<![CDATA[HOOSIERS FOR MEDICAL LIBERTY - Blog]]>Wed, 19 Jun 2024 22:12:37 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Cultivating victory]]>Thu, 20 Jun 2024 00:02:39 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/cultivating-victoryThis past weekend was the Indiana Republican Convention. Nearly 2,000 delegates gathered to cast their vote for the lieutenant governor candidate in a contentious race between Mike Braun’s pick, State Representative Julie McGuire, and Noblesville Pastor Micah Beckwith.
This convention was not simply about this one race. It was about the cultivation of victory by the liberty movement in Indiana and breaking the chokehold by establishment mob bosses.
I am going to stop right here- Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is a non-partisan, single issue group. Our mission is to ensure the right to say no to vaccines (bodily integrity) for everyone. Further, Hoosiers for Medical Liberty does not endorse, support or oppose any political candidate, however, we do engage in issue discussion so that our members have the details they need to make an informed decisions.
Indiana has a republican supermajority, and it is safe to say that the republicans in the state are just as dissatisfied with their party as the democrats are. The past four years has been responsible for the cultivation of change. Not just because people wanted it, but because YOU took action.
Over the course of four years Hoosiers gathered across the state, organizations, and networks formed.

This is truly cultivation. 
Much like gardening, creating change in politics is laborious. There are many steps and it is a continuous process because weeds can and will pop up, plants will die, produce will be small, scarred, or even rot while still on the vine. Weather is unpredictable and can change at any moment completely out of our control. 

The beautiful thing about gardening is that even though there are many challenges, with persistence and learning lessons over the course of a couple years, the process and progress become easier. Each year, as a gardener you learn valuable lessons, you know what to look for, you become accustomed to taking the time to tend your garden and make it something of beauty and sustenance.

I don’t know about you, but reading that list I can think of MANY times over the past four years that mirrored those same qualities in gardening. More on this later…
In my opinion, the result of the Lt. Governor's race was about so much more than one office. It was a clear sign of the momentum of the liberty movement in Indiana and its ability to enact accountability.
The republican convention showed an immense victory for liberty-loving Hoosiers, and I am here to say it was far more than what meets the eye. We are going to discuss all of this below.
  1. The candidates rallied, ran tough campaigns and engaged with grassroots activists, bringing a close race.
  2. Grassroots organizations exhibited their strengths and shaped the outcome through various means.
  3. Many of the delegates present were first time convention goers, likely a secondary result of the Indiana PC Project by Hoosier Voices.
  4. Medical Liberty was a prominent discussion point throughout the campaign and even on the stage. --- H4ML’s activists played a huge role.
First and foremost, I want to thank the H4ML activists who helped pass out our fliers at the convention. You stepped up and were true heroes!

We had about 12 volunteers making their rounds distributing THOUSANDS of fliers.

In a close race like the one for the lieutenant governor, EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

Thank you for making a difference!
Every action leading up to the vote made a difference.

How does a political outsider and underdog, Beckwith, beat out the hand-picked establishment sweetheart, McGuire?

Could it be medical liberty?   

An article by Indiana’s own Margaret Menge titled, “REVOLT in Indiana as patriots pick medical liberty activist as GOP nominee for lieutenant governor!” indicates so!

We have no arguments about the stance that Beckwith has taken over the last 4 years. We have witnessed as he fought to keep his church doors open, wrote thousands of religious exemptions for Hoosiers, and hosted liberty centric events.

Many Hoosiers texted and emailed asking for more information on the race due to conflicting conversation amongst voters and the increase of prominence of medical liberty in per-conference mailers.

Was McGuire for health Freedom?
McGuire sent delegates a letter claiming she had "produced significant results on issues like health freedom."
Unfortunately, we only had evidence that showed the opposite.

H4ML gave McGuire the opportunity to complete our survey and show her level of commitment to health freedom. She failed to return the survey.

Hoosiers, we know you trust us to share pertinent details with you and many of you depend on us for this information as you navigate busy lives while defending medical liberty.

Hoosiers deserve informed decisions, and to do that they need facts, not empty campaign promises. This is why we created fliers for the convention.

Fliers warned of pending lockdowns, masking, and vaccine mandates and how McGuires previous votes as a state representative helped passed SEA4 (2024), also known as the "Governor's Pubic Health Commission", or "Health First Indiana". Fliers also highlighted the danger this law poses to the autonomy of counties as a result of financial strings.

In effort to ensure that delegates had excellent issue discussion on medical liberty, we compared our membership to the list of delegates and found that over 130 of the 1800 republican delegates received our text messages.

We sent a text message to the delegates we were connected with.

If you are a bit nerdy and care for some math keep reading. If not, skip the next paragraph. Just kidding, read it anyway! This math shows the power of cultivation.

H4ML was able to reach just over 7% of the total number of delegates.

Close races are determined by a mere 3%+1 of the vote.

Even if 1 in every 4 of those 130 delegates (32) were undecided and based their vote off of the information we presented, that could have meant the difference in the Lieutenant Governor's race!

In a race resulting in 891 to 828, 32 votes moving to the other candidate would have meant 859 to 860 and a different result.

H4ML was able to share issue discussion on one of the hottest topics and shine a light on truth. There is a reason that the Braun campaign was focusing on Medical Liberty- it was mentioned in multiple pieces of literature.

Hoosiers want to be free of medical mandates!
This issue will not be used as a political tool on H4ML's watch!

We are not in the business of telling you who to vote for, or who not to vote for. We want you to make an informed decision and we made sure that those representing you and forming your government are held accountable for their words.

Even if you were not a delegate, even if you didn't know that this was taking place, YOU played an important role in ensuring accountability and protecting Liberty. Simply by you supporting us, making phone calls, sharing our posts or text messages YOU are directly impacting LIBERTY!
Thank you!

The next time you are feeling downtrodden or like your voice or vote doesn't count remember this story. Look at those numbers.
Ok, so there has been a lot of talk about cultivation and with a "garden" as big as Indiana, it needs a lot of tending.

H4ML was not the only one tending the garden.

Candidates running for office must run strong campaigns and get the races close. That is when groups like H4ML, Liberty PAC, the various Tea Parties, Hoosier Voices, the Indiana PC project, In Libertas, Liberty Defense PAC, and countless other Indiana organizations can have a profound impact.

Once the candidates get the races close, it is up to the MOBILIZATION by grassroots that hammers a victory for Liberty home.

As a delegate I witnessed various groups at the convention and it was absolutely amazing. They all played a role in the outcome of this particular race.

I think it is worth mentioning some of the behind the scenes because it is so easy to overlook all the work that went into cultivating victory.

First of all, the birth of a strong political movement came from the series of roll call votes as a result of Reps Nisly & Jacob. The two years these men were in the statehouse resulted in multiple roll call votes which created accountability in the Republican super-majority that we had not seen before.

Liberty Defense rose up and emboldened liberty candidates to run on constitutional principles.

The Tea Parties filled with steadfast rockstars were reinvigorated with the return of old members and new ones too! They hosted meet and greets, ensuring the grass roots could engage with candidates and ask questions.

Hoosier Voices, Mary & Curt Nisly toured Indiana educating citizens about the Indiana PC project and the "Most powerful position in politics." This investment resulted in the growth of leaders in counties across the state infusing the Republican party with new life on neglected positions typically filled by county chairs. If this doesn't make sense to you, visit hoosiervoices.com or indianapcproject.com.

Success in Indiana is not the result of just the candidates or the single groups, it is the result of all groups cultivating victory through action!

Congratulations Hoosiers.
<![CDATA[Call to action!]]>Mon, 17 Jun 2024 23:22:27 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/call-to-actionAction alert Hoosiers!!!

Call Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and tell him:

“Sign on to the civil suit filed against Pfizer by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach due to intentionally misleading the public about the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Consumer Protection Division

Phone: (317) 232-6330 or (800) 382-5516

Do you want this call to action sent to your phone along with other important updates by texting 260-286-0988 the word: AG

Attorney General Kris Kobach filed a civil lawsuit Monday against pharmaceutical company Pfizer, alleging that “Pfizer misled the public that it had a ‘safe and effective’ COVID-19 vaccine,” violating the state’s Consumer Protection Act.
This is just the beginning of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lawsuits that are being filed across the country.
<![CDATA[Plandemic 2.0]]>Fri, 07 Jun 2024 21:17:57 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/plandemic-20Our website is experiencing technical difficulties.

CLICK HERE to see the information on pLandemic 2.0
<![CDATA[The art of debateā€¦]]>Tue, 04 Jun 2024 23:27:40 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/the-art-of-debateWe have all been there. A well-meaning friend, neighbor, or family member starts in about "anti-vaxxers", and how misguided they are. These situations can be tense especially when the individual starts talking about "experts" and throwing words like "anti-science" around.

Before you know it, the conversation is over; you are left in a daze.
Worse yet, your range of emotions got the better of you, and you were unable to articulate your position.
Having a good comeback is tough when you aren't confident.

To make matters worse, so many of the rationales behind vaccine rhetoric are based in logical fallacies.

You might be asking, "What is a logical fallacy?"

Logical fallacies are errors in reasoning that can undermine the logic of an argument. They are often used as coercive tactics to manipulate opinions and influence decisions.

Being able to diffuse logical fallacies about vaccination will help diffuse tension, foster productive dialogue, mutual respect, and promote informed decision-making.

Check out a few common logical fallacies that you may recognize.
Ad Hominem (Personal Attack)
: This fallacy attacks the person making the argument rather than the argument itself. It diverts attention from the validity of the argument by focusing on irrelevant characteristics of the person.
Image depicting Ad Hominem fallacy. Example: "You can't trust her opinion on vaccines because she's just a stay-at-home mom with no medical training." Response: "Attacking my personal background doesn't address the actual concerns I have about vaccine safety. Let's focus on the specific evidence and studies regarding vaccine ingredients and known side effects."
Straw Man
: This fallacy involves misrepresenting or oversimplifying someone's argument to make it easier to attack or refute.
Image depicting Straw Man fallacy. Example: "Anti-vaxxers just want to end all vaccinations and let diseases run rampant." Response: "That's not an accurate representation of my position. I'm concerned about known side effects and a lack of placebo testing, not ending all vaccinations."
Appeal to Authority
Definition: This fallacy asserts that a claim is true because an authority figure believes it to be true, regardless of the evidence.

Image depicting Appeal to Authority. Example: "Vaccines are safe because every major health organization says so." Response: "While it's important to consider professional opinions, we should also look at the evidence and personal risk factors to understand the full picture."
False Dilemma (Black-and-White Thinking)
Definition: This fallacy presents only two options or outcomes when in fact more possibilities exist.
Image depicting false dilemma. Example: "You either support all vaccines, or you're against science." Response: "There are more nuanced positions. It's possible to support vaccines in general while having concerns, acknowledging risks, and advocating for more research."
Slippery Slope
Definition: This fallacy argues that a relatively small first step will inevitably lead to a chain of related events culminating in some significant impact, often negative.
Image depicting slippery slope. Example: "If we question vaccines, soon people will stop vaccinating altogether and we'll have outbreaks of deadly diseases." Response: "It's important to address concerns and improve vaccine safety without assuming it will lead to a complete rejection of vaccines."
Bandwagon Appeal
Definition: This fallacy argues that something is true or correct because it's popular or widely accepted.
Image depicting bandwagon appeal. Example: "Everyone vaccinates their children, so it must be the right thing to do." Response: "Popularity doesn't necessarily mean safety or efficacy. We should examine the scientific evidence and make informed decisions."
Circular Reasoning
Definition: This fallacy occurs when the argument's conclusion is used as a premise without proper justification.
Image depicting circular reasoning. Example: "Vaccines are safe because we vaccinate everyone." Response: "We need to look at the evidence supporting vaccine safety rather than assuming safety because vaccination is widespread."
Recognizing logical fallacies is crucial for clear thinking and rational decision-making, especially in the contentious debate over vaccination.

I think you will find that the more you recognize these situations, the easier it is to see them coming and counter them skillfully.

I really hope that you find this review helpful and are now prepared for the next time you are faced with logical fallacies.

The key is to focus on the evidence and reasoning behind any argument, not just the way it is presented.

Feel free to spark up conversation below and share fallacies you have faced.

Feeling nerdy? Check out some resources on logical fallacies and discuss them with your kids or friends at dinner.

https://www.logicalfallacies.org/ This source has a lot of books listed on the topic.
https://www.scribbr.com/fallacies/logical-fallacy/ check out the download they have for FREE. Scroll down a bit on their website, or follow this link CLICK HERE
<![CDATA[Targeting unvaccinated students]]>Tue, 13 Feb 2024 01:25:01 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/targeting-unvaccinated-studentsLast week I received an email from a concerned citizen. They were requesting assistance to help stop the local health department  from “targeting unvaccinated students during normal school hours.”
They were NOT overstating or exaggerating.
The citizen included a copy of the letter from the Clinton County Health Department.

The “Memorandum of Understanding,” or contract between the Clinton County Health Department and The Rossville Consolidated School Corporation, spelled out the exact concerns of the citizen.

The school corporation is being offered compensation for targeting students ‘needing’ vaccinations.

It reads:

Plan and host at least one mobile, in-school immunization, even in cooperation with the Health Department that occurs during regular school hours to TARGET students who need immunizations during the school year.”

In exchange for the school's cooperation, the school corporation can receive up to $1000 in reimbursement for school nurse expenses PER CAMPUS.
That means that each of the campuses in the school district may receive up to $1000 for TARGETING students who “need vaccinations.”

What is the criteria for the amount reimbursement?
Is it the number of vaccinations administered?

Does this place a bounty on your student’s head?
The contract also states that the schools will plan and host an “Open House/Registration immunization record forecasting event”.

While we aren’t sure what all this could entail, we assume at a minimum means that they will use school registration or back-to-school nights as a means of data collection.

Sadly, this already happens.

Every year when students return to school, parents are asked to release CHIRP records.

CHIRP is the Child and Hoosiers Immunization Registry Program. The school nurse uses the CHIRP records to determine if students are up to date on vaccinations per the CDC schedule.

If students are ‘behind’ on vaccinations, then their parents are sent threatening letters.
Many parents simply don’t want vaccinations for their children. They are bullied and pressured into getting them out of fear from being expelled from school, just as the letters threaten.

Many parents don’t know that Indiana has religious exemptions to vaccination and this right can be exercised easily.  Visit h4ml.org/exemptions to learn more.

Many parents don’t know that the school updates and inputs vaccination records into CHIRP and so do physicians. This information is collected by the state and then data is shared for national reporting.

The good news is that current law does not require you to report or participate in CHIRP, however, you are automatically entered without your consent.

Opting out is simple, for more information check here.

The contract between the schools and the department of health is renewable every year unless either the school or the health department opts out in writing.

Worse yet, we have every reason to believe that contracts just like this one will be popping up in nearly every school across the state thanks to “Health Worst Funding” instituted by SB4 and the Governor’s Public Health Commission.

It will be imperative to communicate with your school board and health department and tell them:

“Do not target unvaccinated students during school hours. Do not enter into a contract to have vaccine clinics during school hours on school grounds.”

Clinton County see below or text us for your county's numbers! 260-286-0988 the words: CLINTON COUNTY
If you would like us to help you activate your county to stop these initiatives, we will partner with you.

You will need to:

  1. Collect the number for your health department
  2. Collect the numbers of School board presidents or superintendents for ALL school systems in your county.
  3. Talk with your community and share this information with them.
  4. Make a plan to attend school board meetings & communicate changes/updates.

We will:

  1. Consolidate the info into a sharable graphic
  2. Activate our members in the county to make calls.
  3. Set up a text response so people can “click to call”
  4. Support your local community as the battle progresses.
Clinton County
Get the following via text.

Hello, Thanks for helping with H4ML call to action. Call your Public Health Department at 765-659-6385
Call each school corp:
Rossville: Joe Hufford 765-427-9999
Clinton Central: Bryce Eaton 765-652-1009
Clinton Prairie: Bobbi Elliott via Lisa Myers 765-659-1339 x114
Frankfort Schools: Sandra Miller via Debbie King 765-654-5585

Tell them: “Do not target unvaccinated students during school hours. Do not enter into a contract to have vaccine clinics during school hours on school grounds.” Text back with their comments.
<![CDATA[Separating fact from political immunization]]>Mon, 05 Feb 2024 11:54:57 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/separating-fact-from-political-immunization
Last week, we struck a nerve and killed SB272. 

Senator Andy Zay was so frustrated that his legislative assistant called to schedule a meeting with us, and we obliged. 
Watch the video recap in the last blog post or on Facebook.
Ultimately, Zay’s claims that his reason for filing this bill is to “put guardrails on clinics that already exist in schools”.
Zay paints Biden as the boogeyman and wants YOU to believe that he is working to protect your kids.
Based on the way the bill is written, we didn’t buy that for a second. The bill looks like Zay wants PRIMARY CARE clinics in schools.
It's time to separate fact from political immunization.
What is motivating Zay?

Could the Federal Medicaid money be his primary motivation?
We think so.
We think Zay sees your kids as little cash cows as they sit in public schools. We will illustrate that throughout this blog post.
In an Indiana Senate Press Release from Jan 25th, Zay is quoted speaking on SB272, stating, “The goal of this bill is to ensure that there are standards put in place by law for school-based health centers”.
Zay wants to ensure that there are standards put in law for school-based health clinics (SBHC).
He wants clinics in schools.
Once there are standards in state code for clinics, they will appear en masse across the state.

Zay testified on January 24th that SB272 would be an important bill to “help Indiana schools pull down federal Medicaid money for services they often already provide”.
We believe his primary goal is to get SBHC in schools and access federal Medicaid dollars, and he is using the idea of “parental rights” as a means to motivate Hoosiers into accepting language that has repeatedly been pushed in the State House.
This is an attempt at "Political Immunization".
It appears he has fooled some into believing him. We watched disappointingly as Leah Wilson, founder of Stand for Health Freedom, advocated for the bill and subsequently confused Hoosiers who are against SBHC.

H4ML is firmly against school-based health clinics.

Even if we can't stop them all together, we know that inviting them is NOT the answer.

We know putting "guardrails" on school-based health clinics (SBHC) will only ENSURE more battles on the horizon.

H4ML does not want to fight these battles for years to come.

This bill would ensure that our time, talent, and treasure will be wrapped up in the never-ending battle for children in schools. When any battle about schools should be to ensure effective education.

The idea of "parental presence" is unrealistic.

Zay & his LA even reported that the reduction of this guardrail was part of their discussion on how to keep the bill alive.

Guard your time Hoosiers. Don't fall prey to political immunization by legislators, or those willing to trade access for weak policy.
Zay repeatedly cited the SAFER Communities Act of 2021 as instituting these clinics in schools and the impetus for their presence here in Indiana. This will be an important detail to remember as you read.
SB272 of 2024 is the second version of this bill that we were aware of. The previous bill was SB321 of 2023.
The comparison of Zay’s two bills speaks more to his motivation for the institution of clinics, rather than parental rights.
In 2023, SB 321 stated that School-Based Health Clinics (SBHC) could NOT replace the role of the school nurse.
Whereas, in 2024, SB 272 only requires that school nurses be available to provide first aid and emergency services.
Uh-oh, Andy! Looks like the scope of the school nurse is being greatly reduced. How long before school nurses are eliminated and students are forced into SBHC?
Secondly, in 2023 SB231 would have removed vaccination records from school transcripts, but the 2024 version does not.

While these changes aren’t great for parental rights, they aren’t damning to his reputation.

I know you are probably getting frustrated and your questions for Zay are mounting. Keep reading!
History can teach us a lot. Let’s stroll down memory lane.
The SAFER Communities Act was filed in October of 2021, but didn’t go into effect until June 2022.
Zay did not file a bill on the topic in 2022.
Interestingly, Zay was up for re-election in 2022.

However, prior to the filing and subsequent passage of the SAFER Communities Act, Zay filed SB51 in 2021 titled Medicaid reimbursement for schools.  The bill focused on pulling Medicaid dollars into the schools and ensuring that physical therapy services were reimbursed.
Our policy investigator, Lindsey, found an Indiana Senate Republicans press release from December of 2020. The release states:
… this legislation, which Zay has championed for years, could free up $100-$200 million in funds for schools to use toward teacher pay.
"Recommendation No. 20 in the Teacher Compensation Commission's report suggests SB 51 could be a solution to achieve the goal of raising Indiana's average teacher pay," Zay said. "If we work aggressively to capture Medicaid dollars for our IEP students and other special-needs students, my bill could make available up to one-third of the amount needed to get to the $60,000 average teacher salary."
Did you catch that... “Legislation, which Zay has championed for years”?
Zay confirmed similar sentiments regarding the desire to collect Medicaid funding in a February Senate Republican Press Release:
"The passage of Senate Bill 51 makes clear that finding sustainable solutions for increasing teacher pay is a priority for Indiana legislators," Zay said. "I have been championing this legislation for years, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House as this bill continues through the legislative process."
SB51 adds additional reimbursements for services provided under section 504 plans, behavioral intervention plans, individualized healthcare plans, and nursing services by a licensed nurse. All of which would go towards increasing teacher’s pay.
Is Zay looking out for the students, or the teacher's pay?
Our policy investigator summed it up perfectly: "This legislation was a broad expansion of services reimbursable to schools via Federal Medicaid dollars. It increases federal control of our schools and leads the way for SBHC, while simultaneously enabling schools to redirect funding and increase teacher pay. Zay appears to be on a mission to massively increase federal Medicaid dollars flowing into our schools to meet the demands of those lobbying to increase teacher pay."
But wait… Is that it?
Nope. Zay’s desire to institute school clinics and harvest Medicaid money goes back to 2020!
In 2020, he filed SB 141 and SB142.
SB141 specifically called for “School-Based Health Clinics” and defined them:
Sec. 170.5. "School-based health clinic", for purposes of IC 12-15, means a clinic operated on behalf of a public school (as defined in IC 20-18-2-15(1)), including a charter school, that provides health care services either:

(1) by qualified health care providers employed by the school; or
(2) through a contract with a health care provider, including any of the following:

                           (A) A hospital licensed under IC 16-21.
                           (B) A physician group practice.
                           (C) A federally-qualified health center (as defined in 42 U.S.C.1396d(l)(2)(B)).
                          (D) A rural health clinic (as defined in 42 U.S.C. 1396d(l)(1)).
                         (E) A community mental health clinic.
SB 141 was filed January 6th, 2020, long before the filing and passage of the Safer Communities Act.
SB142 did not mention school-based clinics but shows persistent effort to secure Medicaid dollars for schools, which is consistent with his behavior at present. 
Zay’s desire to open school clinics goes back to 2019. Zay authored SB437 titled School based services and Medicaid. SB 437 had the exact same definition for School-based health clinics as above.
Four out of the last six years Zay has authored legislation for school based clinics in order to pull Medicaid funding down.
The one consistent theme throughout all of Zay’s legislation is Medicaid funding.
Let’s look at what he had to say when he initially wrote the legislation in 2019. This excerpt is from a Feb 2019 press release from the Indiana Senate Republicans:
  SB437 would allow schools to better leverage federal dollars to address health concerns facing students and staff, including mental health, substance abuse and socio-emotional learning. “The well-being and health of Hoosiers is important to me, and ensuring students, faculty and staff receive the care they need is vital,” Zay said. “This legislation would give schools another tool in the toolbox to address the health of their students and even their staff. Research shows students perform better when they are healthy and receiving the services they need, and I hope this bill will help push Indiana’s K-12 system forward.”
So, what do you think?
Is Zay fighting for parental rights?
Hoosiers, we don’t want health clinics in our schools. One clinic is too many.
Medical mistakes happen.
In fact, medical errors were credited with over 800,000 deaths or cases of permanent disability by CNN in July of 2023.
Doing a simple google search reveals that medical errors are thought to be the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.
Schools are struggling to provide education. What would happen if medical care was performed with the same bureaucracy?
Clinics must not be allowed on school grounds!
Zay is going to have to work exceptionally hard to dig himself out of this hole.
If he wants Hoosiers to believe that he is a parental rights champion and isn’t trying to advance the agenda of those who wish to remove parents from the health care of their children, he is going to have to do some massive work.
Zay may want you to think he can't do anything more this year, but we know better.
Call Zay 317-234-9441

Tell him:

“Use the second half of the session to protect kids. Ban clinics from school grounds.”

****Just a note: if you live in Congressional District 3, Zay wants to represent you in D.C.
IF he can’t say no to federal money now, how is he going to represent you in D.C.?
If you live in Adams, Allen, Blackford, DeKalb, Huntington, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Wells and Whitley counties, or northern Jay and northeast Kosciusko counties you may want to call Zay’s campaign (260)356-3775 and let them know your concerns, too.
That was certainly a lot of information, thank you for being informed.
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is dedicated to truth and transparency. We use these tools to ensure that Medical Liberty is at the forefront.

Our mission is possible through the dedication of our activists, however, without funding we wouldn't be able to send texts and make politics easier for everyone.

If you don't already, will you support our work?

Will you help us combat confusing messages and political immunization?

If you are able, become a monthly donor with $24 for 2024!

If you are not able to make that kind of commitment, we appreciate anything you can contribute to the battle for Medical Liberty!

Thank you,
H4ML Team
<![CDATA[SB272: DEAD, Great Job Hoosiers!]]>Fri, 02 Feb 2024 03:10:12 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb272-dead-great-job-hoosiersGreat job Hoosiers, it was your tenacity in making calls and REFUSAL to let them brand this bill as parental rights that killed it.


We know that these guardrails are nothing more than a flimsy excuse to persaude parents into allowing clinics in schools.

The bad news is Zay will likely try to bring this bill back next year.

The GOOD news is that Zay told us that he would carry legislation WE write.

It is late, I am exhausted.

I will be back to write up a synopsis of this.

For those of you not on social media. Here is the video.
<![CDATA[Is Sen. Zay inviting primary care clinics into schools?]]>Mon, 29 Jan 2024 23:04:40 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/is-sen-zay-inviting-primary-care-clinics-into-schoolsI think we all can agree that primary care clinics do not belong in schools and create a dangerous environment conducive to removing parents from medical decisions for their children.
The fact is, that this is an existing problem and danger to students.
Those in the medical liberty movement agree that clinics are dangerous, but how to handle them is contested.
Some claim that Zay’s bill, SB272, places “guardrails” on existing clinics and is needed.
H4ML and Purple for Parents- Indiana disagree. Reading SB 272 reveals greater risks and the creation of MORE battles to fight in the future. Zay’s bill is not a solution, but a catalyst for concern.
You, as a constituent, need to discern if the bureaucracy of guardrails are what Hoosiers need, or if we need to stop clinics from merging with schools.
Indiana's public schools are struggling to serve their intended purpose as test scores in math & reading plummet. Adding an additional responsibility and service line should NOT even be considered.
Currently, schools have difficulty employing enough school nurses. There is also an industry-wide shortage of medical professionals. School clinics will only complicate these issues.
How long before shortages will be used to eliminate school nurses all together, and force the presence of school clinics?
Will clinics start to recruit the school nurses and exacerbate shortages? Will school nurses be “shared” or “dual” employees of both clinics and schools? If so, how will this division of service be made? This creates a whole mess of issues with liability and scope of practice.
Zay's bill only requires school nurses to perform essential functions of first aid and emergency care, eliminating many of the functions they play. This could be seen as preventing duplicity of care, however,  it may also create an incentive to shift care from the school nurse to the clinic.
If school nurses no longer provide diabetic care or tube feeds for students due to the changes proposed in this bill and the presence of a clinic, will families face undue burden of co-pays and the need to be present for DAILY care? Will this "unforeseen dilemma" create the "need" to remove the requirement of parental presence for treatment at the clinic?
We know, malicious groups seek to use school clinics as a tool to remove parental rights, consent practices, and medical liberty. The presence of these clinics on or near schools is to increase convenience for the parents.
The argument for convenience will be made when attempting to remove the requirement of parental presence at the time of care.
If clinics near schools were truly advantageous why is the private sector not capitalizing on the opportunity? Wouldn't you see pediatrician offices popping up near schools?
Private sector entities might be hesitant to enter into school clinics because of the complexity of liability. Courts and governing bodies already struggle to define where liability falls for hospital systems with contracted physicians. This issue will carry over to school based clinics and open the state up to additional concerns with liability lawsuits in areas that they have never experienced.
The legislature has taken a keen interest in directing healthcare for Hoosiers. Last year Indiana invested $178 million in tax payer dollars in the name of increasing public health programs and bolster state services. Instituting school clinics is duplicitous, may create additional burden on the limited number of medical professionals available, and jeopardizes medical liberty.
Yet, another potential issue is that school clinics could potentially make a monopoly driving competition out of rural communities exacerbating existing shortages of local providers.
We can never simply look at the problems of yesterday and today. We must always consider the problems of tomorrow. We must be sure that our legislators are not promoting emotional legislation that ultimately creates more problems than they solve.
We all agree, primary care does not belong in our schools. Do we want to risk the additional issues outlined above to simply put “guardrails” on school clinics that should be bound by consent laws?

Perhaps we should address the issues in the schools with existing clinics and prevent these problems from spreading.
Call Sen. Zay 317-234-9441

Tell him, “Schools must focus on education, not medicine. Keep clinics out of schools, kill SB272.“

<![CDATA[Bodily Integrity & bad bills]]>Mon, 22 Jan 2024 05:17:56 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/bodily-integrity-bad-billsSynopsis:
  1. HB1334- Bodily integrity
  2. SB46- ANTI “Parental Rights”
  3. SB272- School clinics
  4. SB192- Kids Drive thru
This is going to be a long one.  Make sure you are taking action on 1, 2 & 3
HB1334- Bodily Integrity
First off, let's discuss HB1334.

This bill is the only good thing at the state house right now, and it is about to DIE. 
This is our last call, and we need it to be power-packed.
We will focus on 3 calls.  You are welcome to call the other members of the committee as you did last week but we also want you to make calls on SB46.
First, the committee chair. We have heard reports that he feels HB1001 from 2022 met the needs of medical liberty.

He is sadly mistaken.

The 2022 bill made discriminatory testing legal and left thousands without exemptions. Worse yet, exemptions are still denied across the state without recourse.

Some committee member LA’s have also been telling concerned citizens to call their own representatives, because they are not represented by the committee member.

A bill must go through a committee first; therefore, by being on the committee, the member is absolutely representative of the ENTIRE state of Indiana. If they don’t like that, perhaps they should get a different job.
We must demand bodily integrity provided by 1334.
Call Heath VanNatter 317-234-9139
Tell him: “Hear HB1334 this Thursday, Hoosiers demand the protection it provides. 2022’s bill does not protect us.”
Secondly, the two members of the committee who state that they support medical liberty, Rep Cash & Hostettler;

It is beyond me as to why these two haven’t signed onto the bill and helped move it along. We aren’t sure if Rep Cash is getting bad advice or if she has given up on securing true medical liberty.

Alas, make the calls and put both Rep Cash & Hostettler on the spot. If they do not support this bill, they do not support medical liberty.

Rep. Cash 317-232-9643
Rep. Hostetter 317-232-9981

“I expect Rep _____ to advocate for HB1334. What statement have they made in regards to the overwhelming support for this bill?”

**Report the answers back to us via text (260) 286-0988 or on h4ml.org/watchdogs
** Get this call to action by texting (260) 286-0988 the code 1334

Rep. Cash's LA has been reported to be telling H4ML callers that Rep Cash is promoting her own bills that "do the same." However they do NOT do the same, we covered these "political immunization" bills that do NOT move the needle on Liberty in our meeting. 

In short:
  1. HB 1071 Exceptions to required immunizations- NOT MOVING THE NEEDLE ON LIBERTY. Expands on exemption language, including philosophical exemptions. Does not prevent discrimination or adverse actions. Not enforceable- there is no penalty for those who break the law. What is the point of creating a law that is not enforceable? It also has a NEGATIVE IMPACT ON LIBERTY. Currently, when using an exemption you do not have to disclose your medical records or which vaccinations you are opting out of. This bill changes that so you must report all immunizations when using exemption. (Pg 5 line 10)
  2. HB 1072 Student immunizations- NOT MOVING THE NEEDLE ON LIBERTY. Allows exemptions for students in medical profession programs ONLY. This bill is an extremely limited population, it only applies to those in health profession education programs at "State Educational Institution." This does not prevent rejection of a student from a clinical site. Clinical sites are at hospitals, clinics, and long term care facilities which would not fall under the direction of this bill. If this bill were to pass nothing would change because the state educational institution would shift the blame to the clinical site. This is already a current issue.

We call out bills like these for two reasons. We want to make real and lasting change. Unfortunately, that isn't always the quickest or easiest route. 

We want to maintain your trust. We want to maintain your willingness to take action. How frustrated would you be if you received multiple calls to actions and got a "victory" only to be denied an exemption again. Or to have your child's dream of becoming a nurse, doctor, EMT, or other medical professional crushed because the law you fought so hard doesn't actually protect your child?

I preach all the time about how we must shake off apathy. We must also PREVENT apathy. Calling out bills that are nothing more than "Political immunization" is part of that. We know that fighting for a bill that makes little to no impact is demoralizing and will lead to apathy.

H4ML is committed to ending apathy and making the political process as easy as possible.

Anti-parental rights: SB46
THIS BILL IS TERRIFYING. I was truly hoping this bad bill would die quietly. After all, the state house claimed that they would not be doing anything controversial this year. 🤥
They cleverly named the bill “Parental Rights,” and it starts off well enough.
“A governmental entity may not substantially burden a parent's fundamental right to direct the:
(1) upbringing;
(2) religious instruction;
(3) education; or
 (4) health care;
of the parent's child,”
Then it takes a dark turn. Stating:
Parental rights can be ignored if it is for a “compelling governmental interest."
This is not a parental rights bill.
This bill is an ANTI PARENT bill.
Are you prepared to have your parental rights trampled on the next time a “compelling governmental interest” arises?
Our parental rights are protected by the Constitution. This bill is unnecessary in the first place.
Once you create a law that states parental rights can be violated for governmental interest you have crossed into the danger zone!
Who gets to decide what “compelling governmental interests” are?
Why on earth would anyone think that the government should be able to control the upbringing, religious instruction, education, or HEALTH CARE of our children?
This is not just an ATTACK on PARENTAL RIGHTS.

💥This is an ATTACK on 🫵 CHILDREN!💥
Are vaccines a compelling governmental interest? That could EASILY fall into place at this time.
What if Hoosier vaccination rates drop below a certain threshold? Will they consider this a “compelling governmental interest?”
Hasn’t the WHO already stated that declining vaccination rates are of global concern?
😤Is compliance with the WHO going to be a “compelling governmental interest?”
What about the next “pandemic?”
Any legislator signing on to this bill is:
  2. Getting bad advice, or
  3. Unable or unwilling to read.
The legislators in this committee and who have signed on to this bill must understand that supporting this bill is a political career killer.

Hoosiers you must act now and kill this bill before it gets out of committee.
Immediately take action.

Call & Tell them: “SB46 is ANTI parental rights. Do not support this bill, it is a political career killer.”

Brown & Byrne 317-232-9497
Gaskill 317-234-9443
Alexander 317-232-9984
Buck 317-232-9466
Zay 317-234-9441 (See below- add that SB272 must die)
Doriot 317-232-9808
Messmer 317-232-9533
Raatz 317-233-0930

**Report the answers back to us via text (260) 286-0988 or on h4ml.org/watchdogs
** Get this call to action by texting (260) 286-0988 the code ANTI PARENT

Do you think schools should be providing primary health care to their students?



Our schools are failing to keep up with the educational needs of our students as it is.

They do not need this added distraction.
Not to mention the fact that these clinics stand to threaten our liberty and create greater dependency on the government.
How quickly will this convenience turn into a coercive measure for vaccines?

How quickly will students be able to obtain care without parental knowledge or consent?
Currently, the bill has what some would call “guardrails,” including the requirement for consent and parental presence. However, we know how these things work. Over time they will decrease those requirements.
Hoosiers we don’t want health care and education to mix.

We must keep these clinics out of schools.
Conveniently, Senator Andy Zay, who is also a co-author of SB 46 is the primary author of this bill.
When you call Sen. Zay’s office be sure to tell him to “kill SB272 for school clinics. Primary Care clinics do not belong in schools!”

If you live in congressional district 3 (North East Indiana) you will want to take note. Senator Zay is running for the congressional seat even though it would leave his State senate seat open.

If the bills Senator Zay is authoring this year give any indication of what he would be like in congress you may want to consider if you want him headed into the DC swamp.

Zay is putting parental rights at risk in our state.

What rights would he be willing to give away in DC?
*Hoosiers for Medical Liberty does not endorse, support, or oppose any political candidate.

SB 192- Pharmacy Vaccinations
We are watching this bill closely for any changes to the age limitations of vaccinations given within pharmacies.

This bill will be heard on Wednesday.

If any changes occur we will be ready to pounce and you will be the first to know.
Thank you for your dedication on this short session.  I know that it has been a whirlwind and the calls to action have been weekly. 

This will not last long; however, these are incredibly important bills that we know you want to hear about.

We are dedicated to ensuring you stay in the know and have simple actionable items that will MOVE the needle on liberty.

Thank you for being the driving force behind this mission.

H4ML is completely donor funded. We don't get access to the big money our opponents do.

Hoosiers, we count on our donors to make this accessible to all.

If you are not yet a monthly donor please become one now. We are asking for $24 for 2024.

Having expected monthly donations allows us to plan for the future and take on the unexpected fights for liberty, like SB46.

We appreciate your support.

In Liberty,
Ashley, Andrea & the H4ML team.
<![CDATA[Mixed Messages from the state house]]>Thu, 18 Jan 2024 00:46:09 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/mixed-messages-from-the-state-houseAre you calling on behalf of HB1334?

If not, you should be. It will protect Hoosiers from coerced vaccines & discrimination.

We have been getting interesting feedback.
The L.A.'s are certainly acknowledging numerous calls, but Rep. Heath VanNatter doesn't seem to be taking medical liberty seriously.

One of our callers tells us that he believes the "GA" (general assembly also call the legislature) addressed the issue in 2021.

We are pretty sure he is talking about HB1001 from 2022 the created exemptions and LEGALIZED discriminatory testing up to twice weekly.

The bill we believe he is referring to left so many Hoosiers out and comes no where near the protections that HB1334 would provide.
Take a minute and make 1 call TODAY
Heath VanNatter 317-234-9139

Tell his LA "Hoosiers were not protected from mandates in 2022. HB1001 from 2022 created discriminatory testing. Give Hoosiers TRUE protections by hearing and passing HB1334 in committee next week!"

Read more about bodily integrity and sign the petition here: h4ml.org/bodilyintegrity

Get more talking points here.

If you haven't made calls yet you can get the other numbers by texting 260-286-0988 the code:
Keep up the great work Hoosiers!
<![CDATA[Don't let medical Liberty die!]]>Tue, 16 Jan 2024 05:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/dont-let-medical-liberty-dieLegislative season is moving quickly, just as we suspected.
Part of that is understanding that bills will die quickly if not heard.
We love HB1334 and we don’t want to see it die.
Hoosiers deserve the right to “Just Say No” and that is what HB1334 will do!
It will protect Hoosiers from being coerced into vaccinations.
But it will DIE if it is not heard on or by January 25th.
You read that right.
If January 25th comes and goes without HB 1334- Immunization Requirements being heard, it will be dead.
January 25th is NEXT WEEK!
We need your help!
Call Rep Heath VanNatter at 317-234-9139
Tell him: “Hear and vote to pass HB1334 in committee. Hoosiers deserve the right to say no! We will not rest until we have bodily integrity.”
We encourage you to call the other legislators in the committee that will hear the bill as well. If they support medical liberty they must support HB 1334!
If you texted 1334 last week the committee members are in that text.
If not, simply text 260-286-0988 the code: 1334
Here they are just incase you don't text:

 Tell the other reps on the committee:
“Call Rep. VanNatter & insist HB 1334 Employer Immunization Requirements is heard in committee!” 📞Your State Representative (reply with the word FIND to learn how to find your state rep.)

Rep. Genda 317-232-0404
Rep Cash** 317-232-9643
Rep. Hostettler** 317-232-9981
Rep. Torr 317-232-9597
Rep. Abbott 317-234-9452
Rep. Goodrich 317-234-0931
Rep. Lyness 317-232-9657
Rep. Manning 317-232-9619
** indicate a legislator who has stated they support medical liberty.
We have had a chance to review the other bills and will discuss the them at our upcoming meeting.
If you want to be in the know, be sure to join us this Thursday January 18th at 7pm.
Join in person at one of our H4ML Near Me Locations or join via zoom.  Register for zoom at h4ml.org/meetings
<![CDATA[Bodily Integrity In the state house!]]>Thu, 11 Jan 2024 18:16:19 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/bodily-integrity-in-the-state-houseExciting news, Hoosiers! 

Representative Bruce Borders has filed House Bill 1334, the first and only bill supporting wide-sweeping Bodily Integrity in Indiana!

Hoosiers deserve the right to simply say NO.

This bill recognizes the individual’s RIGHT TO REFUSE vaccination without facing coercion or adverse actions.
Rep. Border’s bill defines “employee” as an individual who works for an employer on a full-time or part-time basis, either paid or unpaid. It also protects:

  • an independent contractor;
  • a subcontractor; and
  • a student who works as a trainee or an intern.
That means that his bill, HB 1334 protects those individuals who work for a company in a full-time or part-time position. It includes those who are contractors, subcontractors, or students, either paid or unpaid, from coercion or adverse events for saying NO to a vaccination.
Hoosiers are protected from adverse actions against their:
  • tenure, compensation, and benefits;
  • terms, conditions, and privileges of employment;
  • uniform or attire;
  • use of areas open to immunized employees; or
  • testing in the absence of symptoms when immunized employees are not equally required to submit to testing.
Employers who decide they do not want to follow the law face a $5,000 fine, and the individual has the right to pursue civil damages!
The best part is that when offering a vaccine, employers must notify the individual of their right to refuse.
This bill is the ONLY bill in the state house that will protect bodily integrity, or the right to say no, without the need for exemptions.
We commend Rep. Borders (R) for his efforts to ensure a wide-sweeping medical liberty bill was filed. He was the only representative willing to take on the arduous task of working with the bill drafters and Hoosiers for Medical Liberty to ensure bodily integrity was properly presented.
Hoosiers it is now our turn to get to work!
We must demand that HB1334 become law.
The first step is for the bill to be heard in committee.
Your first call to action:
Call Rep Heath VanNatter, 317-234-9139

Chair of the Pensions and Labor Committee and tell him:

“HB1334 Employer Immunization Requirements must be heard! Protect Hoosier Rights!”
 (Get the call to action via text, send 260-286-0988 the code: 1334)

If you are truly set on achieving medical liberty, call the rest of the committee and tell them:

 “Call Rep. VanNatter & insist HB 1334 Employer Immunization Requirements is heard in committee!”

  1. Call Your State Representative (Need help? Text 260-286-0988 the word FIND)
  2. Call the other members of the Committee
  • Rep. Genda 317-232-0404
  • Rep Cash 317-232-9643
  • Rep. Hostettler 317-232-9981
  • Rep. Torr 317-232-9597
  • Rep. Abbott 317-234-9452
  • Rep. Goodrich 317-234-0931
  • Rep. Lyness 317-232-9657
  • Rep. Manning 317-232-9619
**If you don’t want to make all the calls, attempt to make as many as you can in 5-10 minutes, starting at the top of the list.

Last month we released the petition to PROTECT KIDS FROM DRIVE-THRU VACCINATION.
We have found at least one bill that has the potential to make these changes. Senate Bill 192 was authored by Senator Tyler Johnson. At the present time, it does NOT allow for the vaccination of children under age 11 within a pharmacy.

However, our source within retail pharmacy has informed us that pharmacists are already being educated on vaccinating children with instruction "THERE ARE NO UPPER LIMITS TO THE NUMBER OF VACCINATIONS ADMINISTERED IN A GIVEN SITTING. If the child is behind on eleven (11) vaccinations, you give all 11."

We have seen how the legislature will sneak changes into legislation. We cannot underestimate the possibility that they could change this to allow all vaccinations to be given by pharmacists.

Make sure you read the petition page to understand the hidden dangers!

We must protect our children from vaccinations in the absence of their physician.
Any changes to the pharmacy language will be a priority defensive battle for H4ML.
We have relayed our concerns to Sen. Johnson, including that the age for pharmacy vaccinations should be increased to prevent vaccination of anyone under age 18 in a retail setting to meet basic safety standards. 


If you want to hear about changes to this language first, be sure to text us at 260-286-0988 with the word:  KIDS

Luckily, we have not seen any bills with outright threats to medical liberty. However, there are still bills that have not been filed. We will continue to monitor the situation and share an update on Tuesday.
We have identified a few bills we like to call “political immunization.” These bills appear to function with the intent to further medical liberty but their effectiveness falls short, much like the COVID vaccine. 

Designation of “political immunization” means that the bill fails to make a significant impact on medical liberty, isn’t enforceable, or even does absolutely nothing. 

We will call these bills out for what they are simply because we don’t believe that we should waste our time, talent, or treasure fighting worthless battles. 

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty respects our members, we want to be sure that when we ask you to add something to your busy schedule, it serves a purpose and WILL move the needle on medical liberty.

Overall, we think this is a good start to a rapid session. 

Things will move FAST because politicians want to be campaigning before the May primaries. 

We will have limited time to get things done during legislative session, and that means we must be ready to act at a moment's notice. 
Conscientious activists must also be looking toward the primaries.
If your legislator is ignoring medical liberty, or worse, attempting political immunization, you may want to consider identifying someone who will better represent your values.

The actions of liberty-minded activists across the state have paid off. 

Republican politicians now know that you are a sleeping giant.

They have come to remember who it is that they are elected to represent.
They are elected for and by YOU. 

Not big pharma. 

Not big ag. 

Not big industry. 


I hope you enjoy this little cartoon and enjoy it as much as we do. As we mentioned in our year-end review, Hoosier politics has seen several resignations and retirements. 

This is proof of your hard work and ability for Liberty-minded, grassroots efforts across the state to hold elected officials accountable.

The spirit of Lady Liberty is alive and well.  She is not resting, and we must use these victories as fuel to continue our pursuit of Liberty.

Stay engaged with H4ML and other grassroots organizations in the state. Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Become a watchdog! (5 hrs per year)
  2. Get H4ML text alerts (Text 260-286-0988 )
  3. Join the Indiana PC Project
  4. Be on the look-out for the next (medical) liberty champion and connect them with Hoosier Voices!
Don’t forget, we will have our monthly meeting on Thursday Jan. 18th at 7pm.

You can join in person at one of our H4ML Near Me Locations in Bloomington, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Huntington, and Indianapolis or virtually via zoom. 

In Liberty,
<![CDATA[Madison County Council]]>Tue, 02 Jan 2024 23:41:01 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/madison-county-councilThis is a huge opportunity to reclaim ground on SEA4- the Governor's Public Health Commission.

If you remember this was a BIG fight in 2023 The legislation we fought against and "tamed down" still had dangerous strings attached to the wasteful and haphazard spending approved by the Indiana Legislature.
Tell the Madison County Council to "reject the wasteful public "health first" spending. This money is excessive and comes with strings. We need fiscal responsibility and transparency."

The meeting will be Tuesday Jan. 9th at 6pm.
Madison County Government Center, Room 110, 16 East 9th Street, Anderson, IN 46016

Need more information? 

I synthesized all the information and plugged it into this document, click to download. You can use the information here to help guide your conversations.

*Hint, pg 3 of the download has specific questions for you to ask at the county council meeting.

If you are unable please call the council with the message above in quotes above.

If you have personal numbers you may also consider calling your council members with the message above!!

If your county council rejects the funding, this will create positive ripples across the state! Listen to the video below.

Don't forget to tell your friends and neighbors they can get this alert by texting 260-286-0988 the words: MADISON COUNTY
You can also email your council with the subject line "Public Comment"

Ben Gale Bgale@madisoncounty.in.gov
Anthony Emery Aemery@madisoncounty.in.gov
Robert Steele rsteele@madisoncounty.in.gov
Diana Likens Diana.likens@madisoncounty.in.gov
Jodi Norrick Jnorrick@madisoncounty.in.gov
Bethany Keller Bethany.keller@madisoncounty.in.gov
Mikeal Vaughn Mvaughn@madisoncounty.in.gov

<![CDATA[2023 in review]]>Sun, 31 Dec 2023 14:48:17 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/2023-in-review2023 Year in review.
At the end of the year, we are all counting our blessings and looking ahead to the future. This year is no different. I wanted to be sure that we reviewed all the beautiful things our members have made possible in 2023.
It doesn’t seem possible that 2023 is over, and our next legislative session is right around the corner, but it is!
We have a lot to be proud of, Hoosiers!
Despite the relaxed atmosphere around COVID and many legislators claiming that COVID was “over,” we still had a strong representation of Medical Liberty bills in 2023. Or at least bills that were attempting to be Medical Liberty bills. 
That may sound disappointing.
It isn’t.
The carefree attitude carried by legislators over the issue was inconsistent with their behavior of filing “medical liberty” bills. This tells us that even though the legislature wants YOU to think it isn’t a big issue, they know it is!
If it weren’t a big deal, they wouldn’t have been working for “political immunization.”
Let’s just say that the attempts at “political immunization” were about as effective as the COVID vaccine…
On the flip side, we were proud to have helped draft SB 272 Requirements for foster families with the intent to end discrimination against unvaccinated foster and adoptive families.  
SB272 made a meaningful change for Liberty.
Though the bill never got a committee hearing, the language made its way into another bill and is now part of the Indiana State Code.
Thanks to your hard work, Indiana foster and adoptive families can no longer be declined solely based on vaccination status.
Make no mistake, this is not about begging for an exemption, and this win was a victory for far more Hoosiers than for those seeking to become foster or adoptive parents.
It was a massive offensive victory!
Passing the language from SB272, without needing exemptions, set a precedent and paved the way for future legislation and the individual’s right to Bodily Integrity!!
See how it happened here. This wasn’t a straightforward battle. It was a direct result of persistence and perseverance. This is an important lesson as we keep pushing the boundaries to secure Bodily Integrity.
Scoring an offensive win with EVERYTHING you want doesn’t happen very often…
You scored this massive offensive victory for medical liberty while playing extreme defense against SEA4, the Governor’s Public Health Commission.
If you remember, H4ML started sounding the alarm on the Governor’s Public Health Commission in 2022. If you don’t remember the awful plan they had intended, be sure to refresh your memory with this video.
We knew going in that the effort needed to simply DEFEND our liberty from tyrants was going to be our BIG fight for the year, and that it was.
Hoosiers, you walked their plans back through your persistence in contacting your legislators, county commissioners, and health departments.
Together, we drastically interrupted their plan for top-down control over your counties.
As you heard in the video above, they planned to make it impossible for counties to opt out of the program by changing the legally required services.
They planned to turn you against your county officials through “reeducation campaigns.” These efforts would have made it a demand by the people and “YOUR FAULT” when the county commissioners opted in.
We felt as though it would be a significant accomplishment to be able to have just ONE county opt-out.
At the end of the opt-in period, there were SIX counties, Crawford, Fountain, Harrison, Johnson, Wells, and Whitley, who rejected the excess public health funding!
This is a significant victory!
WHEN the next public health emergency occurs, these counties will not be bound by financial strings to follow tyrannical requirements by the Indiana State Department of Health as directed by the Federal Government or worse, The W.H.O.
Opting out once is not permanent.
The six counties listed above will face another opt-in period for 2025.
If they opt-in, there is an ever-present threat that they may be forced to comply or the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars EACH.
**Do not lose sight of this. We will revisit this later.
In addition to being engaged in this major fight against the public health commission and the enacting legislation SEA4, H4ML activists showed up for another critical defensive fight.
H4ML alerted Hoosiers about SB47 “vax-pass lite” and your swift calls and powerful testimony killed it. 
“Vax-pass lite” would have added a “scannable code” to every account in the Indiana vaccine registry. May I remind you that participation in this registry is NOT voluntary?

Hoosiers have been added to this registry for years without their consent.
Worse yet, this bill would have violated a 2021 law that banned state-issued vaccine passports, and the authors still tried to press on. Check out how the story unfolded in these blog posts: one, two, three, four, & five.
Walking through that series of blog posts brings joy to my heart. I work diligently to make fighting for your medical liberty easy amidst your daily duties. Watching how it is laid out and transparent exemplifies the work we do at H4ML.
If I am being transparent, I must admit I was worried about what this past year would bring without champions like Representatives Curt Nisly and John Jacob.
It was a terrifying prospect, and many people have asked me about this.
It is easy to feel defeated and perhaps even helpless.
The legislative session was undoubtedly different than before, but without a doubt, it was successful. 
We are still winning and making an impact on the legislature and health policy!
We cannot back down now, and here is the evidence of your effectiveness!
Did you know that Dr. Box, the Indiana Health Commissioner and a leader in the Governor’s Public Health Commission, retired this year?
Did you know that so far, THREE members of the House Public Health Committee have announced their retirement or resignation?
Representative Ann Vermilion resigned. Representative Donna Schaibley & Representative Denny Zent both decided they did not want to run for their seats again in 2024.
30% of the Republican members of the Public Health Committee are leaving their posts…
These retirees likely realize that YOU, grassroots activists, are not going anywhere.
They have experienced your dedication over the past three years and are likely terrified that you will be beating on their doors until we achieve Medical Liberty!
But they are not alone. We are seeing a mass exodus from the legislature, including seven house representatives and three senators.
This is a direct result of the grassroots groups rising and creating accountability for our elected.
Elected officials realize that the days of mindlessly following the lobbyists of BIG INDUSTRY and SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS are OVER.
Three years of tyrannical rule by Governor Holcomb and the blatant refusal by the Legislature to protect the citizens woke a sleeping GIANT.
Tyranny perpetrated by Holcomb and dereliction of duty by the legislature woke the once politically apathetic.

Shedding our apathy, we are now laser focused on ensuring that our rights are upheld and protected.

To do this Hoosiers must have Medical Liberty Champions in the state house.
These retirements are prime opportunities to get brave legislators into the statehouse.
Medical liberty-loving residents who want to see change should start talking with their friends and family. You never know who will be the next champion to jump into the political arena.
Counties with potential vacancies include:
Steuben, and
If you or someone you know is considering running for office intending to preserve liberty, please reach out. Even if it is not in one of the above counties.

While H4ML doesn’t endorse, support, or oppose any political candidate, we have friendly organizations who would like to help you!
I know, without a doubt, that if we continue working together, we will see continued success in Indiana! 
I am so very thankful to be able to work alongside such a fantastic group of people spanning across our entire state including individual activists and organizations.
We achieved these major legislative feats by working together.  We have had several other non-legislative accomplishments as well.
In 2023 H4ML:
  • Sent nearly 180,000 text messages mobilizing and informing Hoosiers.
  • Maintained and updated our website & blog to keep Hoosiers informed.
  • Shared thousands of copies of the Pediatric COVID-19 Informed Consent Guide
  • Educated thousands about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System through the VAERS Project website, speaking engagements, booklets, and fliers statewide and nationally.
  • Expansion of H4ML Near Me for a total of 5 locations: Bloomington, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Huntington, and Indy, with pending locations in Fishers, Chesterton, and Madison.
  • Hosted three showings of Spellers, spreading information on supporting non-verbal individuals finding effective communication.
  • Launched H4the ML Store, where you can find branded merchandise as well as unique apparel to spark Medical Liberty conversations.
  • Launched Watchdogs to improve local oversight with legislators.
  • Participated in Legislative Candidate Interviews to identify allies.
  • Sent thousands of membership ballots directly to you, our members, to get your feedback on the upcoming year.
  • Introduced the idea of Bodily Integrity.
  • Representation at events such as Trinity Health Freedom Expo, Indiana Association of Home Educators Expo, Wellness Parenting Summit, and many more.
  • Supported development of Health Liberty Inc 501c3 to educate families and individuals on informed vaccine decision making or medical professionals on VAERS
  • Sounded the alarm on the kids' vaccine drive-thru.
Thank you for your continued commitment to Medical Liberty.

We are so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you and wish you a wonderful new year!

In Liberty,

Your H4ML Team
Ashley, Andrea, Becca, Julie, & Ashley.
<![CDATA[Announcing Health Liberty Inc]]>Wed, 13 Dec 2023 05:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/announcing-health-liberty-incH4ML now has a sister organization, Health Liberty Inc.

I briefly touched on this in our November meeting, but have not widely publicized it. Despite this well-kept secret, Health Liberty Inc. has BIG NEWS!

They received a matching donation of up to $5,000.00 and we here at H4ML hope that you will consider pitching in to maximize generosity.

I know that you all have seen donation requests from H4ML in the form of our recent Giving Tuesday campaign. We are so appreciative of your generosity! 

But, we cannot let this opportunity for donation matching pass...

Especially since Health Liberty has not officially launched. With that fact, they don't have any emails or social media to speak of, so they are counting on word of mouth.

Will you help maximize this matching donation?

You can do this in two ways. 

  1. Make a direct donation.
  2. Share this email and the donation form with your friends!

The great news is that Health Liberty Inc. is a 501c3, which means your donation is tax deductible!

So not only will your donation be DOUBLED dollar for dollar, but you can use this as a tax write-off!
To make things even better, Health Liberty Inc., has received several copies of "What the Nurses Saw" by Ken McCarthy. An interview with our founder, Ashley Grogg, is featured in Chapter 6. 

Ashley will be signing and mailing copies of the book to donors contributing $50 or more!
You might be asking, "Why would H4ML want a sister organization?"

The answer is simple. If we had started a 501c3 organization we could never talk politics, give you the details on how legislators are voting, or help lobby for protective legislation.

As a 501c4, Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is allowed to do all those things and protect YOUR rights. However, donations made to 501c4's are NOT tax deductible.

For many of our donors, especially those blessed to make large contributions, that holds them back.

Starting Health Liberty Inc, we will be able to do all the purely educational aspects of H4ML and fund it with funds that wouldn't otherwise be accessible to us.

H4ML and Health Liberty Inc. are separate entities, but they share the same values and are working towards health and medical liberty.

Health Liberty Inc. will take over responsibility for distributing information on the VAERS Project and is already in the process of developing informed vaccine decision-making info sheets for expectant mothers and families. (If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, please message Health Liberty at info@healthlibertyinc.org.)

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty will continue doing all the wonderful work we do, making politics easy for you and helping lobby for Medical Liberty legislation protecting Bodily Integrity.

<![CDATA[Giving Tuesday]]>Mon, 27 Nov 2023 21:20:54 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/giving-tuesday
We We, as Hoosiers, have so much to be grateful for! The H4ML team is especially thankful for our dedicated members.
Due to perseverance over the past three years, Indiana has seen legislative advances in Medical Liberty, including a ban on vaccine passports, COVID vaccine exemptions, and most recently ending discrimination against potential foster & adoptive families exercising their right to Bodily Integrity.
The fight is not over!

We have a great foothold, but there is so much work to be done and the threat to medical liberty is ever present. We saw the reality of that when the Indiana Senate tried to create a vaccine passport this past year.

Will you help us preserve medical liberty and advance the protection of our most fundamental rights?

We are working towards The Bodily Integrity Act, securing the right to bodily integrity for all Hoosiers in 2024!
This is a lofty goal, and for this reason, we are asking that as you make your Giving Tuesday donations, you will give generously to Hoosiers for Medical Liberty.
We have seen the generosity of Hoosiers over the past few months and couldn’t be more thankful. We sent out our first membership ballot and received a fantastic response with encouragement to FIGHT EVERYWHERE!
If you have responded to our membership ballot, we want to thank you again for enhancing our efforts to secure bodily integrity in Indiana!
If you were not able to respond, or maybe didn’t receive a mailed copy, it isn’t too late! You can use this Giving Tuesday to affirm your pledge to the fight for Medical Liberty here in Indiana.
Thank you for your generosity!
In Liberty,
Ashley Grogg & the H4ML Team

P.S. You can still use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY23 at h4ml.org/store for 15% off your entire purchase of Medical Liberty themed shirts!
P.P.S. If you didn't get a membership ballot and would like to be on our mailing list, complete the form below.

    Join our mailing list!

    By submitting this form you consent to receive communications from H4ML.
<![CDATA[November meeting]]>Thu, 16 Nov 2023 05:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/november-meetingThis month's meeting was prerecorded due to a conflicting event. I was invited to speak at the Southern Indiana Patriots meeting and love being in person. A big thank you to the Southern Indiana Patriots for welcoming me. I look forward to seeing you all.

We are hyper-focused on building the watchdogs program as it will be a powerful weapon in the fight for liberty.

ALL OF OUR MEMBERS SHOULD BE WATCHDOGS.  The commitment is low, the and the reward is great.

Register as a watchdog: h4ml.org/watchdogsu
Get the link sent to your phone, Text: 260-286-0988 the word WATCHDOG
Resources: Communicating with your legislator & Bodily Integrity details **also found on the Watchdog page under resources.
What is a Precinct Committeeman?
Check out the Indiana PC Project. https://www.indianapcproject.com/

Thank you, Rodney. We appreciate your commitment to medical liberty. It only feels right to dedicate this meeting to your beloved friend and fellow medical liberty warrior. May you both be an example for the rest of us.
<![CDATA[October 2023 Monthly meeting]]>Sun, 29 Oct 2023 01:37:40 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/october-2023-monthly-meetingIf you missed our meeting you can watch the replay here. I also promised a handout to discuss bodily integrity with your legislators and that is available by clicking the "DOWNLOAD" button below.

You can find the other download on our watchdogs page.

Register to become a watchdog today or learn more by clicking the "I'm in" button on the watchdog page.
<![CDATA[August Meeting]]>Mon, 21 Aug 2023 18:07:06 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/august-meetingWhat to expect:
I am including the recording of the meeting but the blog post below will contain much of the information from the video.
Now on to the written details. There is quite a bit here so ...
Governor's Public Health Funding Update:
If you don’t know what the Public Health Commission or SEA4 was make sure you check out h4ml.org/gphcshorts.  You can watch from the inception of the commission through the passing of the legislation on that page. You may also find the download helpful.

Ultimately, counties were offered an increase in public health funding that they couldn’t refuse. Unfortunately, the bill also contains a dangerous loophole that is mutually exclusive with the statement maintaining county power.

Eligibility for funding hinges on compliance with administrative rules created by the Department of Health. These rules can be changed at any time and include compulsory testing, monitoring, and required vaccines.

All but about 20 counties have opted into the program.  You can check out the map here to find out about your county.
NEWS TO CELEBRATE: Johnson County has opted out of the program for the time being.
You can read more in the daily journal article. The article makes several commonsense arguments as to why the county did not opt-in to the program including additional strings that may be attached. Elected officials also state that they may consider the funding in the future but right now, the program is only two years and they have concerns if the program was cut in the future.

Great job Johnson County. 


What better time to opt out than before the money is delivered?
During our meeting we talked about the power of one, and how one person is able to create great change. We are proud of our members taking action and making a difference.  One of our members was even able to publish an editorial in his local paper.  (Link to follow)

For now, we need YOU to exercise your power of one. 

Go meet with your elected and be sure to make it clear that commissioners should opt out (even if they already opted in) and state legislators must remove the loop-hole.
Talking points:
Download HERE
County commissioners:
  1. Share the daily journal article.
  2. Tell the Commissioners about the loophole that is mutually exclusive with the clause retaining county autonomy. (Citation source: IC 16-46-10-6)
  3. Ask the commissioners if they are going to end programs and terminate employees if the funding isn’t renewed in two years OR if the Department of Health issues rules the county is unwilling to comply with.
  4. Ask the commissioners how they will ensure a return on tax-payer investment within county health. Be clear that “population served” is not an acceptable means of measurement.
State Senator/State Representatives:
  1. Tell them you want them to author and vote for the Bodily Integrity Act H4ML has proposed and they must correct any current law that may infringe on the inalienable right of bodily integrity.
  2. Tell them, secondary to #1, you expect them to correct the error made when putting mutually exclusive statements in SEA4. They must remove the clause in IC 16-46-10-6, regarding administrative rules, that negates the county autonomy clause.
Bodily Integrity Act:
Bodily integrity is Medical Liberty.

We will settle for nothing less.
Bodily integrity is an individual’s inalienable right to be free from unwanted intrusions to their bodies that would interfere with them being intact and whole.
This means an end to medical mandates.
All other legislative actions for medical liberty are secondary to this one principle.
This is going to be a heavy lift, but ultimately, if we do not have the right to refuse an intrusion of our bodies, WE DO NOT OWN THEM.

If we do not demand bodily integrity now, we will never escape the constant and exhausting fight against “exemption law.”

Hoosiers we have a choice. We can secure our bodies or we can constantly be searching for the next bandaid for the issue.

I know that you will join me in this quest to secure Medical Liberty. Here is how you an help:
  1. Sign the petition on our website now!
  2. Invite your friends, family, & acquaintances to join as well!
  3. Make an appointment to talk with your legislator about authoring and supporting the Bodily Integrity Act
Everyone can get important text updates by texting 260-286-0988 the word: INTEGRITY
We are diving into a difficult battle and one way we will be successful is through a renewed focus on our WATCHDOGS program.

Becoming a watchdog is an incredibly impactful way to contribute without

The purpose of watchdogs is to hold legislators accountable for actions and words. Our pack will connect periodically for those who wish. Other watchdogs may choose to operate as lone wolves while reporting back to H4ML via forms.

Primary responsibilities will be to develop an employer-employee relationship with the legislator, meet with them in person once per year. These meetings can often be held in your hometown. These bonus barks are not required but can be helpful to remind them you are watching. Watchdogs will also have 2-3 other points of dialog with the legislator in person, email or phone throughout the year. After each point of contact watchdogs will communicate back with H4ML.
After the recording stopped an important question was brought up regarding other legislation that might be offered and if H4ML activists should be supporting it too.

H4ML encourages it’s activists to be critical thinkers. Politics can make this a very difficult task.  I don’t want people to just “do what we say.” I want you to question our recommendations and be sure you know why you are doing the things we recommend. This is why I put so much time and energy into laying things out in the blog or through handouts.

I want our activists to QUESTION EVERYTHING!
When you are questioning if you should support legislation here are things to consider:

  1. Is this legislation getting to the root of the problem or regulating it?
  2. Will this add unnecessary laws and bloat the government?
  3. Are legislators or other interested parties trying to distract me from what I really want?
Let’s dig into these three just a bit.
  1. Getting to the root, or creating regulation:

Getting to the root of the issue is imperative if you don’t want a never-ending battle.  We know the issue of Medical Liberty is not an easy one. We are up against Goaliaths, but we will never secure the sovereignty of our bodies if we are constantly creating regulations. 
Regulatory bills often end up flipped, rather than creating “protections for some” they often create restrictions for many.

HB1001 (2022), the law for COVID-19 exemptions, is the perfect example of this.  We kicked this fight off in 2021 with SB 74 which would have prevented employers from requiring vaccines for their employees. The legislature turned this into exemptions with several exclusions that left those working in healthcare and entertainment without “protection.” Worse yet, this joke of a bill created a law that allows twice-weekly discriminatory testing against those using exemptions. 

In the best case scenarios regulatory bills become watered down and are essentially worthless but allow legislators the ability to falsely claim that they fought for your issue and then gaslight you when you demand accountability.

  1. Will this create unnecessary laws & bloat the government:

The example above regarding HB1001 (2022) and the resulting testing is the perfect example of a bloated government.  The government should not be requiring testing, in fact this state law undermines religious discrimination protections. 

I am sure there are hundreds of examples of this but that novel will have to wait for another day.  Ultimately, we do not want to spend our time creating more and more laws, we should be living through constitutional principles and limiting government involvement as much as possible.
After all we are intelligent, thoughtful human beings who should be accountable for our actions. Society must not be reliant on the government to rule over every aspect of life.

  1. Are legislators or other interested parties trying to distract me from what I really want?
This is a key. ALWAYS be asking “If I believe what they say, and do what they want, how do they benefit?”
Distraction is a political tactic and it can come in many forms.  This tactic often goes hand in hand with threats. For example, politicians like to threaten constituents with “loosing an opportunity,” especially when that opportunity requires less work from the politician, poses less of a political threat, and gets you off their backs. Politicians may say things like, “You are fighting an impossible battle” or “you are being unreasonable” after making disparaging comments they will offer up a cookie.  “I am with you, really.  You just don’t understand how things work around here.  What I can do for you is…”

Most of the time the tactic is not that obvious but be looking for this sort of pattern with politicians.  Once you spot it, recognition becomes easier. If you miss this tactic, don’t beat yourself up because they are trained professionals and have had plenty of practice.
We are currently working on classes to help you identify and stop these tactics. Make sure you stay tuned and sign up for future educational opportunities, sign up here.
That wraps up this monthly update. 

In Liberty,
Ashley & H4ML Team
<![CDATA[GPHC county commissioner update]]>Mon, 24 Jul 2023 21:07:59 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/gphc-county-commissioner-update
  1. Public health is important, but not at the expense of liberty.
  2. SB4 was designed to centralize public health through coercion. (WATCH THE VIDEOS)
  3. The bill has a loophole that ties funding to administrative rules adopted by the State Dept. of Health requiring a choice between autonomy or funding. It is an unnecessary addon, the counties are already required to use the funds for the defined core public health services.
  4. Supporters of SEA4 are confusing Medicaid expansion with public health. The US spends the most per capita on health yet it has the worst outcomes in developed countries. How will throwing more money at the problem help?
Everyone agrees Public Health is important. We are not trying to insinuate that it shouldn’t be a priority. BUT IT IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY, A LACK OF TRANSPARENCY OR COMMON SENSE.

The purpose of SB4 is to centralize public health creating a top-down approach to ensure “consistent & equitable” public health measures across the country. The intent to use coercion to centralize public health power was clear in the snippets from the Governor’s Public Health Commission meeting on June 30th meeting found here.

Legislators claim counties “maintain their authority” while ignoring a gaping loophole. Funding is tied to administrative rules set by the State Department of Health. However the law already requires that the funding be spent on the core public health services. The clause requiring counties to follow administrative rules is unnecessary.

Senator Tyler Johnson attended the July 24th 2023 Dekalb commissioners meeting and admitted this was a concern. Especially because administrative rules may be changed, historically, we have seen the health department act with a “heavy hand.”

He admits that he voted in opposition of the bill, but disappointingly, he encouraged the County Commissioners to accept the funding.

Why would he ask the commissioners to vote yes, when he was unwilling to? When asked, his only response was that these are taxpayer dollars and that we shouldn’t refuse them.
Supporters of opting in crowed about the need for more funding with emotional pleas related to the underinsured and homeless. While access to care is a significant issue. Primary care and disease management are not the role of public health. Aligning under-insured with appropriate programs and resources is the solution, not replicating Medicaid programs. Public health is not about disease management, it is PREVENTION. Wittingly or not, their testimonies were proposing an expansion of Medicaid through the public health system. This is a slippery slope towards socialized medicine and bigger government. At present the U.S. spends significantly more than other developed countries and yet has the worst health outcomes. Is it logical to believe that throwing money at this problem will improve the situation?
Commissioners should do the fiscally responsible thing, opt out.

Give the state legislature an opportunity to fix this mess and ensure a responsible, sustainable, and transparent plan is in place and FREE of financial strings.  The additional requirement of following administrative rules could only be for one thing. CONTROL.
Accepting this funding with the current requirements will render counties helpless against future lockdowns pushed by the state, federal and even global organizations.

You have two action items:
  1. Tell your county commissioners to opt-out. ***If they have already opted in you can still opt out before getting the funds. See if your county already opted-in here.
  2. Tell your state legislators to remove the financial strings and provide transparency. If the governor’s public health commission is truly about health, the legislature must remove the nonsensical requirement for compliance with “rules adopted by the state department.” IC 16-46-10-6
Here is a copy of the testimony I gave at the Dekalb County Commissioner's meeting.  Feel free to email, read or print copies and share with your commissioners.  
I would also like to correct something I said at the commissioners meeting today.  I spoke on the amount of funding the county would receive.  My calculations were wrong. Though I was reading "match" my brain interpreted it as "co-pay." 

The funding listed on the "opt-in amount" is the amount the county will receive from the state and is IN ADDITION to, not including, the county match. That means the calculations I made on the spot were INCREDIBLY wrong.

The actual figures make the offer of additional funds nearly impossible to decline. 

County health departments may see nearly a double in funding the first year and more the following years. One thing was clear, the specifics are not well laid out, the counties do not know their opt-in match nor can they provide specifics on the new budget totals.

This does not change the risk to liberty that these funds include. In fact, this information may add an additional level of concern. Clearly there is incredible motivation to ensure consistent, sustainable, and equitable public health measures.

I cannot place a price on freedom or our constitution, however not all feel the same way.  We are definitely fighting an uphill battle but that does not mean we quit. We must keep fighting, we must push through.

Even if your county has opted in, GATHER YOUR NEIGHBORS and go tell the commission to opt out before receiving any funds.
<![CDATA[Summer Update]]>Sun, 09 Jul 2023 01:11:43 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/summer-updateWhat you will find below:
SB4- Public Health Commission in your county
Spellers Showings
‘The Big Catch-up’ Vaccination campaign
VAERS Education Update
Next Legislative Season
SB4- Public Health Commission in your county. 
Initial meetings have been had in most counties setting up the accounts to receive funding.  This does not mean that the county has necessarily opted in, but that is sure to come by September. 

As you can see by the photo above, about 1/3 of the Counties in Indiana have opted in.

What do we do about this?

We have already done so much, but there is still more work on the horizon.  Be sure that you are staying up to date on the issue and talking with your county commissioners and county councilmen about concerns moving forward.

Download our last update and get your commissioners to acknowledge and agree to transparency and fiscal responsibility.

If we don't communicate with them about the dangers that come with this bill they will never know.

If, or WHEN, our concerns come to light we will be able to point back to these requests and force change. If constituents are unable to ensure sovereignty of the county, they may choose to replace those elected responsible for the implementation of these programs. If we don't speak up now, it will be more difficult to hold them accountable later!

** We are working on gathering more information.  You can help by asking your county how much the county pays into the public health department.  You are NOT looking for the Health Department's budget, but how much of the health department's budget comes directly from the county.

Fort Wayne SPELLERS Screening!

We have had a wonderful turn out to our previous 2 screenings of this riveting documentary about non-verbal individuals finding their voice through spelling. 

We will have another Screening in Ft. Wayne tomorrow Sunday July 9th. Doors open at 2, screening at 2:30.  If you haven't gotten your tickets do so now.

A special thanks to our monthly donors who make these events possible.

Get Tickets

If you have missed these screenings and would like to help host one in your area please text us at 260-286-0988.  We will pay the screening fee but are looking for FREE or low budget locations to host. 


There has been quite a buzz about Chelsea Clinton talking about the WHO "BIG CATCH-UP." This program is supported by all the usual suspects including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is working to improve the slump in vaccinations caused by the pandemic.

Worse yet, "The BIG CATCH-UP" is only a part of Immunization Agenda 2030. We encourage you to visit the website and review it.  Then compare to SB4...

What does this mean for us?

It means that vaccination pressure will continue to mount.  With the additional funding coming into our counties via SB4 we may see an increase in school vaccine clinics.

We have already been getting emails about parents who are being told by schools that vaccinations are required for enrollment. The schools are NOT mentioning religious or medical exemptions and have a very threatening tone.

We must be educating our communities. Download the infographic below and share it in your community. We will also be adding it to our social media outlets but we are being heavily censored by big tech, your dissemination of this info is tremendously helpful. 

We have been keeping our ear to the ground and it is looking like the state will be moving to accept additional funding for vaccinations during next legislative session. According to "Vaccinate Indiana" FY22 resulted in over $5 million in "Section 317 funds."

The group is already mobilizing activists to email legislators to ensure the funding is there.

Hoosiers we must also mobilize.  We need to ensure our legislature, local school boards, & county health departments understand that we do not want vaccination clinics in our schools and we especially do not approve of hosting them during school hours. 

Could you spare an hour a month to meet with or call your officials?

One of the reason H4ML has been so successful is because of YOUR willingness to participate.

If you are scared or unsure what to say, use this download to help you plan your visit. It was designed for communicating with legislators but you can modify it for your county elect, and health departments. 

VAERS Education

VAERS Project is still swinging strong educating healthcare professionals about VAERS for FREE.  So many people are surprised when they find out this information is available at no cost.  We do ask for donations to support the project. Our monthly donors have provided such an amazing gift by ensuring this important information can get in the hands of everyone, for FREE. We are committed to ensuring this remains the case.

For those wanting more information, Ashley has created comprehensive courses covering the topic of VAERS from a more holistic perspective through her company Wellness Through Awareness.

There are three different course tracks

  1. For nurses, approved for contact hours (CEU)
  2. For patients and caregivers,
  3. For providers not needing CE.
Ashley is excited about the launch of these in depth programs and hopes to see them implemented in public health departments  and hospitals across the country.

Get $5 off the course by using promo code: H4ML

2024 Legislative Season

Legislative season will be upon us before we know it.

While we are still working on our complete plans for legislative action, we already know one of our priorities will be ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency regarding what was passed in SB4 (now SEA4) in 2023.

If you would like to weigh in on what you feel our MEDICAL LIBERTY legislative priority should be click here and let us know!

Surprise... I added a hidden section.

We would like to have a comprehensive " Medical Liberty Bookshelf" with recommended reading. Could you help us out and submit your favorite books?

We are also considering adding a bigger merch shop... what would you like to see?

Would you be interested in a t-shirt design contest? Let us know in the comments
In Liberty,

The H4ML Team

<![CDATA[Public Health 911 in your county!]]>Wed, 07 Jun 2023 13:59:21 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/public-health-911-in-your-countyYour county will be voting to start the process of accepting the money from SB4.

It will be done by July 1st, we must take immediate action.
I have tried to make this as easy as possible for you.  Use the download above and demand transparency and fiscal responsibility prior to accepting the funding. 

It does not matter if the county has already started the process. Keep pushing for this transparency and make sure the citizens are being heard and REPRESENTED. 

It is not too late, we must keep fighting the idea of "Medicaid for all."

For more info on why it isn't to late watch the live video below:
Submit feedback from your exchanges with elected officials here.
Listen to Indianapolis City-County Council and what they had to say.
Watch the uncut video HERE.
<![CDATA[May Monthly Meeting]]>Mon, 22 May 2023 19:16:59 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/may-monthly-meetingWe had our monthly Meeting the 18th and here is the recording. I won't always post the recording but, I am trying to strike some balance between activism and personal life.

The call to action has everything you need to communicate with the elect and your peers. Download the worksheet, become informed, and take action! It is all there!!

Here are the links you need:

Watch the videos from the public health commission, the mentioned hearings on SB4 and the new call to action... h4ml.org/gphcshorts

Email Andrea for more information about the business initiative: nearme@hoosiersformedicalliberty.com

Text us your county name like: ADAMS COUNTY to 260-286-0988 for your county commissioner's contact information.

If anyone wants to volunteer to collect all of the Health Department's websites I will post them, but I am not committing to keeping it updated. It might also be worth while to collect the website of the county commissioners and county councils as well.  I would HAPPILY post that on here. Before you start reach out to me and I will send you a spreadsheet to plug the information into.
It is imperative to communicate with your county elect now!!
They could start the planning phases on these measures soon.

Download the call to action and demand accountability.
**the video may take a moment to load
<![CDATA[We are bringing Spellers to Bloomington!]]>Thu, 11 May 2023 16:24:49 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/we-are-bringing-spellers-to-bloomington
Can't wait to learn more about SPELLERS?

Learn more here: https://spellers.com
We are excited to announce we are hosting a FREE screening of SPELLERS!

This groundbreaking documentary explores the beliefs about developmental delays in non-verbal autistic individuals and asks: “What if we’ve been wrong… about every single one of them?”

Register: https://kinema.com/events/spellers-bagwep

Thursday, May 25th
The American Legion
1800 W 3rd. St. Bloomington 47404
Doors open at 6:00 pm, screening at 6:30pm

In Liberty,

P.S. We would love to see this film sweep the state. If you are interested in helping host please reach back out to us, we can cover the screening fee.

P.P.S. Thank you to our generous donors! You are the reason we can host community-building events like this. If you are not a reoccurring donor and are able, please visit h4ml.org/membership to start today!
<![CDATA[SB4 conference committee hearing]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2023 12:12:47 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-conference-committee-hearing
It is hard to believe that the entire meeting was less than one minute!  If I hadn't watched it myself I wouldn't believe it. 

There is NO INFORMATION in the meeting. .
Hoosiers have no way of knowing what changes were made.

Worse yet, the committee report was not published as of 7am Wed.

Is the legislature hiding behind closed doors?

Do they think that you can't hold them accountable if you don't witness their actions?

Hoosiers, if so, they are sorely mistaken.
Accountability happens during election season.

Phone calls during legislative season are communication.

The members of this committee removed your ability to understand changes to the bill prior to its last vote.

Were they hoping they could stop you?

We have no choice but to assume the changes were anti-Liberty.

Call your State Senator & State Representative today.

Tell them: "Kill SB4. Anything other than a no vote is a vote against Liberty. Kill SB4."

Need help finding your legislators?
Text 260-286-0988 the word FIND