand.

This is our minimum.
  1. END the state of emergency with a HCR and move on- they don’t need the Governor’s permission.
  2. END MANDATES, they don’t belong in Indiana. SB 74 was an exemptions bill, but they named it “Prohibition on vaccine mandates.” It is time for them to live up to that. Below is a copy of what the new “Prohibition on vaccine mandates” should look like.
    1. No mandates
    2. The law must be enforceable
    3. No discrimination/segregation allowed
    4. Must not exclude any Hoosier
Mandate Prohibition
File Size: 48 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

To attend, or not to attend. That is the question.

Stand for Health Freedom, Leah Wilson has organized an hour of testimony in the public space on the 3rd floor of the State House Monday November 29th at 10am. Session will not be held. There are not enough legislators to take any form of action.

If you feel called to be there, do it.

If you concerned about missing work or not having the time off to attend State House Events during session then follow your heart.

I cannot answer this for you. I don't want to discourage anyone from activism, but sometimes we have to prioritize.

If you have a testimony you would like to give but cannot attend we will be scheduling and recording 10 minute slots and adding them to the testimonies already on the website!

Text 260-286-0988 the word TESTIMONY for more information.
Thank you for doing your part in the fight for Medical Liberty. Hoosiers never cease to amaze me! You are effectively creating change by standing firm and making your expectations clear.

For Liberty,
Ashley Grogg MSN-RN
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty Founder
<![CDATA[Unfair Trade and Bribery?]]>Mon, 22 Nov 2021 20:36:13 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/unfair-trade-and-briberyTens of thousands of Hoosiers are suffering as a direct result of vaccine mandates. We must not get weary and accept crumbs from the statehouse.
They MUST give us something to be thankful for.
The proposal you are seeing is a direct result of your calls, emails, and meetings with your legislators.

They feel your pressure.

Stand strong for Medical Liberty. Now is not the time to compromise.
Make no mistake there is a reason they are splitting session around Thanksgiving. Their hope is that you are in “Holiday mode” and will be in a Turkey coma on Monday.
You have been asking for this for months. And now just a short month away from session they decide to throw you crumbs.
The state legislature has the power to end the state of emergency independently without the Governor’s approval using one of the HCRs filed.
They also have the power to end vaccine mandates. They are using your suffering against you, hoping you will take the unfair trade of exemption in order to accept an open door for Federal overreach.
What could be in it for them?
Is this just a ploy for political cover?
Are they trying to dodge the bullet of Liberty?
The historical voting of these representatives shows they try to squeak by with as little as possible.
While we are hopeful that Hoosiers will obtain protections, we must be vigilant.
The Indiana State legislature has the authority to end the state of emergency WITHOUT bowing to the demands of Gov. Holcomb.
Public testimony is TOMORROW November 23rd at 10:30 AM on the third floor of the state house. According to a staffer there is no prior registration needed.
The talking points below will help you feel comfortable testifying. At the bottom of this post you will be able to view the recorded meeting about what to expect. The video reviews parking, navigating the state house, and talking points.

Let's review the proposal.

Talking points.
  1. 🏆Portion of the proposal states that employers cannot ask more questions after an exemption submitted. This means no pastor signature, no citing scripture or validating previous vaccination status. This must remain in effect!
  2. 🚨 The proposal does not have “Teeth” or proposal must have language showing that it is enforceable. There is not a point to a bill that cannot be enforced. This is a big reason in which discrimination cases cannot be tried until after financial loss.
  3. 🚨 Public schools and State employees are NOT included in the exemptions- these groups must be represented. Teachers, school staff, law enforcement, firemen, and ANY STATE EMPLOYEES must be protected. Others should be protected too including on job learning like: college students, apprentices, or interns.
  4. 🚨 Employees should not be required to test based solely on their vaccination status. In the presence of an exemption, it constitutes discrimination. Vaccinated can become infected and even transmit. If testing occurs should be for ALL employees.
  5. 🚨 Employees utilizing exemptions should not face discrimination or segregation. We have seen this across the state and it must END.
  6. 🚨 Flu vaccine has been mandated by companies outside of health care. This proposal should cover Flu vaccine as well. Health care workers already have an independent ability to decline the flu vaccine.

Call to action:

Review the proposal bullet points above and pick 1-3 that personally effect you and your family. Be ready to discuss these issues with your legislators.
The following format may be helpful:
Hi ______,
I want to discuss the proposed end to state of emergency and vaccine exemptions.
You need to
  1. END the state of emergency without STRINGS. Ending the emergency own your own is within your power!! We don’t need an open door for federal meddling.
  2. Stop vaccine mandates. This can be done on your own. If you are unwilling to truly protect us through mandate prohibition there is another option. After ending the state of emergency independently make use of the vaccine part of the proposal and improve it by: (Give a brief summary of the 1-3 issues that concern you the most.)
Then go into more detail for each issue and why it impacts you.
1. _____ has impacted my family by and if not continued….
2. _____ will ________ and because of that _________
3. _____ hurts people I love by _________
Close the conversation with something like: Thank you for taking the time to discuss this with me. I sincerely hope you will not only take this under advisement but vote in accordance with the peoples will.
Thank you for your dedication to Medical Liberty,
Ashley Grogg

Did you know you can become a member of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty and support our mission? Visit our membership page to learn more!

Medical Liberty is a fight won through consistently mobilizing Hoosiers. We have worked hard to make sure this happens at key times, as you know printing, texting, zoom hosting and all our other resources come at a price. Will you support us financially? Text 260-286-0988 the word: GIVE or click here.
<![CDATA[An Unfair Trade]]>Fri, 19 Nov 2021 14:35:39 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/an-unfair-tradeHave you ever met a bully that gives you two unequal options but wants you to think you are "coming out on top" because you have a choice?
Well, if you haven't it turns out you are being ruled by them, rather than represented by them.
Read what Rep Nisly has to say: https://mailchi.mp/curtnisly/an-unfair-trade?e=1a3a77236b
Do the three stooges, Governor Holcomb, Senate Pro Tem Rod Bray, & Speaker of the House Todd Huston, really think you are going to fall for "ending the state of emergency" by making LAWS that will ensure the issues with the state of emergency last for... ever?
What's worse is the stooges are up to the same old tricks: making decisions for the peasants- oops I mean, constituents BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

I am concerned about how these new laws will impact 5-11 year-olds, school vaccine clinics, and exemption laws.
Hoosiers do you want the roots of Federal Overreach digging deep into your laws?
Finally, I talk about accountability A LOT and how changes won't be made unless we not only voice our needs but hold elected officials accountable during elections. After Todd Huston's rumored refusal to meet with medical liberty activists I started getting messages about how to hold him accountable. Primary Challengers are outside the scope of nonprofits like H4ML. However our friends at Liberty Defense PAC are recruiting primary challengers across the state! See their video below and get more info from Liberty Defense PAC by texting: 260-693-7334 the word: ELECTION
Support the work of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty and keep liberty alive. Text 260-286-0988 the word: GIVE

Thank you,
Ashley Grogg MSN-RN
H4ML Founder
<![CDATA[What is happening in our schools?]]>Fri, 12 Nov 2021 16:41:23 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/what-is-happening-in-our-schoolsPicture
We received a lot of questions after our call to action. Some Hoosiers are baffled that this could be happening in our schools, while others are blown away at the brazen attacks on parental rights and the manipulation and coercion that their students are experiencing.

This may be the first of a series of parent testimonies creating a window into the inter-workings of "vaccine education" within the schools.

If you have a testimony or story that you would like to share please email it to contact@hoosiersformedicalliberty with the subject line: PARENT TESTIMONY

News is in the Zionsville Community Schools

Over the past couple of weeks there has been some very intense things happening at ZMS at the fifth grade level. I pray to God this is not happening with other grade levels but I am sure it is. 
These examples are from three different teachers, not just the same one, which makes it more concerning as a parent who has a child that attends ZMS.
First, a fifth grade teacher sent an email stating that she will start changing CCR grades.  She listed four things that would change a grade but the first one is the most disturbing:  Follow classroom rules and procedures- is your student wearing their masks? Are they shouting  out?
Next up is the fifth grade resource teacher who decided to show a CNN Video. Before starting the clip they asked, “please don’t take notes”.  The CNN 10 episode discussed the vaccine for 5-11 years old for about 90 seconds but also discussed other political issues.
This one takes the cake, literally.  One fifth grade teacher offered cupcakes to the children who get the vaccine.  I was sick to my stomach when I heard this.  I will make any child a cupcake by them a nice gourmet one from Kroger or the Market District if they don’t get one.  By the way this is the humanities teacher that has them for multiple periods. 
I respect teachers for what they do, my family is full of teachers. We must draw a line.  Teachers are not a medical professionals. They should not give advice or talk about vaccines period. Before 2020 this was not done. Teachers do not belong in private medical decisions of minors.
Please, I beg of you teachers stay in your lane. Focus on teaching, as kids are struggling and are so far behind because the last normal school year, they had in Indiana was over 600 days ago.
Signed very concerned parent of children at ZCS
<![CDATA[Implied consent?]]>Wed, 10 Nov 2021 02:43:21 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/implied-consentDoes your child’s mere presence at school imply your consent to have them vaccinated?

We have been seeing clips from the World Health Organization (WHO) on “implied consent” buzz around the internet like hornets on honey!

Unless you are living under a rock you have certainly heard about this, and maybe even panicked a little.

We have seen a lot of talk but very little action on the matter. We intend to fix that.  Scroll down for the call to action!

We can help you become the change maker in your area, but more on that later…
If you are in the vast majority of parents wanting to wait to vaccinate against COVID-19, you are probably overwhelmed with yet another obstacle facing the public school system and trying to figure out what to do next.

Are you planning to remove your children from school?

Do you have concerns that a school “pop-up clinic” might vaccinate your child without your knowledge?

We need to get to the bottom of this and FAST.

What is the truth?

The truth is…

The WHO did publish a pamphlet with the offensive language.

We have heard reports of schools historically attempting to vaccinate for the flu without written consent from parents.

Hold on! This should make you angry, but not scared.

We said that they “attempted” to vaccinate without consent from parents. The plans were foiled when concerned parents started to voice concerns and notify others.


That should give you a new way to “channel” your anger.

After all, anger is only good when it motivates you to make positive change.
Change can only come from action. 

This is probably one of the greatest shortcomings in the medical liberty movement in Indiana. We have a lot of concerned citizens trying to help, yet they are missing the mark. Why?

Many are willing to fan the flames and create anger and even fear surrounding the loss of rights. Few provide instructions on how to help fix a problem. This is one area that Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is committed to.

The last thing we want is for you to be scared and feeling helpless. When you are scared your brain tends to disengage. When you feel helpless you aren't motivated to make change. We need to be cool, calm, collected, and motivated while battling for our rights.

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is here to help you move out of the flight or fight mode and into a space where you can effectively make change…

But how?

We need to look at a few more truths before we get there. We know WHO did release guidance on implied consent. We know that schools have historically attempted to try deploying these techniques.
But we also know…

Indiana State Code 16-41-9-1.7 on Immunization Programs states
“No person may be required to receive an immunization without that person‘s consent. No child may be required to receive an immunization without the consent of the child’s parent, guardian, or custodian. The state department may implement the procedures in section 1.5* of this chapter concerning a person who refuses to receive an immunization or the child of a parent, guardian, or custodian who refuses to consent to the child receiving the immunization.”

While this code does not specifically state how consent is to be obtained it is a standard rule that consent for a vaccination or procedure should be written.

Any time you visit a doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic you are presented with written materials and asked to sign giving consent for treatment.

Your pediatrician should ask you to initial a form for each vaccination on the childhood schedule.

Deviating from this standard protocol would seem to open the door to lawsuits against clinics AND the clinicians providing the treatments.

Read that again, bypassing standard consent procedures may open the clinic and or clinician to lawsuits.  In health care, if it isn’t documented, it isn’t done. This is applied to providing consent as well.

Rights cannot be taken away, you must relinquish them.

The above mentioned does not mean we sit on our laurels and continue on without concern.

We must take action. The logical first step is to let the schools know that we are aware and will not stand for foolery.

Here is your call to action:

  1. If you don’t get our messages yet do so now! Just text 260-286-0988 the word WRITTEN
  2. Forward the picture to your friends so they can join!
  3. Call your school board & corporation School Nurse and tell them:

We demand transparency around vaccination clinics. If clinics are planned for our school written informed consent must be utilized. We will not stand for any form of implied consent procedures. Further, if clinics must be in schools, we expect vaccination times to occur outside of school hours to avoid vaccination mix-ups and disruption of the learning environment.
FACLHoosiers for Medical Liberty appreciates your dedication to ensuring the sanctity of bodily autonomy and informed consent.  We know that you will do your best to ensure that this call to action is spread through out your county! We try to make it easy, simply share the graphic with your local groups!
You have read this far, I already know the answer to the following questions. But we will go through them anyway.

Are you a change maker?

Are you a powerhouse?

Can you help move Medical Liberty into the next stratosphere of success?

Like I said, I know you can! After all, every hero is just an ordinary person UNTIL the moment when they channel their anger or outrage into positive change.

If you aren’t sure where to start join me at a FACL Political Leadership school. This one-day class flipped me from a politically apathetic person into the Leader you see today.

I will be honest.

This is not for the weak.

This class is NOT for someone who thinks activism is trolling social media.

This class is not for those who aren’t committed to Liberty.

It will NOT convert someone from dull to dangerous.

IF you apply what you learned to the issues causing your anger you will become an effective agent of change. So if you are ready, go register TODAY!

Indiana’s last class of 2021 will be Saturday December 11th in Fort Wayne. We already have over 20 activists registered and ready to learn, you are going to want to be in this room!

What better gift to your posterity than the gift of Liberty!

Need more information or to look for a different date? Click here.
Thank you,
Ashley & the H4ML team
<![CDATA[Covering a bad vote?]]>Wed, 22 Sep 2021 17:54:50 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/covering-a-bad-voteJust as we suspected, the Indiana State house of Representatives is trying to win favor with Medical Liberty Activists.

Were they successful?

You be the judge.

Rep. Jim Lucas filed an amendment to a redistricting bill that would remove immunity granted under SB1 to those that mandate a COVID vaccine. This sounds like a great start and some have said how impressed they are with Representative Lucas' cleverness.

However, very similar language WAS VOTED DOWN on an amendment to SB1 during session this past year. In fact, Representative Jim Lucas himself voted against the language he now claims to support.

Why the flip-flop?

What has caused the change of heart?

Does Representative Jim Lucas not realize he voted against the exact thing he is now promoting?

Was Rep. Lucas oblivious to the issue during session, or worse yet, does he believe Medical Liberty activists are forgetful and flippant in nature?
Instead of using this amendment by Rep. Lucas as a cover vote, legislators should be taking a clear step to end Gov. Holcomb’s state of emergency.
Legislators have a clear way to end the state of emergency by voting for Rep. Nisly’s House Concurrent Resolution 48 this week.

You heard me right.

The Indiana state of emergency can be over today or tomorrow if the House and Senate will simply pass HCR 48.
Call your legislator right now.  Tell them you will not be satisfied with a cover vote.
Insist they support Rep. Nisly’s House Concurrent Resolution 48, which will end the state of emergency if voted on favorably in the House and the Senate this week.
The first step to taking back our liberty is to end Holcomb’s state of emergency power grab.
Rep. Nisly’s HCR 48 is the way to end the state of emergency.

No games.

No cover votes.
Pass HCR 48 without delay.

Get the call to action including what to say sent to your phone by texting 260-286-0988 the word: GAMES

Fort Liberty,
Ashley & H4ML team

<![CDATA[You have them rattled]]>Tue, 21 Sep 2021 21:16:09 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/you-have-them-rattledThe good news is, your calls have the political establishment RATTLED.

The bad news is, instead of passing Rep. Curt Nisly’s Concurrent Resolution to end Gov. Holcomb’s state of emergency, House leadership is planning to play games with your medical freedom this week.

Inside sources state that the LEADERSHIP in the Indiana State House of Representatives has approved or is at least looking at one or more medical liberty focused amendments.

While this seems like great news you must ask yourselves, will the Indiana State House of Representatives actually provide you with TRUE protection for Medical Liberty, or are they just trying to save face and give you a false sense of security once again?

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

It should, after all the “gift” they gave all of us with HB1405 or the “vaccine passport ban” was a last-ditch effort ONLY afforded to you after Representative Curt Nisly & John Jacob forced them to go on the record against medical liberty, not once but TWICE.

As it turns out, HB1405 has not protected a single Hoosier. The “vaccine passport ban” was a failed promise only stopping the state and local government from issuing a vaccine passport.

It fell short because businesses, employers, entertainment venues, and the Federal Government can still require you to show proof of vaccination or discriminate against you.

For the past several months thousands of you Medical Liberty warriors participated in our TAKE ACTION campaign, calling your representatives, and telling them medical liberty IS the issue of the times.

Time and time again your representatives have shot you down and told you they will NOT be addressing Medical Liberty during this special session.

Yet even as legislators try to pretend they are suddenly for medical liberty, the State Legislature has yet to address the issue of Governor Holcomb’s reign of terror.

Rep Curt Nisly has filed another House Concurrent Resolution to end the state of emergency. The beauty of House Concurrent Resolutions are that they take a simple vote to achieve and don’t require political gymnastics to ensure they are germane.

Wouldn’t ending the state of emergency be the logical first step to ending mandates?

While we are in a state of emergency we are at the mercy of Holcomb and federal funding. History shows us that Biden & Co will use these federal dollars to ensure that tyranny reigns supreme and Liberty is left in the mud.

Remember all of that when you think about the sudden change of heart of your own state representative.

What would motivate these politicians to suddenly not only address the issue of Medical Liberty but to also work so hard to ensure that the amendment would be germane?

Are their motives altruistic or is it simply a matter of their political career hanging in the balance?

Take the next step, make sure your legislators know you will not stand for half-baked Medical Liberty.

Call and tell them: “You need to act, end the state of emergency by passing Representative Curt Nisly’s House Concurrent Resolution and avoid another blunder like 1405 because we will not tolerate virtue signaling.”

If you need help finding your legislators text 260-286-0988 the word: FIND
For Liberty,
Ashley Grogg MSN-RN, Founder of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty

PS- You can support our mission by becoming a member, making a donation, and staying up-to-date with our text messaging. To join our texts simply send 260-286-0988 the word: UPDATES

PSS- You are going to want to learn about Liberty Defense PAC, they have a special campaign 100 candidates in 100 days. To learn more text 260-693-7334 the word: H4ML
<![CDATA[IU Health Mandate Deadline approaching]]>Thu, 02 Sep 2021 18:22:12 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/iu-health-mandate-deadline-approachingTermination is looming for those at IU Health whom haven't gotten the COVID-19 vaccine or submitted an exemption.  As you know Hoosiers for Medical Liberty wants nothing more than to ensure your right to bodily autonomy and informed consent related to vaccination.  We have been working hard to ensure that everyone has access to how to file a religious or medical exemption. If you or a loved one still need this information please visit our Covid-19 Mandates page. Half way down the page you will be able to register for and watch our presentation on Religious Exemptions.

Wednesday September 1st WTHR aired the story below. Unfortunately, this coverage is NOT available online and we have been told that the story has been placed on hold.

Watch the clip and let us know why you think they might be holding it.

Do you feel this story should be available for people to watch?

We don't have the answers to why it is being held, if you would like to find out, you may contact WTHR13 at 317-636-1313.

Interesting points from the clip:
  1. IU Health Spokesperson stating "97% of employees are vaccinated." Also including a statement including most of the unvaccinated are not in direct contact with patients." (We have good reason to believe this is incorrect.)
  2. This story is incredibly informative and leads people straight to our website where they can find information on vaccine exemptions.

Understand that no matter where you work, if your employer mandates the vaccine:
  1. You have options for exemptions, even if your employer doesn't tell you.
  2. Your previous vaccination status has no bearing on this vaccination.
  3. You do not need a pastor's letter.
  4. If your exemption is denied you can appeal it.

Know your rights, do NOT become a statistic!
<![CDATA[Will the Indiana State legislature FIX THEIR FAILURE in September?]]>Thu, 26 Aug 2021 01:38:28 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/will-the-indiana-state-legislature-fix-their-failure-in-septemberThe Indiana State Legislature failed you when the passed a weak so-called "vaccine passport ban. Did they really think that you would believe that HB 1405 was really "the best they could do?"

The Indiana State House of Representatives had multiple opportunities to pass a true "immunity passport ban" to ensure you were blocked from entering grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, etc. They refused to protect your freedoms.
When you call, your legislators have been telling you they can't do anything until next year. What if they had the option?
An inside source contacted Hoosiers for Medical Liberty this week and notified us that the Indiana State Legislature WILL be back in Indy for a special session in September. Will they do the right thing and fix the gaps left by their crummy legislation, or have they been virtue signaling?

What is even more interesting is that this inside source discussed two "vehicle bills." Vehicle bills can be used for legitimately anything. If the Indiana State legislature truly cared about their constituents, they would use this opportunity to protect them from tyranny. This could be done by legislating protections as above AND ending the state of emergency as proposed by House Representatives Nisly & Jacob.

Hoosiers, you are PAYING your representatives to go back to the Statehouse. Don't you deserve protection? They need to live up to the title of REPRESENTATIVE! No longer can we allow employees to be fired, harassed, and belittled. We cannot allow our students to be intimidated by "authority figures."

This past week Purdue students were verbally abused while waiting outdoors for 3 hours in scorching heat for surveillance testing. Reports have come in stating this was just a couple days after undergoing testing to come on campus. These are punitive measures designed coerce students into being vaccinated. Horror stories have come in from students reporting staff members trotting the line making remarks such as, "Are you sure you don't want to step out of this line and get vaccinated right now?"

The State Legislature has the power to fix all of this!

We need your help!

Do you remember our TAKE ACTION campaign? It started in July and we have 550 Hoosiers calling our legislators. We heard back from activists stating that a couple of the Legislative Aids were no longer taking calls due to the influx.

I think we can do better, don't you? Do you think we can fill their phone lines and voicemail boxes? Can you help us reach 1,000 participants? We would appreciate you sharing this message.

Let's make a round of calls Friday 8/27 and then again on our first Tuesday of the month. As soon as we hear when they are in the statehouse, we will welcome them back to the endless sound of phones ringing!
If you would like reminders, text TAKE ACTION to 260-286-0988
For your call on Friday 8/27 use this or similar, "We are not being worn down by vaccine discrimination. We are being energized and activated! You must TAKE ACTION and FIX YOUR FAILURE by providing Hoosiers with TRUE enforceable statewide immunity passport bans and ending discrimination based on vaccination status covering employees, contractors, students, member, and patrons."

First, call your own State Senator and House Representative. If you don't know who they are visit iga.in.gov/legislative/find-legislators if you still have questions, text FIND to 260-286-0988

Then make 2 more calls to leadership. They will say they don't represent you, but as the head of the respective chambers, they do.

Senator Bray 317-232-9416
House Representative Huston: 317-232-9677

Keep up the good work and don't forget to SHARE!

Thank you for all you do,

<![CDATA[MAXED OUT MEETING]]>Tue, 20 Jul 2021 00:55:53 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/maxed-out-meetingOutline:
  1. Were you unable to join the meeting? We maxed out! Help us grow, donate today.
  2. Exemptions: Education is power! share with friends, family, & neighbors so they know their rights with mandates.
  3. Call to action: Text “TAKE ACTION” to 260-286-0988; See below for details.
  4. Censorship protection- Exciting website changes! Premier members can watch the recording!
  5. Legislation 2022: Perfectly positioned for success after last year. Growing our ranks is essential.
  6. Schools, masks & vaccines- team work!
  7. FACL Training for success, coming to a city near you!
  8. The IU family for choice:  lawsuit update
  9. Rallies & Events: This weekend!

Wow, you all are impressive!
Our meeting Wednesday was PACKED. I couldn’t believe how quickly we met our maximum capacity. What a great problem to have! I appreciate how engaged you all are, it is so energizing!

We could only accommodate 100 people and we had over 400 registered for the meeting. I know that left a lot of you out. I would love to accommodate more people at each meeting.

But that brings additional costs.

We can increase the number of participants however, it is an investment. We can increase the number of participants with room to grow for around $1000 for the year. This is an easy goal to accomplish and I think we can meet it before next month’s meeting.

Will you help us grow? If everyone who registered for the meeting donated $5 we would far exceed the costs.

Please donate today!

Exemptions: Knowledge is Power.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are completely unaware of their rights. This is NOT an acceptable problem. We cannot have people getting the vaccine when they are truly opposed to it.
We need to be helping them with education! You can find some great info-graphics on the website RESOURCES --> Share H4ML. You can send these via text, private messages, or on social media.

More employers are releasing mandates. We will continue to see this spread not only in health care but across all aspects of employment. Please talk with your friends, family, & neighbors about how they can get help through the resources on our dedicated page h4ml.org/covid19mandates INCLUDING information on exemption denials.

Discrimination and segregation are the new mandate. We have seen this happening across the state and truly need your help. We have been getting reports about the use of various tools to identify vaccinated and unvaccinated. Individuals may be assigned a wrist band, sticker on their badge, or a new pin. Vaccination status dictates whom you can congregate with, how you can eat your lunch, and if you have to wear a mask.
Those who are vaccinated are often “rewarded” with additional time off or bonuses while unvaccinated are penalized via unpaid time of for exposure.
We need your help! ⚠️⚠️Please report your discrimination stories so we can share the extent of discrimination with lawmakers. All information obtained will have identifying information removed. If you hear someone else sharing their story please have them report it too!


We have identified a problem, now we need to identify the solution...
I am going to start out by saying… I am not sure what will happen, but we can’t wait any longer! Our elected officials MUST provide us with true protective legislation due to the mounting discrimination of unvaccinated and increasing threat from the federal level.
I have thought long and hard about this. I have researched. I have asked loads of questions and I still feel like I don’t know the answer.
Here is what I know:
  • Governor Holcomb is not going to help us. He still has us in a state of emergency. Don’t waste your time with him.
  • HB1123: Creates a way for the legislature to call themselves back into session if an emergency is declared so that they can create laws pertaining to the emergency.
    • This would take the leadership of both the House and Senate to decide there is a situation that warrants such “strong” actions.
    • The Indiana legislature is still in session. Which negates the possibility of using HB1123.
  • The state legislature is still in session. Rod Bray and Todd Houston need to call the House and Senate back to Indy. They will use excuses:
    • Bill filing deadlines have passed, they will use this to say that new laws cannot be created. ANSWER: There are two outstanding bills for redistricting breaking other bill deadlines. So there is a possibility, the rules were changed to allow for an extreme situation. We are in an extreme situation.
    • This is not how we do things. ANSWER: Not every year do we face this kind widespread discrimination. Your constituents are calling you to act to protect them.
We are primed and in perfect position to make headway. We GOT policy last year. They thought that this issue would “be over.” The pressure has only mounted. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
We will participate in focused calls to the leaders of each the House and Senate and your respective Senator/House Rep. So 4 calls in all.

⚠️Text “Take Action” to 260-286-0988⚠️

Our organized efforts will show demonstrable proof of angry voters. Here is the plan:
  1. Make your initial calls immediately!
  2. Join in our targeted campaign next week on Tuesday July 27th & Thursday July 29th. You will get a text on each day with the days message to leave for your Legislators. We encourage you to share this directly with your friends and family using the info graphic shown!
  3. Participate in monthly “Take Action Tuesdays” where we will continue to call on the first Tuesday of the month until legislation truly protecting Hoosiers from discrimination based on vaccination status is passed or session begins. We will also release a text reminder for this.
Your dedication is imperative! For this to be effective we need a GROWING number of participants.
  • Some may be tempted to skip the Leaders of the House/Senate, but true numbers will be represented by all calling.
  • Some will think that one call is enough, it is not. We need to impress upon them that the people have spoken. We are demanding they DISMANTLE MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION <--- Sign our petition.
  • Some will tell you this is futile and you shouldn’t participate. I disagree, there's always hope. We are going to create change. This is a long game, do not give up now!
  • Some will say you are the only one who cares. Our state vaccination rate is less than 50%, even some of those who have gotten the vaccine believe that it should be left to the individual. This fight has only just begun. Talk with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family. You never know who might surprise you.


We are in the age of censorship. I didn’t imagine we would ever come to this point but unfortunately, we have.

Our Facebook page has lasted a long time without any “Crimes against Facebook.” In the last week we have been dinged several times. We must stay connected! Here are a few of the things we have been working on.

Telegram: Poor conversion rate and difficulty with keeping up. This has been seen by many groups, we will still stay there but not main point of communication.

Email: We will continue to use email however most people don’t open and read emails, very slow to get info across.

Text Messages: Easy access, high response rate, low risk however concerns with Federal threats of limiting misinformation via text messages. Will be careful about language used here to avoid further censorship.

H4ML near me: This is EVER more important. I encourage you to think about monthly park visits, using the clubhouse at your housing addition or apartment complex, meeting at the library, or a local restaurant with a back room. These will help build community and make sure that even if every other method is blocked, we can still network. Think old school 😊 Those Mary Kay ladies knew what they were doing!


Premier membership including members only area of the website! A premier member is anyone who makes an annual cumulative membership donation of $50 or more. That may be someone who makes a one time $50 donation, or when your more frequent donations equate to $50. This area will be evolving to meet your needs as a community.
We hope you will help us make the most of it. Invitations will be e-mailed tomorrow for all who qualify. Please check your spam folders. If you believe you should have received an invite but didn’t please search for email from contact@hoosiersformedicalliberty.com to verify. If you are still unable to find it please send us an email. Please do not send any emails prior to Wednesday 7/21/21, thank you.
Members only includes:
  • Forum group feature with topics/headers that you can visit and interact with other members.
  • Meeting archives.
  • Info about local Meet ups.
  • Specialized education.
  • Member driven content.
We really hope you enjoy this space. If you are not yet a member please visit our website and do so today!

Legislation 2022

Are you excited? I know we are several months away but really legislative session will be on us in no time! We are perfectly positioned for success after last year. Growing our ranks is essential.

Some might argue that we didn’t get our legislation and what was passed has not really been helpful. Ultimately, it is not what was passed last year- it was that they were forced to take action when they didn’t want to. I may do an educational video about this whole story and put it up in the member’s section.

We worked the entire session, we did not fail to push through even in the final moments. H4ML worked with legislators on over 7 bills and dozens of amendments!

You guys get the credit, you hung tough. You all made hundreds of calls and made them feel the pressure. They had multiple opportunities to pass protective legislation and they refused each and every single time. Only because of your perseverance did they find a way to fit a “vaccine passport ban” in to legislation. WE ARE PRIMED AND READY TO GO.
The legislature thought that this would be done, they thought you all would be good girls and boys and take the shot like the good doctor told you. They did not figure that the angry crowds would continue to grow… and yet here you all are- packing rallies and online meetings. You are growing, you are getting organized, you are getting more and more powerful by the minute, and the best part- THEY KNOW. Stand your ground, hold steady, and keep sharing this information!

Schools, masks & vaccines- team work!

I get questions nearly every day about how to fight masks in schools. I do my best to help others but this really isn’t my area of expertise. I do have a few tips and tricks and I will share those below. We all know that these issues of vaccine mandates and masks overlap, so we will work on the overlap collaboratively with another group who have become experts regarding mask mandates.

You may find the following Facebook group helpful Be not afraid 365 Indiana They are hosting an event in Fort Wayne this Friday for parental rights and education. I will be in attendance with a booth to discuss vaccine exemptions for students.
If this is something you are passionate about I encourage you to join their group. I will defer to them in most instances. If you aren’t concerned, feel free to skip over this section.
I will say that there is no legal avenue to stop the manipulation, bullying, discrimination and segregation based on vaccination status. This is our priority for the 2022 legislative session. Please sign our petition here.
Your school board holds the power.
  1. Get to your school board meetings, demand that they are mask optional.
    • Excuse: We have to listen to the board of health: most boards of health are making recommendations NOT mandates. If it is not a mandate then they can do differently.
    • If they refuse to follow up with your concerns and take immediate action you should get a group of parents together, look at who on the board is up for election, and find someone with your morals to take that seat. This is how representation works.
  2. IF your health board is mandating school children wearing masks:
    • Go meet with your county commissioner. They may defer to the health board or health commissioner. Who do you think appoints these positions. THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. If the commissioners appoint these people, they are responsible for their actions.
    • The only way to change the health board/ health commissioner is through the county commissioners. Just like with the school board, they are elected. Find out who on that board is up for election and hold them accountable by finding someone with your values and getting them in that seat.

FACL: Training for success

If you are geared up and ready to make a difference join the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership as they teach one of many classes around Indiana. You can read a little bit about how I shook off apathy and hit the ground running after my first class by visiting h4ml.org/facl.

My personal goal for 2021 was to have 6-10 classes this year. We have had 7 classes, trained 300 activists, and it is only July. August, September and November will bring additional classes. Be sure you are at one. Check the current Indiana dates!

IU update

At our meeting on Wednesday we heard from John Klaassen who is the father of the lead plaintiff in the IU case. He was optimistic at that time. Today a verdict came back and the Judge upheld the mandate. It is my understanding that Jim Bopp is committed to continuing the fight. Mr. Bopp is filing an appeal and the case will continue to move forward. We encourage you to visit IU Families for Choice website or facebook page for full updates and consider donating to these efforts.

Rallies & Events?

The following events have not been organized by Hoosiers for Medical Liberty and we are not in anyway responsible for them. We encourage the free exercise of your 1st amendment right to free speech in a peaceful and constructive manner!

As mentioned above Hoosiers for Medical Liberty will have a booth at the Be Not Afraid 365 Parental Rights event. If you are in attendance stop by and say hi.
You all are amazing! I am beyond grateful for the work each of you are doing.
<![CDATA[RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS & THE EEOC]]>Tue, 15 Jun 2021 02:39:37 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/religious-exemptions-the-eeocWhat if I am denied?!?
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is not an attorney or attorney spokesperson. This information is for educational purposes.
This will be very important for those of you worried about employment so please read this once, take a break and read it again.  I am going to do my best to lay it out as plain as day.
I spoke with an attorney who would be willing to take cases HOWEVER they are ONLY for adverse job actions.  Adverse job actions may include:
  1. demotion,
  2. loss or decrease in hours.
  3. other instances that result in financial “loss.”

The attorney states that in Indiana the only way to win a case is for adverse job actions. These are violation of civil rights based on religious discrimination but you must have submitted a religious exemption and notified the employer of the violation of rights.

What does that mean?

FILE YOUR RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION! If you quit your job, walk off, or fail to send them notice of your rights

So what do you do?

Through my conversation with the attorney you complete the following steps:
  1. Submit your religious exemption. Express that your sincerely held religious beliefs prevent you from receiving the vaccination. (Register for and watch our video here for full details and tips).
  2. IF your religious exemption is denied you can send an email to your employer’s HR department with a statement informing them that they are violating your rights. It may look similar to:
    1. “I submitted my religious exemption on ----, and received the attached refusal to accept my religious exemption on ----. I have genuine and sincere religious beliefs that will not allow me to accept this vaccination. By denying my religious exemption you discriminating against me and are violating my civil right to freedom of religion.”
    2. Immediately file a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC. This must be done!
      1. You can read about that here.
  3. What if my employer hasn’t gotten back to me with an acceptance or denial?
    1. Call the EEOC for guidance and be direct in your questions:
      1. “I submitted my religious exemption for the vaccine on [date] and it has been [– days/weeks] but my employer has not gotten back to me.  The deadline for termination is [date]. At what point does a non-reply become a refusal to acknowledge my sincerely held religious beliefs?”
    2. You may also elect to send a request for update to your employer:
      1. “I submitted my religious exemption for the vaccine on [date] and it has been [– days/weeks] but I have not received a response. I value my position with [employer’s name] and do not want to jeopardize our relationship. The deadline for termination is [date]. I am very concerned over the issue and would appreciate a swift response. Sincerely,”
  4. STAND YOUR GROUND with grace and dignity.
    1. This is probably the most difficult part, you wait. You file your exemption; get the acceptance or denial and you wait. Avoid confrontation, keep doing a great job, and stick to the tips mentioned in the religious exemption video.
    2. You are not alone, stand strong, and proud.
    3. Do NOT CAVE, QUIT, or WALK OUT!
  5. If the deadline comes and you are threatened with termination contact us asap we will collect your information and share it with the attorney. Email us at contact@hoosiersformedicalliberty.com with the subject line *TERMINATION THREAT*

This information & updates will be permanently housed HERE.

<![CDATA[Mandates and manipulation...]]>Sat, 05 Jun 2021 01:20:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/mandates-and-manipulationHere is the digest:
  1. Mandates = rallies!
  2. FACL classes June 19th in Anderson or Goshen
  3. Need help understanding how to file a religious exemption? Register and watch our educational video.
  4. Join our Virtual monthly meeting June 9th

Mandates = rallies!
If you have been hiding in the woods or off the grid you NEED to be caught up. Several universities have come out stating that they would be requiring the covid vaccine for staff and students. They even state that they have been collaborating to determine best policy.

Indiana University took the hardest line stating that anyone who refuses to get one of the three vaccinations under Emergency Use Authorization would either be fired, or their classes would be cancelled. They drew a hard line in the sand and created much greater backlash than they expected. IU parents, students, and staff took initiative and organized. Their work resulted in several petitions, statements from lawmakers, a rally scheduled for June 10th at Bloomington, and even a lawsuit!
Calls were made to the Attorney General’s office and he and several Republicans made statements to the effect that the school could not require the vaccinations under Emergency Use Authorization. Todd Rokita, the Attorney General, released a statement reminding the University that in the past they have been treated as an extension of the state and therefor with HB 1405 passed this session, they could not require disclosure of vaccination status.

Indiana University its self has started to back down on their stance however they are still infringing on medical liberty! Despite the change DO NOT LET OFF THE GAS! This little change is all about manipulating you into a cozy sleep. All the work by concerned citizens has shown the University that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, but like small children they will not correct the course completely unless forced. Continue to make phone calls, share the information with friends and attend the rally scheduled for June 10th at 1pm. The event has an amazing line up of speakers and the organizers have done a wonderful job getting things together in a very short time.

IU Health has also come out with similar staunch stand on the vaccination of their employees and once again the backlash was strong. A rally was organized by employees in order to fight for their rights. This rally will take place in Indianapolis on June 12th at 3pm.They have another amazing line up of speakers to help empower and encourage the employees who are being threatened with their livelihood!
Be prepared!
We know this is going to be a huge fight. We are going to need to stand this ground and make sure we do not allow them to strip our rights. If you are ready to take an active role in this battle you NEED to get to a Foundation For Applied Conservative Leadership course on Political Activism. You can read how this class lite fire under me and sign up for classes on the here.
Please see below and be sure to get your ticket today!
Anderson June 19th
Goshen June 19th
Hope to see you there!
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As mandates pick up pace we are getting more and more questions about exemptions. We invite you all to review our educational video available on the website. You will also be able to download FAQ sheet once you register. Please let us know if you have any further questions and don’t forget to let us know if your exemption is denied. Through the website or through email contact@hoosiersformedicalliberty.com

We will have our regular virtually monthly meeting on Wednesday June 9th. You can register here.

Remember, we stand strong together and we will be successful in this fight. Reach out to your friends and family who believe in bodily autonomy. Tell them about our organization and encourage them to become a member. If you haven’t done so yet please do!

<![CDATA[INDIANA has a ban on vaccine passports!]]>Thu, 22 Apr 2021 20:08:49 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/indiana-has-a-ban-on-vaccine-passportsSome of you may have heard the news, here are the full details!
The relentless calls and emails from the members and followers of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty FORCED the Indiana State Legislature to include language to prohibit the state or local government from issuing a vaccine passport program. We are so grateful for the efforts of all those calling on behalf of Medical Liberty! 
Throughout the legislative season your persistent voice was undeniable. You have worked so hard and it shows. From our start with SB74 all the way through multiple amendments late in session you continued to persevere with calls to various legislators. They knew you were not going to cease until they took action. You must acknowledge that YOU were the key to this success through calls, emails, and in person meetings. Please take pride in this feat because the legislature truly did not want to do this!
It was interesting to watch as this all unfolded over the last two weeks. As you remember we had a couple amendments that courageous House Representative Curt Nisly and House Representative John Jacob worked to bring forward. Because of their actions the House was forced to go on record about Medical Liberty. As the amendments failed and others were prevented from seeing the light of day YOU continued to shine light on the intensity of the issue. As a result, the house tripped all over themselves to try to save face on the issue of medical liberty by adding policy to HB1405 in conference committee.
However, the last-minute effort by leadership to cover their backsides resulted in a weak policy. Some of you have already noticed a couple different flaws. This language only prevents the state and local government from instituting a passport program. It does not provide protections to ensure that you can get your groceries, attend gatherings, recreational events, or access different means of transportation without showing proof of vaccination. To say they fell short is an understatement. The bill also left out protections against invasive testing. Due to this negligence, the local and state government along with the public sector can still require you to show proof of invasive testing.
They have made a grave mistake in thinking that these mere breadcrumbs will satiate our ravenous appetite for the Medical Liberty we are guaranteed! Hoosiers, we CAN and WILL do better. They may think that we are packing up and going home, but we just getting started. WE WILL not settle for anything less than high quality and principled medical liberty legislation.
Inclosing, I just want to thank you again. Thank you for standing together, your voices joined together and made this happen. I am inspired by your hard work and Hoosiers for Medical Liberty will not rest until our rights are secured!
Thank you,
Ashley Grogg RN-MSN
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty

P.S. you can still sign the petition for immunity passport purge by clicking petitions above!
<![CDATA[Republican Super-Majority- What is it good for... Absolutely Nothin!]]>Tue, 13 Apr 2021 04:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/republican-super-majority-what-is-it-good-for-absolutely-nothinFor the past couple weeks Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has been working to figure out a way to protect Hoosiers from Immunity Passports. We finally had our chance, and the House of Representatives REFUSED to vote on Medical Liberty though they had multiple opportunities to do so.

You may have received our calls to action regarding the amendments that Representative Jacob & Representative Nisly would hopefully be presenting. You all did such an amazing job that the house could feel you watching. They know we will not back down. In a weak attempt to appear as if they were taking action several medical liberty amendments were prepared, but they fell far short of those filed by Representative Nisly & Representative Jacob. Ultimately, when it came down to the wire and the house was about to be forced to take a stand on Medical Liberty they refused to take the vote.

If this bothers you, I encourage you to pick up the phone and tell your State Representative “I will not accept a weak stance on Medical Liberty. You must make a principled ban on immunity passports including vaccination status and invasive testing. It would benefit you take a moment to find a way to do it this year.”

Utter Frustration.

That is the single best way to describe how I am feeling in relation to the events that occurred at the Indiana State House yesterday. Indiana currently has a “republican super-majority.” Prior to this year I wouldn’t have had any idea what that meant. In short, it means that the Republicans can make laws without any of the Democratic vote.

There is absolutely no reason that a new law ushering in the immunity passport purge shouldn’t have been created before they hit the streets of Indiana. Instead, the Indiana House of Representatives refused to do so. I watched in disgust as the scene unfolded. House session started at 11:00 am when concurrences were read and then recess was called. Recess was lunch and caucus. The House session did not resume until nearly 5:30pm. You have to ask yourself WHY.
The “WHY” is probably one of the things that has been most disturbing to me as I learned about Indiana politics. The “why” is the Republican Caucus where government happens behind closed doors, out of the view of the voters, and bathed in corruption.
So let’s break down what we saw. I will cut straight to the portion pertaining to Medical Liberty. SB325 was brought up with multiple amendments to be heard. Several amendments on the bill addressed Medical Liberty. Only two of them would be addressed.

Representative Brad Barrett (R), presented a weak amendment that would prohibit a business from requiring someone to disclose if they had a COVID vaccination prior to entry and carrying a penalty of up to $10,000. The House watched as several people came up and questioned Rep. Barrett. It was difficult to tell if Rep. Barrett even believed in the amendment he presented. I encourage you to watch it for yourself and decide if he really had any intention of defending his amendment. Interestingly, after the charade but BEFORE a vote could be taken the amendment was ruled “out of order.” Meaning that the amendment did not apply to the overall bill and it was discarded. Ask yourself WHY they waited until after they had heard all the arguments against the amendment? Perhaps they wanted to show how “difficult” or “controversial” the issue was? Who knows.

If you watch, you will see a stark contrast from the respect shown to Representative Barrett as compared to when State Representative Curt Nisly attempted to present his amendment. If Rep Nisly’s amendment had gone through, Hoosier policy would have prevented any establishment from requiring proof of vaccination OR invasive testing prior to entry and violation would result in a class A misdemeanor.

Representative Nisly was truly representing the immunity passport purge. Leadership does not want to give you the protection you deserve. Representative Nisly barely got out a full sentence before getting cut off and being called out of order. Representative Nisly bravely stood his ground, challenged the ruling, and was sharply interrupted while he attempted to share how the amendment was pertinent to the bill. It was interesting because his first line was regarding the New Albany Hospital restricting birth support persons based on vaccination status. Ultimately the rest of the house, with the exception of Representative John Jacob, decided they would not hear the amendment.

Senate Bill 197 was also on the schedule for the day.  This bill held an equally strong amendment written by Representative John Jacob. Leadership had heard your calls Monday. They knew how important the immunity passport purge was, but rather than giving Rep. Jacob the opportunity to speak or rather REPRESENT YOU, they chose to kill the bill creating new criminal law. Your calls put them in a position in which they could not stand the thought of going on record and voting against medical liberty or creating policy that would ensure your Medical Liberty was protected.

I know this was a long post. I know that it can be very confusing trying to figure out what happens down in Indy. it is overwhelming to say the least. I hope that by walking through the events of the day a couple things have been made clear, but invite you to watch for yourself.
  1. Your calls matter. Your Voice was heard.
  2. We must not back down and we must continue to consistently communicate with the legislature. Once it is realized that we will not relent and we will be represented the way we see fit, we will have policy.

Please take this moment to call your legislator and tell them:
“I will not accept a weak stance on Medical Liberty. You must make a principled ban on immunity passports including vaccination status and invasive testing. It would benefit you take a moment to find a way to do it this year.”
Thank you for all your support and dedication to the cause. We must do our best to educate others about their rights. Please join us for our meeting tomorrow night.

Your friend,

<![CDATA[LEGISLATIVE SUCCESS!]]>Fri, 02 Apr 2021 16:08:19 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/legislative-successWhat a wonderful week!
Earlier this week we pushed a call out in support of our Front line Heroes.
 I am happy to announce that we have had our first legislative win bolstering Medical Liberty in Indiana!
Last week one of our members brought up SB232.  The bill itself had good intentions. Previously our Heroes would not be eligible for the benefits and adding this diagnosis to the legislation would rectify the egregious policy. Unfortunately, there was language in the current code that would require firefighters, LEOs, and EMS to get a Coronavirus Vaccination in order to be eligible for their death and disability benefits if they developed COVID in the line of duty and were disabled or passed away as a result.

We saw the injustice in this legislation and knew it was something we could not allow to slip through the cracks. We knew the implications of this portion of the code could cause hardship and even devastation for our front line heroes. Hoosiers for Medical Liberty will not stand for Medical injustice and we will fight for the rights of Hoosiers.

Typically addressing issues like this are not on the forefront of legislators minds or on their list of things to do. Vaccination and the right to choose are “taboo” subjects for the Indiana State legislature. Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is breaking down this stigma and we will ensure that these conversations take place and are appropriately handled. Fortunately for us, State Representative Curt Nisly and John Jabob have shown that they are willing to put their necks on the line for their constituents time and time again! Reps Nisly and Jacob have consistently demonstrated a willingness to go against the grain, and stand up for Medical Liberty. It was because of their initial no-nonsense amendments that the ball started rolling on changes to SB232.  When you see them, be sure to tell them how you appreciate their willingness to bring forth such great amendments.

The work did not stop there though, Hoosiers for Medical Liberty excels in advocacy, education, and support of Hoosiers and that is exactly what we got to work doing. We were able to reach out to Tony Murry with Hamilton County Fire Fighters Local 4416 to provide clarity, discuss the issue, and the potential impact on firefighters, LEO, and EMS. We encouraged him to follow up with the legislators he was working with to ensure the issue was addressed. He was incredibly thankful for our insight and work to protect our public servants.

We already had amendments on the books, political process dictates the importance of communication with the bill author/sponsor. With the help of Rep Nisly, we were able to get in contact with the sponsor of the bill State Rep Chris Judy. He was open to discussing the issue and reported that he would see what he could do. We didn’t hear back from him however an amendment proposed by State Rep Randy Frye was filed for the hearing the next day.

We are very pleased to see the amendment be accepted on Tuesday eliminating the offending language all together. Thursday SB232 passed the house 89-0, securing the right to disability and death benefits to our front line heroes FREE of the stipulation of getting the experimental covid-19 vaccination. We look forward to future Medical Liberty wins with collaboration between State Representatives Curt Nisly, John Jacob, Chris Judy, and Randy Frye.
If you appreciate the work done for our front line heroes and medical Liberty please call the offices of Reps Nisly, Jacob, Judy, and Frye with a simple message. “Thank you for supporting the Medical Liberty of our Front line heroes with amendments to SB232!” You can see the numbers below.

To get the numbers straight to your phone you can text 260-286-0988 the word SB232

  • If you have not become a member please do so! We still have more work to do and would love to have you join us.
  • You can attend our virtual meetings the second Wednesday of the month.
  • In person meetings are starting and Fort Wayne had one last night. If you missed it and are in the area please text 260-286-0988 the word “FORT WAYNE” to get reminders.
  • If you are not near Fort Wayne but want to attend or help coordinate meetings in your area please see our H4ML Near Me page.
  • Want more education on political tactics? Attend a FACL class, REGISTER NOW!
    • New Albany 4/10
    • Fort Wayne 5/15
    • Anderson 6/19
  • Of course don’t forget to share this exciting and important Medical Liberty win with all your friends!
Thank you again for all your support, calls, and encouragement,

Call the following reps with the simple message: ““Thank you for supporting the Medical Liberty of our Front line heroes with amendments to SB232!”

Curt Nisly District 22
Legislative Assistant: Dolan Monroe
Phone: 317-234-3827 | 1-800-382-9841
John Jacob District 93
Legislative Assistant: Evan Eagleson
Phone: 317-232-9648 | 1-800-382-9841
Chris Judy District 84
Legislative Assistant: Andrea Zimmerman
Phone: 317-232-9863 | 1-800-382-9841
Randy Frye District 67
Legislative Assistant: Rachel Swartwood
Phone: 317-234-9450
<![CDATA[Frontline Public Servants & SB47]]>Mon, 29 Mar 2021 19:59:16 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/frontline-public-servants-sb47Digest Version
  1. Religious freedom for Front line Public Servants. Sign the petition & Call your Legislators!
  2. SB47 is dead. We will continue to “Resist the Registry." You can still sign and share the petition.
  3. H4ML Near Me! Check for a local meeting!

Religious freedom for Frontline Public Servants

Let’s dig in! Last week our team noticed SB232 which would provide death and disability benefits for our front line public servants if they were to develop COVID-19 in the line of duty. This is a much-needed bill, we certainly feel our Fire, Law Enforcement, and EMS deserve this coverage! We did notice that if an individual declines a vaccination for COVID then they will still be denied their benefits. The clause allowed for medical exemption however did not account for a religious exemption. Nor did it provide clarity on if it was appropriate for a vaccination under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to be included. We could not sit by without advocating for our Front line Heroes!

🚑👨‍🚒👮🚨Show your support!🚨👮‍♀️👩‍🚒 🚑

  1. Sign and share our petition.
  2. Grab your phone and call your State Representative letting them know you “expect them to support amendments to SB232 preventing discrimination of our front line heroes who decline a vaccination based on concerns related to Emergency Use Authorization or objections of religion or conscience.”
As it turns out there is a similar bill over in the Senate Pensions and Labor committee at present. HB1515 has similar language as HB232. We want these bills to pass however the Legislature needs to address the important issue of religious freedom and the new and pressing problem of EUA. We will keep an eye on HB1515 to see if we need to take action. At this point we will focus on the SB232 because it has almost passed. If we see movement on HB1515 we will address it as appropriate and let you know when action is needed. 😊
⚡️ ⚡️If you would like to get text alerts for quick action text 260-286-0988 the word: updates ⚡️ ⚡️

SB47 is dead, but….

About 2 weeks ago we were sending out calls to action on SB47 that would allow pharmacists and pharmacy techs to provide Corona virus vaccinations and the authors allowed the bill to die without being heard. The Indiana House of Representatives chose to kill the bill rather than being forced to go on record and vote for or against the amendments we encouraged on informed consent and strengthened privacy surrounding release of personal health information. (If you missed the petition please be sure to sign it and share!) Allowing a bill to die really speaks volumes, and I am going to break it down so you understand just how important SB47 is.

Right now pharmacists and pharmacy techs are able to administer the vaccinations and we speculate that may be tied to emergency orders. If that is accurate and the emergency is ended these orders will no longer be valid removing these abilities from standard pharmacy staff. As we have seen Indiana’s vaccination plan is centered around pharmacies. SB47 is a big deal because if pharmacists and or pharmacy techs are not able to administer the vaccinations that means that they will have to hire licensed staff able to administer vaccinations throughout the state when nurses and physicians are already in high demand.

They killed a very important bill because they didn’t want to vote on lawful, honest, clear cut amendments. I suspect that this bill will not be allowed to go by the wayside because of all the reasons above. I would bet that we could see SB47 pop back up in “conference committee.” I think it is important to talk about what exactly conference committee is, here goes nothing. At the end of session bills that have gone through one side of the legislature and were amended on the other side are sent to conference committee to decide what language to use. I have also been made aware that bills that passed one side of the house and then died in the other can also come back via conference committee. Either way the process for conference committee is as follows. The Speaker of the House (Todd Houston in the house) and the President Pro Tempore (Rod Bray in the senate) each assign 2 members from their side. Typically the two members are one from each party, but don’t have to be. These 4 individuals then decide if the bill will die for good or be sent on for the Governor’s signature.   

All that to say that SB47 can still come back and we likely won’t have any opportunity to push for good amendments. We will let you know as things develop and if there is anything you can do.

Do you ever feel like the legislative process is confusing and difficult? Well, you aren’t alone. I feel like at every turn there is something unexpected and surprising. I imagine you could equate it to having 50-100 cooks in the kitchen. There are so many moving parts and different directions that legislation moves in it feels almost impossible to keep up. Ultimately, that is just the way it is and we must adapt. I will tell you one of the best things I have witnessed in this journey is the power of teamwork and collaboration.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have a fantastic core group to work alongside. We are always looking to grow our team and invite you to volunteer!

H4ML Near Me

We have mentioned in a few bursts that there are meetings coming up in local areas. Please check here to see if you can attend a meeting near you. If you would like to host a meeting we would love to chat with you.

Thank you!
<![CDATA[SB47, INFORMED CONSENT, & H4ML NEAR ME]]>Sat, 20 Mar 2021 22:48:57 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb47-informed-consent-h4ml-near-meHello Hoosiers!
It has been a little while since I posted, here is an update on all the recent happenings.
The digest version:
  1. Call your State Representative and tell them you “Expect a YES vote on Rep Jacob’s 2 amendments to SB47!” Then sign our Resist the Registry petition.
  2. Want to participate in an education event in Indy March 27th & 28th or April 3rd & 4th?
  3. Announcing H4ML near me! We are launching local meetings! Get more INFO or VOLUNTEER.
  4. Get the upper hand in politics. Attend one of the many classes here in Indiana taught by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership.

Full Details!

🚨This is an urgent call to action 🚨
Please make sure that you are contacting your State House Representative about Rep. John Jacob’s amendments to SB47! We want them voted on asap.

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding SB47 and difficulty finding it so I wanted to be sure to clear that up. It has nothing to do with children providing consent for themselves. SB47 allows the administration of an immunization for coronavirus disease by a pharmacist and pharmacy technician under direct supervision. Pharmacists/Pharmacy techs can already provide several immunizations, this just adds coronavirus to that this. The bill isn’t harmful to medical liberty but it certainly could use some strengthening and that is exactly what Rep. John Jacob’s amendments do.

Rep Jacob has 2 different amendments fortifying Hoosier Medical Liberty! These amendments need to pass.
  1. Stopping the transfer of information from physicians to other agencies without the SIGNED consent of the individual. In more detail: it will prevent a physician or an employee of a physician, physician group, hospital, or other health care provider from disclosing an individual's eligibility for a vaccination or immunization; or add an individual's name to a vaccination or immunization registry or contact list that is administered by: a state agency, a federal agency, a pharmacy, a health clinic or a vaccination or immunization distribution site.
  2. Adding informed consent requirements to pharmacy administered vaccinations, including a clause regarding those under Emergency Use Authorization. Strengthening informed consent law for physicians and other providers including information for vaccination and Emergency Use Authorization.
It seems as though the other members of the House of Representatives do not want to vote on these amendments. The House Sponsor Rep. Davisson has “passed” on the bill 3 times since the filing of Rep. Jacob’s amendments. We have heard that he “does not support the amendments.” The proposed amendments are straight forward and clear cut. We have even heard that some members of the House have stated they are “common sense” and “better than the bill itself.” We need to make sure that we bring attention to the issue so that our Representatives are informed about this important issue.

You can also sign our Resist the Registry petition here!

⚡️ ⚡️ If you would like to get alerts via text for quick action please text 260-286-0988 the word: updates (no punctuation). ⚡️ ⚡️
March madness is here! We have a group who would like to gather and rally to educate in the area. It could be the V4V banners or using V4V signs around the stadium. If this is something you are interested in please email us contact@hoosiersformedicalliberty.com
H4ML near me! Are you ready to meet with people in your area who share concerns over Medical Liberty? We have officially started to launch this part of our organization. We have a few coordinators who have stepped up but we would like to have a few more. If you would be interested in coordinating a local meeting please use the volunteer sign up. If you would like to sign up for notifications of a meeting in your area you can sign up here.
Want the upper hand in politics? Time to take a Political Leadership class from the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership! The class is a day event including a light lunch. I will continue to sing the praises of this organization because it is what truly lit my fire, gave me hope, and the tools to be successful in political battles. These classes have been popping up around Indiana and you do not want to miss them.
There is a class once a month from April to June throughout the state. April 10th will be in New Albany, May 15th in Fort Wayne, and June 19th in Anderson. Get more info here. It is also my understanding that Merrillville will also be hosting a class. In addition to these, I would love to see classes scheduled in West Central Indiana and South West Indiana. If you would be interested in helping host one of these events please get in touch with me, I will help you get started.
Thank you again for your support. I look forward to continued success and growth with all of you.
<![CDATA[Did you miss the February meeting?]]>Wed, 24 Feb 2021 16:05:58 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/did-you-miss-the-february-meeting🎯Digest version🎯
  1. Politics is corrupt. Caucus is all about the back door deal.
  2. We know the lay of the land, we will use FACL techniques to move forward.
  3. Education is our focus. Two new pages to help- COVID-19 Mandates and Exemptions.
  4. Join one of our committees here to perpetuate the mission.
  5. Monthly meetings Via Zoom on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, register here.

Full details

No worries! We are glad you are here to get all the updates. Last night we had a great meeting and covered important steps for moving forward. The death of SB74 was certainly disappointing but it provided us with many important lessons.
This year was the first time a Medical Liberty Bill has made it to committee in Indiana. Unfortunately, we were unable to get it through to the full Senate but we are hopeful we will see continued progress next year. We have learned plenty of lessons thus far and will be better prepared for it!

For me, it was quite eye opening to watch the Legislative Session. I never realized the way that these things happened, and it was obvious that secrecy and “back door deals” reign supreme. I had heard of “caucus” but didn’t know exactly what that meant. The political process is supposed to be one of transparency but I have found it to be anything but. Now I know that caucus isn’t just a meeting and time to chat. The Caucus is where the fate of a bill is decided in PRIVATE. When it comes time for the House and Senate to cast their vote, there is rarely diversity of thought shown in the roll call vote held within public session.  

During session one might be able to observe the difference in Democratic and Republican party lines, but for the most part it seems like our entire Senate and House of Representatives end up voting in unison! Caucus is private and information is not to leave those meetings. All debates, serious discussion, and deals are done within Caucus. How are constituents supposed to know if their elected officials are representing them the way they were promised? We know that we must not allow this to continue. We must break the cycle and be sure that voting is the result of what constituents want, not what happens in Caucus.

This Session has taught us the lay of the land. Even without getting a vote we have been able to see who is dedicated to Medical Liberty and who doesn’t seem to be ready to live up to their commitments. We have been so impressed by the way that WE THE PEOPLE have stepped up into their role in politics. We MUST continue this. It is our responsibility to communicate effectively with our legislators before, during and after Legislative season.  We must also make sure that we hold elected officials accountable for the choices they make in representing us. However, accountability is difficult when decisions are made in secret and everyone votes the same in public.

One way we can learn how to combat this is through using techniques learned through The Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership. It is my personal goal to have 6-10 classes here in Indiana this year. We have already had one in January where around 30 activists were trained. February will offer another and a third this year in March. Hosting a class is easy and I would love to help you host one in your area! I am specifically looking for Western Indiana, Southern Indiana, and South of Indy! I will keep Indiana classes updated on our website so that you can keep an eye on new developments.  I look forward to seeing you at one of the classes!

Moving forward this year our mission must focus on educating the public about Religious Exemptions provided by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Federal Religious Exemptions were used by legislators as an excuse to not push forward SB74. Unfortunately, history has shown that these are not upheld by employers. We shared that information along with EEOC’s refusal to defend the Religious Exemption. We have a Religious Exemption on the site for vaccines and encourage people to use this.  We encourage people to report when employers deny this. We have developed a new page to report these instances. We will be able to use aggregate data from these submissions to fight our case again next year. Please make sure you are sharing with your friends.

We encourage you to network with your coworkers who do not want the vaccine, work together, and agree to stand together when employers threaten termination. We also want to make sure that EVERYONE in this situation contacts ICAN for help. In order to obtain this potential assistance, please email ICAN at freedom@icandecide.org and provide a copy of the written notice from your school or employer stating that the COVID-19 vaccine is required.

To move forward we have developed committees so that everyone who is able to get involved can find their place.  We have a new page for this as well. You will be able to see each of the committees and sign up for one here. The growth of our organization is dependent on these committees. I look forward to meeting with you!
Finally, we will be having monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30pm EST, you can register here.

This blog was WAY longer than I had anticipated and I commend you if you have made it this far without nodding off to sleep 😉.  I hope you have a wonderful week and once again, thank you for all you do.