<![CDATA[HOOSIERS FOR MEDICAL LIBERTY - Blog]]>Thu, 30 Mar 2023 20:00:24 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Public Health Centralization, budget 2023]]>Tue, 28 Mar 2023 04:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/public-health-centralization-budget-2023HB1001, the state budget bill will be heard Thursday 3/30.
Please make phone calls as below.
This bill is funding the initiatives in SB4 or the Governor’s Public Health Commission bill. While a bulk of the language from the commission was taken out it still funds “partnerships” between state and county public health and moving towards centralization.

Make your phone calls, tell the appropriations committee that:
“Hoosiers do not want centralized public health as directed by HB1001. Public health funding should be issued through grant programs, not partnerships.”
Eric Bassler 317-234-9426
Travis Holdman 317-232-9453
Ryan D. Mishler 317-232-9814
Jeff Raatz 317-233-0930
Jon Ford 317-232-9541
Chris Garten 317-232-9840
(Below have already heard during SB4 testimony. If they are your Senator it would be wise to call! If you don’t know who your senator is text 260-286-0988 ONLY the word: FIND
Liz Brown 317-232-9400
Justin Busch 317-232-9488
Edward E. Charbonneau 317-232-9494  
Michael Crider  317-234-9054

*get the numbers sent to your phone: Text 260-286-0988 the code: 33023
You may also choose to send an email outlining concerns about the centralization of the public health system through partnerships in HB1001. Refer to the June 30th meetings that can be found at h4ml.org/gphcshorts
Senate appropriations committee emails:
Senator.Bassler@iga.in.gov, Senator.Brown@iga.in.gov, Senator.Busch@iga.in.gov, Senator.Charbonneau@iga.in.gov, Senator.Crider@iga.in.gov, Senator.Ford@iga.in.gov, Senator.Garten@iga.in.gov, Senator.Holdman@iga.in.gov, Senator.Mishler@iga.in.gov, Senator.Raatz@iga.in.gov,  s30@iga.in.gov, s10@iga.in.gov, s3@iga.in.gov, s2@iga.in.gov
If you feel called to testify visit h4ml.org/legislation to watch a helpful video.  The hearing will take place on Thursday March 30th, 2023 at 9am in room 431.
In Liberty,

P.S. Make sure you visit h4ml.org/gphcshorts, scroll to the bottom and watch where Rep Cindy Ledbetter thinks this funding will go.... Not public health (prevention) but disease management.
<![CDATA[Stop COVID Discrimination]]>Mon, 27 Mar 2023 03:20:06 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/stop-covid-discriminationDiscrimination has to end!

Recently I have been getting messages from people reporting discrimination based on their COVID vaccination status. 

Some have sent in information about continued testing. MANY are reporting that their employer is singling them out with masks.

We know that the vaccines do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, or even death.

How does any of this make sense?

It doesn't.

In 2022, HB1001 was passed and Hoosiers are STILL told that this bill is to "protect their right to decline the COVID vaccine."
Watch more at h4ml.org/gphcshorts
The bad news is, the bill was poorly written and actually codified religious discrimination through testing. This is a HUGE problem.

The bill also excluded students in medical professions from protections.

Rep Becky Cash wrote a bill, HB1127, that would have corrected the major issues with 2022's HB1001. The bill died in committee without so much as a hearing.

We were incredibly disappointed.

The good news is that there is an opportunity to put this same language in another bill!

Will you help us end COVID discrimination?

Use the info below to complete the call to action.
☎️ Call ☎️
Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139
Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452
Joanna King 317-232-9657
Donna Schaibley 317-232-9833

Tell them:

"Offer the language from 1127 into SB474 during Public Health Committee. Sen. Johnson, the author is on board & Rep Cash has already drafted the amendment, but you must file it. It would correct workforce issues related to COVID Discrimination."

💥💥Call today, this bill could be heard as early as tomorrow!
☎️ Call ☎️
Brad Barrett 317-234-2993 (Chair of the Committee)

"Hear 474, and get 1127 into SB474 during committee. Sen. Johnson, the author is on board & Rep Cash has already drafted the amendment. It would correct workforce issues related to COVID Discrimination."
Are you wondering what this language will do, and how it fits into the bill?
SB 474 deals with workforce.
According to the summary, the bill removes physicals and drug testing of nurses to facilitate workforce.
We all know the mandates and discrimination around the COVID vaccine have significantly impacted nursing workforce.
HB1127 is a workforce issue and the Speaker, Todd Huston, agrees as evidence by the fact that the bill was sent to pensions and labor committee.
It should be germame (pertinent to the bill) for this reason.
However, germaneness rule should not apply since we are asking that this language be applied in committee.
This is the ONLY chance that we will have to get the discriminatory testing removed this year. It must be done NOW. 
This amendment supports the improvement of nursing work force in 2 ways.
First in the short term, we have nurses leaving jobs because of the mandates and we have future nurses who are being denied clinical placement. They have been denied exemptions because of a small oversight and the language from 1127 will remedy the oversight.
The remedy simply mirrors the medical provider section to the rest of the bill without putting entities in danger of a violation of federal laws/requirements.
Secondly, The language also addresses testing. We have reports of employees leaving their employer because of frequent testing. Some nurses faced serious issues with nose bleeds and tissue damage.
This language strikes balance, because it does not limit the ability of the employer to those who are showing symptoms or have had high risk exposure. It adds evidence based practices to testing.
Thank you for your continued work towards Medical Liberty.

<![CDATA[Lipstick on a pig...]]>Mon, 20 Mar 2023 18:50:01 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/lipstick-on-a-pigThe Health Committee must hear from you.
Some would have you believe that SB4 is salvageable.
It isn't a secret, and everyone recognizes that applying amendments is nothing more than a band-aid.

The bad news is that SB4 was built off the guidance of a group selected by Governor Holcomb.

These wanna be elites exposed themselves on June 30th, 2022 as arrogant and manipulative individuals, hell bent on coercing the counties into financial bondage.

The commission laid their entire plan out on recorded meeting. What kind of wheeling and dealing do you think is happening behind closed doors?
For the sake of Liberty, SB4 must die.
Call the Public Health Committee and tell them: "Kill SB 4. It is just too controversial. If nothing else, send it to summer study."

Bradford Barrett 317-234-2993
Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139
Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452
Joanna King 317-232-9657
Donna Schaibley & Ann Vermilion 317-232-9833
Robert Behning 317-232-9753
Martin Carbaugh 317-232-9620
Dennis Zent 317-232-9850
Robin Shackleford 317-232-9827
Rita Fleming 317-234-9048
Ryan Hatfield 317-232-9628
Gregory Porter 317-232-9875

(If you can't call all, start at the top and make as many as able.)
A few amendments will not fix this bill.
See the 💥LAUNDRY LIST💥of issues!!

We also have an 📩 email template you can edit and send to the committee. (A big thank you to Rodney who compiled this email based off the concerns we had listed on the blog previously.)

H64@iga.in.gov, H81@iga.in.gov, H291@iga.in.gov, H51@iga.in.gov, H49@iga.in.gov, H75@iga.in.gov, H56@iga.in.gov, H24@iga.in.gov, H31@iga.in.gov, H77@iga.in.gov, H71@iga.in.gov, H98@iga.in.gov, H96@iga.in.gov
SB4 is not on the schedule for tomorrow, Tuesday March 20th. We have been getting some concerned messages and this is misinformation.

SB480 is the only bill on the schedule for tomorrow.
Make sure you stay connected.

If you don't get our texts yet, shoot us a message 260-286-0988 the code: 320. You will also get the call to action from above so you can just click the phone numbers and read the suggested statement.

In Liberty,

P.S. Can you help support our text messages? Texting is not cheap, but we see how effective they are & know you value them too. Please consider a monthly donation h4ml.org/membership
<![CDATA[Foster Care Update]]>Wed, 15 Mar 2023 22:28:55 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/foster-care-update
<![CDATA[SB4 update]]>Wed, 15 Mar 2023 15:41:21 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-updatePlease understand that I am actively working to update this page.

CONTENTS WILL CHANGE! But the info will be consistent.

Update on SB4 following committee hearing 3/14 after only 22 hour notice.
They say politics move slow, I disagree. All of these things take time and energy. I am doing my best to keep up but this may be messy for a bit. Thanks for your understanding. 


The doubling of required core public health services. Get rid of them. (See h4ml.org/gphcshorts video # 4)

Current statutes are part of the areas where the state is failing.

We have had programs in place for years re: maternal fetal health and NOTHING to show for it. Our rates are abysmal. Why don't we do studies to identify root cause instead of throwing money at the same old things and hoping for something different. Clearly, what we are doing isn't enough...

If there need to be additional core public health measures, then require the counties to do a focused needs assessment and drive public health measures based on issues identified by the people working on the ground. These counties know the needs of their communities, let them do what they do best.
This could be accounted for in the way of grants. "We identify --- need. Our current situation is ---. We feel that interventions --- will address the issue and get us to (SMART goal), and we anticipate a cost of $$$." The total amount of grants could be distributed based on the calculations in the current bill and as long as the county is completing the fiscal and showing forward progression on current smart goals and statutes they can increase the amount per capita over the course of time. Graduated increase in funding directly correlated to results. THAT IS FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE.

The beauty of this plan is that it would empower communities, and then cooperative learning and collaboration could take place based on success. Counties could be highlighted to explain the problem as above, evaluate the interventions, and make recommendations on what they would have done differently or what they learned along the way. Other counties can look at these presentations, take what they feel would work for them and develop county specific interventions so they are tailored to individual needs. (Vaping vs. tobacco vs marijuana)

We have concerns over the cart blanche delegation of authority to the CDC through IDOH to write rules (moving the goalposts) for what constitutes compliance for counties who opt in to funding. (Addressed in the 6/30 videos)

Everything that was disaster about the original bill language could be promulgated by CDC through IDOH utilizing the rule-making process.

They are expected to opt in before these rules are written, and there is no language that clarifies what happens if they later opt out. Despite Sen. Kenly stated there was an opt-out provision today.
For example, County X opts in and 3 months in "the next pandemic" strikes, resulting in rules changes BY IDOH. The county decides that they are going to go against their new rule. Does home rule still apply?
This is perplexing because they technically can decline but then they are in violation of
Pg 26 line 31. Does the county lose funding or does home rule apply? (H4ML.org/gphcshorts video #2)
What is the procedure for leaving, and what happens when they do? (No funding moving forward; expected to refund previous funding; fines; etc etc)

Do the counties know they aren't required to apply?

At what point do "public education campaigns" as suggested by Senator Brooks become coercion? Honestly, this recommendation sounds a lot like the IDOH is planning a tattle tail situation. (See h4ml.org/gphcshorts video #5)

I didn't see anything addressing funding for counties who don't opt in.
Are they then on their own?

In a previous version, there was at least a statement regarding those counties getting the same funding as the year prior.

This did not account for inflation or population changes and should be addressed. If the plan isn't to force participation, this should be immediately addressed and a plan for those counties should be arranged. One might suggest continuing to use the old model and adjusting for inflation and the availability for grants to address specific needs.

Call to action

Great Job, the legislature is showing signs of political respect for Medical Liberty!

We have the chance to kill ❌ the Governor's Public Health Commission!

Do not back down!
Call the committee & tell them: "SB4 undercuts county autonomy through the administrative rule-making process. Vote No."

Join us for our monthly meeting tomorrow, Thursday 3/16, online or in Bloomington, Ft. Wayne, & Mishawaka h4ml.org/meeting

Bradford Barrett 317-234-2993
Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139 *If you have faced covid discrimination, she needs to know! (see blog)
Robert Behning 317-232-9753
Martin Carbaugh 317-232-9620
Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452
oanna King 317-232-9657
Gregory Porter 317-232-9875
Donna Schaibley & Ann Vermilion 317-232-9833
Dennis Zent 317-232-9850

In Liberty, Ashley P.S. Thank you to our monthly donors for making this possible. If you are able, please become a reoccurring donor. h4ml.org/membership
North East Indiana- Check it out, the Nisly's will be in Fort Wayne on Saturday revitalizing the republican party!  I would love to see you there!
<![CDATA[Governor's public Health Commission Hearing]]>Mon, 13 Mar 2023 17:02:04 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/governors-public-health-commission-hearingAre our representatives trying to keep us from testifying?
SB4 Public Health Commission will be heard tomorrow!

All 👋on deck! They only gave 22 hrs notice!
Perhaps they don't want citizens interrupting the "Lobbiest parade" like in the senate!

Can you testify tomorrow morning in House Chamber at 8:30?
If so, please text 260-286-0988: TESTIFY

If not, please call the committee & tell them:
"VOTE NO on SB4. Keep big government out of county public health. This bill is dangerous & lays the groundwork for centralization ."

Bradford Barrett 317-234-2993
Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139
Robert Behning 317-232-9753
Martin Carbaugh 317-232-9620
Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452
Joanna King 317-232-9657
Gregory Porter 317-232-9875
Donna Schaibley & Ann Vermilion 317-232-9833
Dennis Zent 317-232-9850
Robin Shackleford 317-232-9827
Rita Fleming 317-234-9048
Ryan Hatfield 317-232-9628
Gregory Porter 317-232-9875

Get more info: h4ml.org/gphcshorts

Thx, Ashley & H4ML
<![CDATA[Foster care anti-discrimination]]>Fri, 10 Feb 2023 00:47:58 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/foster-care-anti-discriminationPicture
Congrats Hoosiers!!

You forced Gov. Holcomb to take drastic action!

Governor Holcomb is TERRIFIED that his public health COERCION… oops, commission could FAIL!

He and his commission watched as Hoosiers decimated "SB47 VaxPass Lite in committee."

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty Activists are so effective at putting pressure on the legislature that something DRASTIC had to be done.

That is precisely what Gov. Holcomb did. 

Today, February 9th, 2023, Indiana DCS sent out an administrative letter (found here) stating that DCS would no longer limit foster homes based on the vaccination status of foster family members. 

While this is a step in the right direction, make no mistake, this is simply appeasement!


This internal policy can be changed at any time and is not legally binding.

These changes have been requested for years, and loving homes will now be opened to foster children.

BUT that could disappear in an instant, as early as next week!!

The ONLY explanation for this is that they need Hoosiers to back down.

Holcomb needs to make you BELIEVE that he has good intentions at heart.

He needs to appeal to your “sensible” side.


Do you remember being shut out of your churches?
Do you remember being limited on how you could conduct your business?
Do you remember the distress of your children as they were forced out of schools?
Do you see how your children’s education has suffered?
What about their mental and emotional health?
Have you witnessed the damage to social and behavioral norms?
Do you remember contact tracing and the violation of privacy?
Hoosiers, we must press on!

An administrative letter is not enough.

If Gov. Holcomb truly wants foster homes open, he needs to push for legislation to do this.
Fortunately Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has been working on this since last session!

We pushed for SB 272 “Foster anti-discrimination”.

It will ensure vaccine discrimination does not interfere with foster care or adoption.

When asking for what legal implementation “Cronies” will tell you,

“These things take time…”
“You need to be reasonable...”

Hoosiers, it is reasonable to want legal protection.

Hoosier children should not be shut out of safe and loving homes.

Call Senator Greg walker now!

Sen. Greg Walker 317-232-9984

Tell him:

“Hear and vote on SB 272 the “Foster Care Anti-Discrimination” bill.  Gov. Holcomb & DCS issued a letter that must be backed by this legislation.”

Get the above sent to your phone, text 260-286-0988 the code 272

In Liberty,

P.S. Don't forget to call Heath VanNatter 317-234-9499 and tell him to "Hear and vote on 1127 to END COVID Discrimination!"

P.S.S- Don't miss the latest update from Forti-fy podcast reviewing YOUR success with SB47!

<![CDATA[Revenge- Vaxpass Lite]]>Mon, 06 Feb 2023 06:56:52 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/revenge-vaxpass-liteWill Indiana institute Vaccine Passports?

SB47 VaxPass Lite will be heard in committee again this Wednesday, February 8th.

Citizen testimony will not be heard, but the bill will be amended and voted on.

Be sure to call the Senate Health & Provider Services Committee and tell them:

“Vote NO on SB 47 VaxPass Lite. SB47 violates IC 16-39-11. Excuses for voting yes will not be accepted.”

Donato & Crider 317-234-9054
Charbonneau & Becker 317-232-9494
Busch 317-232-9488
Bohacek 317-232-9541
Breaux 317-232-9847
Brown 317-232-9497
Leising 317-232-9493
Melton 317-232-9432
Johnson 317-232-9466
Yoder 317-232-9534

It has been 3 weeks since the initial hearing and testimony from the public.

During that hearing, the committee admitted that the Indiana State Department of Health would be issuing a scannable record for proof of vaccination with the intent to use it for travel. 

It has been 3 weeks since the initial hearing and testimony from the public.

During that hearing, the committee admitted that the Indiana State Department of Health would be issuing a scannable record for proof of vaccination with the intent to use it for travel.
By definition, this scannable record IS a vaccine passport. 
One member of the committee also recognized that QR codes to show proof of vaccination may be obtained easily from 3rd parties. Confirming the testimony given by Ashley Grogg.

If a legislator votes yes to SB47 they will be voting for a bill that would violate IC 16-39-11, passed in 2021, preventing the state from issuing or requiring an immunization passport. 

Make your calls today!

You might be wondering, why after 3 weeks the chair decided to bring this back to vote.

Some speculate that it could be Senator Charbonneau’s revenge for activists declaring the truth about SB4 Public Health Commission on February 1st.

“Will Governor Eric Holcomb’s COVID lockdown kill his public health overhaul?” was the headline of an article published by the Indy Star February 2nd.

The article reported Hoosiers “seized the opportunity” to spread COVID “misinformation” and claim that the bill was a “Trojan Horse” in an effort to usurp county control.
They got one thing right, SB4 is a Trojan Horse.
Hoosiers would be so lucky to kill this bill.

Many truths were exposed about the bill even though citizen voices were suppressed and disregarded.

Two hours of “Lobbyist Parade” was heard prior to the first citizen testifying.
You read that right.
Not a single voter testimony was heard for over two hours!
Senator Ed Charbonneau, chairman of the committee, started the meeting at 9 am, warned that time for testimony was limited, and there were a large number of individuals signed up to testify.

He feigned concern for everyone being able to testify stating “Please keep testimony to 3 minutes.”
Hoosiers noted the disgusting display of favoritism to lobbyists and those representing the interests of the medical-industrial complex as they were called up one after another. Hoosiers started calling Charbonneau's office demanding the “lobbyist parade end.”
Over two hours into the committee hearing, and about 20 minutes after angry calls started streaming into Charbonneau's office, citizen testimony began.

Once finally allowed to speak, a county commissioner bravely rebuked the bill with genuine concerns.
Sen. Charbonneau struck at him with harsh words as if he didn’t actually hear the concerns from the Commissioner that the “opt-in” didn’t leave room for opting out.
Charbonneau practically yelled at the Commissioner stating that the bill wouldn’t impact his county if he opted out. The commissioner tried to explain again to no avail.
Nearly every citizen who spoke requested that the senators review the Public Health Commission’s June 30th meeting.
The commission was quoted by many of the citizens exposing where concerns about the “Trojan Horse” originated.

Hear what some of the June 30th meeting here.

In what only appears to be an effort to remain ignorant, Senator Charbonneau refused to hear a 1.5-minute clip from the meeting during a testimony.

Despite compelling evidence including multiple direct quotes from the commission discussing bypassing “home rule," increasing public health requirements to force participation, and re-education campaigns, the committee went on to unanimously vote in favor of the bill.

Nearly every member added that they have concerns but didn’t want to “impede the process” and hoped that the bill would be “fixed.”

If we learned anything from last year, it is that these bills only get worse as they move along.

Republican leadership blindly follows the words of Governor Holcomb and the committee chairs do the bidding of leadership.

Republican leadership is known to state that the “heavy lifting” should be done in committee and not amongst the entire assembly.

The likelihood of this bill being improved in favor of Hoosiers is slim to nil.

In fact, inside sources suggest that the bill will only become worse.

Yet somehow EVERY LAST COMMITTEE member voted “yes” and supported this bill that will ultimately lead to bigger government and Federal strings that will restrict the rights of the county.

Hoosiers, our legislators must receive a clear message.

Hoosiers expect their representatives to vote with their conscious, not the party line. Excuses for votes will no longer be tolerated.

Hoosiers are watching. 

Hoosiers are participating.
Hoosiers will connect legislative season to election season.
Call your own legislators. Tell them “Excuses will not be tolerated. Protect Liberty. Vote No to coercion and the Governor’s Public Health Commission.”

**Learn how to find your legislators, text 260-286-0988 the word: FIND

***If you aren’t familiar with the Governors Public Health commission be sure to check out the resources on our website.

In Liberty,
Ashley Grogg MSN-RN

P.S. SB4 is far from over. It will move on to the appropriations committee. We will be issuing calls to action when this occurs.

P.S.S. Our work is funded by generous Hoosier donors just like you. They fund all our text alerts so you can have easy and immediate calls to action when every minute counts. If you can become a monthly donor do so now.

<![CDATA[SB4 2/1/2023]]>Thu, 02 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-212023Many of you have asked what has happened with SB4: Public Health Commission.  We have lots of video up on Facebook.  I am going to add links in here for your viewing pleasure. 

Stay tuned for more updates.  This will be a LONG fight, but this is year will be pivotal.
Post committee hearing wrap up:
Various testimonies:
<![CDATA[SB4 Public Health Coercion]]>Mon, 30 Jan 2023 18:14:19 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb4-public-health-coercionThis bill is exactly what we have been warning about for the past several months. 

Make no mistake, this is the slow addition into centralizing the local public health agencies under the reign of the CDC & WHO.

Listen to the video below for more information... 

We will continue to update this page as able.

<![CDATA[rEMOVED: sb 47 vAXPASS LITE]]>Wed, 25 Jan 2023 01:04:26 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/removed-sb-47-vaxpass-litePicture
Fantastic news!

SB 47: VaxPass Lite was removed from committee hearing tomorrow.

Hoosiers, you are so powerful!

Your calls, your emails, THEY WORKED!

Pat yourself on the back and celebrate this victory.

Don't be fooled, it could come back. Our legislature is known to sneak stuff in. We will be watching so be sure you are getting our text alerts.

Feel free to share the image above with your friends.

Tell them the good work we are doing together and encourage them to join.

Thank you for your action in all of this! 

A big thank you to all of our donors, they make the text messages possible. 

If it weren't for our ability to quickly alert our members and their swift action I don't believe this victory would be possible.

If you are not a donor yet, please consider. This legislative season is going to be a busy one and we will continue to communicate with you and make sure YOUR voice is heard down at the statehouse.  When you donate to Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, you are making this possible.

In Liberty,
<![CDATA[SB47 Vaxpass Lite- Committee Hearing]]>Mon, 23 Jan 2023 22:13:04 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb47-vaxpass-lite-committee-hearing Picture
Watch Lively testimony from last week. The hearing begins just after the 53 minute mark.
VaxPass Lite SB47 Will be amended & voted on Wednesday.
No testimony that day.

Hoosiers must send a clear message to the members of the committee.

Call by the end of business Tuesday.
Tell them: “Vote NO on VaxPass Lite, SB47. Hoosier tax dollars should not be used to support vaccine passports.”

Stacey Donato & Michael Crider 317-234-9054
Ed Charbonneau & Vaneta Becker 317-232-9494
Justin Busch 317-232-9488
Liz Brown 317-232-9497
Jean Breaux 317-232-9847
Jean Leising 317-232-9493
Eddie Melton 317-232-9432
Shelli Yoder 317-232-9534
✨It was reported that Mike Bohacek 317-232-9541 &Tyler Johnson 317-232-9466 will be voting no.
❓When calling state “I heard Senator will vote no on SB 47, VaxPass Lite. Is that accurate?”
👏If confirmed, “I look forward to seeing that vote.”
❌Otherwise, “Vote No on SB 47 VaxPass Lite. Hoosier tax dollars should not support VaxPass!”

Would you like to submit written testimony?
I tried to give a good base for those who struggle with how to write. Take what you can use, ignore the rest. Written testimony MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NOON TUESDAY!!!


Senator.Becker@iga.in.gov, Senator.Bohacek@iga.in.gov, Senator.Brown@iga.in.gov, Senator.Busch@iga.in.gov, Senator.Charbonneau@iga.in.gov, Senator.Crider@iga.in.gov, Senator.Donato@iga.in.gov, Senator.Johnson@iga.in.gov, Senator.Leising@iga.in.gov 

s34@iga.in.gov, s3@iga.in.gov, s40@iga.in.gov


Vote no on SB47. Hoosiers do not want to participate in vaccine passports.
Make an intro “My name is _____. I expect you to vote no on sb47. Hoosiers do not want to participate in vaccine passports because (list your choice of 1-3 key points in short phrases).” This really should be the extent. 
Elaborate on your three points in short paragraphs of the body. 

Paragraph 1: Context and basic ideas of point one.
Paragraph 2: Context and basic ideas of point two if applicable.
Paragraph 3: Context and basic ideas of point three if applicable.

Close. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. No voluntary vax pass in Indiana because of (list 1-3 key points in short phrases). Remember, vote no on SB 47 “Vax Pass Lite.” 
Your name


If you have personal testimony share it. If you need ideas consider elaborating on 1-3 of the following:
  1. No reason for scannable code other than vax pass. Indiana has “vaccine passport ban” but scannable codes would be viewed as contributing to the use of vaccine passports.
  2. Parents can already get PIN from MD to access CHIRP/MyVaxIndiana and print records.
  3. How vaccine requirements limited your free movement during COVID.
  4. Government enabled vaccine passports. Not required by government directly but through requirements on businesses. (like we saw during COVID).
  5. What your concerns are.
  6. Violation of constitutional right to be secure in papers.
  7. Contribution to ushering in Nanny state
  8. How Vax passports will disproportionately impact minorities who are hesitant based on historical maltreatment.
Your email does not have to be long. I would encourage you to keep it to 3-5 paragraphs, and try to keep it under 10-15 sentences. Think about the number of emails that they are hopefully getting. If you need a template check the one out below.
House Happenings
Currently there are not any vaccination bills on the schedule. We have been receiving questions about HB 1198 Decriminalizing HIV Donations. Despite this bill being outside our scope, we thought we should address it due to the concerns of the community.

Representative Wendy McNamara and the Courts & Criminal Code committee will hear “HB 1198 Decriminalizing HIV Donations” authored by Rep. McNamara.

Yep, you read that right. McNamara will remove criminal penalties for those who knowingly and recklessly donate bodily fluids while infected with HIV.

What good can come from decriminalizing HIV donations?

What kind of people is McNamara protecting from criminal penalties?

Who in their right mind has HIV and donates bodily fluids known to transmit the communicable and potentially deadly disease?

HIV donation supporters, like McNamara, will claim that testing is still completed to limit the use of HIV infected fluids, however, why should resources be wasted collecting these donations for them to be wasted?

If this legislation is concerning to you, call the committee and tell them
“Vote no on HB1198 Decriminalizing HIV Donations.”
Wendy McNamara 317-232-9802
Michael J. Aylesworth 317-234-9139
Steve Bartels 317-232-9863
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<![CDATA[SB 47 VAX Pass Lite--- UPDATE]]>Thu, 19 Jan 2023 13:56:20 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/sb-47-vax-pass-lite-updateTestimony went well, you can hear the synopsis of what happened in the video below. It is also on social media.  I wanted to get some additions made then I will make the video downloadable so you can share.

I will be updating this blog post today with more details and the WHY behind our next steps. Updates will be BELOW the video.

You know me... I like INFORMED consent.

You shouldn't just do what I say because I say it, you should understand WHY it is important.  ;)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I truly know we are making an impact together!!
<![CDATA[Vax Pass lite- SB47]]>Mon, 16 Jan 2023 22:35:39 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/vax-pass-lite-sb47
There will be a lot in this email brace yourself!

  1. Call to action- SB47 VAX PASS LITE
  2. Hope on the horizon HB 1127 COVID Anti-Discrimination
  3. Meeting Thursday
  4. Reading List
  5. Helping Hands
  6. Giving Tuesday Update


If you get our text messages you have already received PART of this call to action. If you have not received the text, text 260-286-0988 the word VaxPass to get it!

Social pressure resulted in forced and coerced vaccination during COVID.

The American Government manipulated private businesses into doing their dirty work by requiring vaccines or masks for entry.

Indiana has a supposed “vaccine passport ban” and legislators would like you to believe they don’t want vaccine passports.

However, as we have seen the vaccine passport ban has done NOTHING to help Hoosiers.

Legislators still claim they want Medical Liberty…

Is that how they really feel?

Hoosiers will soon find out. 

Wednesday January 18th, SB 47 “Vax Pass Lite” will be heard in committee.

This legislation requires IDOH to provide a QR code or scannable barcode within 14 days of request.

An inside source told us that the purpose is “simply for the transfer of school records.” Citing that parents are requesting the change because CHIRP is slow and the receiving school will not accept the student until they have the vaccination records.

Currently, parents can access and print records from the CHIRP database themselves through MyVaxIndiana. Or at least that is what the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) website shows….
Legislators who vote in support of SB 47, “Vax Pass Lite” are either ignorant, or could care less about your constitutional rights.

Legislators will tell you that the QR code containing your vaccine records is voluntary. However, COVID taught us otherwise.Does Senator Danoto understand that parents can currently access their children's records?

Parents DO NOT need a scan-able barcode or QR code. 

The minor “convenience” of having a QR code does not over ride the constitutional right to be secure in papers.

Hoosiers do not want to participate in vaccine passports.
The government's history of manipulation and corporate bullying to control citizens coupled with the insight that parents can already easily access their child's records for school transfer paints a clear picture…
The only purpose for this bill is to usher in vaccine passports.
Legislators who vote in support of SB 47, “Vax Pass Lite” are either ignorant, or could care less about your constitutional rights.

Legislators will tell you that the QR code containing your vaccine records is voluntary. However, COVID taught us otherwise.
How you can help: 
Make calls (see text alert)
Send emails
Testify Wednesday

Would you like to submit written testimony?

I tried to give a good base for those who struggle with how to write. Take what you can use, ignore the rest. Written testimony MUST BE SUBMITTED BY TUESDAY!!!


Senator.Becker@iga.in.gov, Senator.Bohacek@iga.in.gov, Senator.Brown@iga.in.gov, Senator.Busch@iga.in.gov, Senator.Charbonneau@iga.in.gov, Senator.Crider@iga.in.gov, Senator.Donato@iga.in.gov, Senator.Johnson@iga.in.gov, Senator.Leising@iga.in.gov 

s34@iga.in.gov, s3@iga.in.gov, s40@iga.in.gov

Vote no on SB47. Hoosiers do not want to participate in vaccine passports.

If you have personal testimony share it. If you need ideas consider elaborating on 1-3 of the following:
  1. No reason for scannable code other than vax pass. Indiana has “vaccine passport ban” but scannable codes would be viewed as contributing to the use of vaccine passports.
  2. Parents can already get PIN from MD to access CHIRP/MyVaxIndiana and print records.
  3. How vaccine requirements limited your free movement during COVID.
  4. Government enabled vaccine passports. Not required by government directly but through requirements on businesses. (like we saw during COVID).
  5. What your concerns are.
  6. Violation of constitutional right to be secure in papers.
  7. Contribution to ushering in Nanny state
  8. How Vax passports will disproportionately impact minorities who are hesitant based on historical maltreatment.
Your email does not have to be long. I would encourage you to keep it to 3-5 paragraphs, and try to keep it under 10-15 sentences. Think about the number of emails that they are hopefully getting. If you need a template check the one out below.

Make an intro “My name is _____. I expect you to vote no on sb47. Hoosiers do not want to participate in vaccine passports because (list your choice of 1-3 key points in short phrases).” This really should be the extent. 
Elaborate on your three points in short paragraphs of the body. 

Paragraph 1: Context and basic ideas of point one.
Paragraph 2: Context and basic ideas of point two if applicable.
Paragraph 3: Context and basic ideas of point three if applicable.

Close. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. No voluntary vax pass in Indiana because of (list 1-3 key points in short phrases). Remember, vote no on SB 47 “Vax Pass Lite.” 
Your name


To testify

Wednesday you will need to be at the State House on Wednesday at 9am and fill out an appearance form. Typically, you can complete the appearance form online (if that link doesn’t work click on the bright blueAppearance Form” link under the committee name) at midnight the night before up until testimony time.  I encourage completing as soon as possible. 

You can learn more about testifying and navigating the State House with the second video here.

I look forward to seeing you at there!


Attacks on Medical Liberty are around every corner.

Last year, Indiana legislature legalized discrimination against those using religious exemptions for the COVID vaccine.

As a result of their BAD BILL, HB1001, Hoosiers were forced into up to twice weekly testing by their employers.

There is HOPE on the horizon.

I spoke with Representative Becky Cash, former frontline Medical Liberty Activist about the issue.  She reported that removing the discrimination has been on her radar since the bill was passed, prior to her election.

Representative Cash worked closely with Hoosiers for Medical Liberty drafting 10 pieces of legislation for us this year.

We both wondered, “How can we have Medical Liberty if discrimination is written into Indiana Law.”

Ultimately, we both knew that “COVID Anti-Discrimination” was top priority and she officially filed HB 1127- The Covid Anti-Discrimination Bill” that removes the discriminatory language from the law.

The bill also clarifies the exemption language ensuring that nursing and other medical students entering clinical sites and subject to CMS mandates are granted the same Title VII protections as employees.

There is no time to waste.

We need HB1127 “COVID Anti-Discrimination” NOW! 

BUT, history has shown us that our legislators have no intention of protecting your Medical Liberty without pressure from YOU!
Representative Cash needs your help to get attention to this bill.

Leadership would love nothing more than if this slipped away quietly.

We cannot let that happen!

Call the leaders of the Employee, Pensions & Labor Committee and tell them:

“HB1127 “COVID Anti-Discrimination” must have a hearing! Hoosiers have the right to be free of discrimination!”

Heath VanNatter (317) 232-9651 (CHAIR)
Mark Genda (317) 232-9643 (Vice Chair)

Need to learn more?

Check out the latest podcasts on the website, here are two we see as most pertinent today.

Ashley was also featured on “The People's Testament” on CHD.TV.  The link is on the website above.


Don't miss our meeting Thursday night!

You can join online or in Bloomington, Fort Wayne, or Mishawaka.

We will review the legislative agenda and discuss plan of action. 

You do not want to miss this important update.



We constantly get questions about how to learn more.  We are working on developing a list of books. 

We can use your help.  Visit the page, submit your suggested reading! 

We also would like to share a new release special with you by Warrior Mom.


We are still looking for volunteers.  Please visit h4ml.org/volunteer to review opportunities. 


Our Giving Tuesday Campaign reached over $1700!

Thank you to all who donated.

While we didn't quite hit our goal of $2500, but this extra funding will create  7 new outreach kits for our H4ML Near Me groups.

The groups will be able to use the kits to serve and educate their communities! 

Fantastic work Hoosiers!

If you didn't get to donate yet, and are as passionate as we are about medical liberty it isn't to late! Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is funded by our membership! You can donate anytime or create a recurring donation. 
<![CDATA[Political immunization]]>Mon, 09 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/political-immunizationLegislative season started today, and so have the political games.
I don’t know about you, but I am sick of political games.

As I was reviewing bills I cam across HB1083, titled “Student Immunizations.”

My heart kind of sank, I got a little nervous as I waited for the page to open…
Would they be stripping away our religious exemption.

Would it be a good bill?
It finally opened and I was relieved. It wasn’t the removal of our religious exemption. Thank God!
It wasn’t a bad bill at all.

BUT was it a Medical Liberty Bill?
Sadly, the answer is, not really.
The authors are attempting to gain political cover or “political immunization,” but more on that later...

This particular bill removes immunization records from high school transcripts and the ability of the health department to make changes to list of vaccinations school children, not using a religious exemption, are to have for attendance.

Let’s break these two things down.
First, the removal of immunization records from high school transcripts. This is much needed, an individual’s medical records should not be released without explicit consent. As it stands, this law bypasses the consent process.
Is adding consent to the transfer of records enough to protect Medical Liberty?
I don’t think so, but you should decide.

 If this bill passes-

Students will still have to turn in immunization records.
Students will still face discrimination, if not “up to date.”
Students will still have to fight for religious exemption.
AND students will still be turned away based on vaccination status.

Will this consent process provide Medical Liberty?
This consent process is simply reverting back to the PROPER process.

Part one, good policy, but not advancing medical liberty.
What about the second part?

Removing the ability for the state department of Health to change Indiana law without the vote of our elected legislature.  
Do you believe the health department should be able to change state law without the vote of the person YOU elected to create laws?

I don’t.

The legislature was elected to ensure that the voice of the constituents is represented.

Over the past 3 years we have witnessed what happens when the Indiana Department of Health is allowed to rule over the people.

It wasn’t pretty.

This bill does remove some of that power, during normal circumstances, which is the way the law should be.
So, is this Medical Liberty?
The answer is no. This is returning the law back to the intended government function.
Overall this bill is good policy and I would like to see it passed, however, it should not be confused for “answering the call for Medical Liberty.”
This bill is designed to do nothing more than the bare minimum. This is merely “political immunization.”
Why would the authors be seeking “political immunization?”
Jake Teshka representing St. Joe County was the lead author on the bill. He was an outspoken voice for the 2022 bill that legalized religious discrimination through forced testing under the guise of providing exemptions. The exemptions provided little more than what federal law already provide. He received a lot of push back from constituents and faced a Liberty primary challenger May of 2022.

J.D. Prescott from East Central Indiana also signed on to the bill that created law allowing religious discrimination. His constituents were less than pleased and he also faced a Liberty primary challenger in May of 2022.

Chris Judy representing Whitley County and a portion of Allen county, is my personal State Rep.  Chris was a strong supporter of the the 2022 bill legalizing religious discrimination and has faced backlash from constituents for previous Medical Liberty failures in 2021 despite sharing similar personal beliefs.
Could these legislators be working to avoid 2024 primary challengers?
Medical Liberty is still the hottest subject in the United States. Citizens recognize that this fight is long from over and the CDC is threatening our Medical Liberty more and more every day.

Political Immunization is a play on words. It lends to the thought that legislators might be attempting to inoculate their political careers from a danger.
Could these legislators think Hoosiers are flippant enough to mistake the basics for true Medical Liberty?
If Medical Liberty activists fall for this appeasement, “political immunization” is a success.

If Medical Liberty activist recognize the game, they pose political danger to politicians who refuse to advance the cause.
Of course, Medical Liberty activists do not condone, support, or encourage violent or threatening behaviors. Medical Liberty activists will simply find someone better for the job. To a politician, being replaced is their political END.
So what now?

There are a lot of things that must happen before this bill moves forward. We will keep you updated along the way. However, we want to make sure that you are aware of tactics being used for “political immunization.”
Stay tuned, and if you aren’t getting text alerts yet sign up today.

Simply text 260-286-0988 the word: UPDATES.
<![CDATA[December Meeting]]>Tue, 20 Dec 2022 04:40:11 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/december-meeting
Helpful Links:
  1. Public Health Videos
  2. Podcast: Governor's Public Health Commission + $50.6 mill grant.
  3. Liberty Dinners
  4. Communicating with your legislators
  5. Volunteer
<![CDATA[acip]]>Fri, 21 Oct 2022 04:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/acipOctober 20, 2022- Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) unanimously passed the addition of COVID-19 vaccination to the childhood schedule.

What does this mean? 

This means that the CDC is recommending the COVID-19 vaccination for all children 6 months and older per the childhood immunization schedule. 

The CDC is the reigning authority on vaccination and childhood immunizations in the United States and the schedule they release is considered “standard of care.

Typically, when the CDC makes changes to the schedule, states follow the recommendations and physician’s offices begin using the new “standard of care.” 

You may begin to see these vaccines offered at routine visits and even given at the same time as “routine” vaccinations without much notice by some providers. 

This does NOT mean it has been added to the vaccinations “required” for those who do not use a religious exemption in Indiana. More on this below. 

The addition to the childhood schedule permanently removes manufacturer liability for injuries incurred as the result of vaccination. All vaccinations on the childhood immunization schedule are exempt from liability. 


Parents call the shots, and you deserve to know what is on that tray!  Just because a vaccine is recommended by the CDC or even “required” for school doesn’t mean that there is no other option. Indiana students have the right to a religious exemption. Read more on exemptions here.

Some parents accept some vaccinations and decline others. If your child receives any vaccinations, you should be getting informed consent BEFORE the vaccines are drawn up or administered.  

Most offices don’t do this.  

Informed consent consists of the vaccination name, illness it is to prevent, risks of the illness, risks of the vaccination, benefits of the vaccination, and alternatives to the vaccination.  

In addition to informed consent, you should be receiving the “Vaccine Information Statement” from the CDC PRIOR to the vaccination. This is a legal requirement.  

If your child is scheduled for a well visit, address which vaccinations your child is scheduled for as well as any concerns before the doctor or nurse leaves the room to get vaccines. Once the nurse returns, ask specifically for the syringes to be reviewed by name prior to administering. This second review gives you the opportunity to verify what your child is getting and that you consent to the vaccination.

You have the right to ask questions, delay, or decline any vaccination even if it is drawn up.  

Unfortunately, many Hoosiers are not aware that they have the right to decline any medical treatment or procedure. We need to help educate our friends and neighbors to seek out informed consent and a risk benefit analysis. Check out our resources here.

Tell parents to be mindful and ASK what vaccines are due before the nurse administers or even draws them up. Encourage them to discuss the risks and benefits of both natural infection and vaccination for their child for each vaccination.

Be informed on the issue.

Each state governs their own requirements for schools.  

During the ACIP meeting, participants of the meeting were quick to point out that ACIP and the CDC are not in control of the vaccination requirements for schools.

Those familiar with the process know that the state health officials and legislatures typically follow the advice of ACIP & the CDC.   

The requirement for school children has not been determined by Indiana. Local journalist Margaret Menge recently wrote that the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) said they would not be making a requirement for Indiana Students in an email response.

While we appreciate that a response was sent to Ms. Menge, the state has not addressed this in an official capacity on their website or on social media. The state has not had a great track record protecting its citizens against mandatory covid vaccinations. Much like doctors’ offices it is typical to follow the “standard of care” set forth by the CDC.

It is important to let the health department know Hoosiers do not want this mandated for school children who haven’t claimed a religious exemption.
It is also important to note that in the event that the state does require the covid vaccine for school children, public school children have a right to religious exemption for all vaccines including Covid-19.

Indiana state code 20-34-4-2 requires vaccination of school children, who do not claim a religious exemption, to be vaccinated for diphtheria; pertussis (whooping cough); tetanus; measles; rubella; poliomyelitis; mumps; varicella; hepatitis A; hepatitis B; and meningitis.  

Indiana Code 20-34-3-2 provides religious exemptions for vaccinations. For a student to claim a religious exemption a parent or guardian must submit a written statement of religious objection. Nothing more is required by law.

Learn more about your right to a religious exemption here

In light of Medical information warranting a change in the name of public health the IDOH may expand or modify the list of required vaccinations for students who do not claim a religious exemption. Basically, when the CDC and ACIP change the schedule, so can the IDOH. If a spike of cases occurs, they could change the requirements. By law the IDOH is required to submit a 2 year calendar each year on November 30th. In the case of an emergency the deadline for reporting does not apply.

According to this law the requirements may be changed at any time. That means that even though the State Department of Health is not currently planning to require it for school children, it doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t change their mind.

Acting quickly to work against the COVID-19 vaccination being added to the immunizations required for those who do not use a religious exemption is key! Hoosiers need to step up and help provide information for our unsuspecting neighbors and family members.

Conversations don’t have to be difficult.

Our call to action.

Make calls to the State Board of Health, State Legislators, and County Commissioners.   

You might be wondering why the county commissioners are included.  We have talked about the Governor’s Public Health Commission for the past several months and how the state is wanting to “centralize” or “regionalize” Indiana’s public health agencies. 

Is it a good idea to hand over power to the CDC?

Orders will be passed from the CDC to the state and the counties will be forced to comply. This issue alone deserves its own call to action, but with the pressing news about ACIP adding the COVID vaccine to the childhood schedule we are combining these.    

The Governor’s Public Health Commission met over the course of several months making recommendations with the goal to develop "regionalized, equitable, and sustainable public health.” 

Want more info?
Need talking points?
Click here.

These recommendations will be reviewed by the governor and then addressed in the 2023 legislative session.

A plan to coerce and extort...

The June 2022 meeting of the Public Health Commission revealed the frightening plan to eliminate local control and the ability for the counties to opt out of mandates dictated by the state or CDC.

The meeting is nearly 2 hours long but we have made very telling videos summarizing their plans that can be seen on our website

Ready to take action?!?

Read below or text to get the script. -- 260-286-0988 the word: ACIP  

**When texting H4ML do not send more than one command at a time. Only use the specified letters or numbers. Do not use any punctuation or emoji. If you do not follow these instructions you may not receive the requested information, or it may be delayed. You may also want to save our number so you can find us in the future and don’t mistake us for spam. ** 

Indiana Department of Health 317-233-1325 

Tell them: “ACIP added covid vaccines to the childhood schedule & Hoosiers object! Do not add COVID 19 vaccinations to the required schedule.

Your State Rep & State Senator.

Don't know who they are? TEXT 260-286-0988 the word: FIND  

Tell them: “ACIP added the Covid vaccines to the childhood schedule & Hoosiers object, we notified the IDOH!  Hoosiers also have concerns over the impact of the Governor’s Public Health Commission on the local ability to control public Health directives. We expect counties to maintain autonomy & your votes to reflect that in 2023.” 

County Commissioners.

Get their numbers text 260-286-0988 the name of your county, like: Allen County or St Joseph County

Tell them:
“Hoosiers have concerns over the impact of the Gov’s Public Health Commission on county autonomy. Counties are being offered funding in return for compliance with regionalization of public health. We elected elected you to ensure local accountability.”

If they have questions direct them to our website h4ml.org/PublicHealthVideos 
You can download educational guides with more talking points here.


When we heard that ACIP would be voting we knew the Covid vaccine would be added to the childhood schedule.  

You might be wondering why we asked you to comment if we knew it was going to pass.  

The answer is simple, we are still accountable for our actions.

If at any point we sit by and let these things happen “to us,” we become VICTIMS.  

We are not victims.  

We know the risk, so we do things differently and we must fight for those who don’t know any different than to follow based on trust alone.  

At this point, one of the most important things for us to do is share this information with others.  We must give them the opportunity to have informed consent.  

You can download and print our Informed Consent Guide and share it with friends  and family.  

Need to start the conversation first?  

Start by asking a basic question.

“Did you know ACIP added the COVID vaccine to the childhood vaccine schedule?”  

Acknowledge their answer, and continue the conversation as it feels natural. Remember, our goal is not to change anyone's mind but to aid them in obtaining informed consent.

You are a powerful agent of change in Medical Liberty. Thank you for contributing to the mission.

In Liberty,

Ashley Grogg MSN-RN

P.S. We are looking for volunteers! You can help further Medical Liberty. Check out the options or suggest one of your own. We will have a meeting to discuss on Thursday November 3rd 7pm EST via ZOOM

P.S.S. Are you a monthly donor? If so you have made some AMAZING contributions. Not only are you helping here locally, but you are supporting national education on VAERS that will be life altering. VAERS project was endorsed by America's Front Line Doctors, Children's Health Defense, National Health Freedom Action, National Health Freedom Coalition, The Robert Scott Bell Show, The Truth About Cancer, Weston A. Price Foundation and SEVERAL other groups at the 2022 National Health Freedom Congress.
Thank you for your GENEROUS contributions to Medical Liberty.  If you haven't started donating monthly but want to please do so now. Your monthly donation of $10, $25, $50, or even $100 will support this and other efforts to secure Medical Liberty.

<![CDATA[September 16th, 2022]]>Fri, 16 Sep 2022 17:26:20 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/september-16th-2022Creative title right!

I am getting this up for those who have asked. This is an important meeting covering the Governor's Public Health Commission. 

Participate in the County Commissioner Call to action here.
Watch the videos on coercion here.
Get more info on the Governor's Public Health Commission here.
Learn more about volunteer options here.
Become a member or donate here.

To start this meeting we listened to "I Will not be Leaving Quietly" by Five Times August I highly recommend giving them a listen.
I was having difficulty uploading the video to the website. It is uploaded on youtube, I have concerns that it could be removed due to content. If that happens I will do my best to upload the video again.
<![CDATA[2022 is nearly ½ over!]]>Wed, 01 Jun 2022 02:40:42 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/2022-is-nearly-12-overI don't know where the time goes, I remember my adults telling me this would happen as a kid. Yet I am still astonished at how quickly things are moving.

Every minute is precious so I am going to try to respect your time and cut straight to the meat of the issues.

What you will see:

  1. H4ML Near Me Update
  2. Election Review
  3. H4ML WatchDogs
  4. WHO Treaty
  5. International Health Regulations Amendments
  6. Indiana Public Health Commission

H4ML Near Me Update:

Did you know that we meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm EST?

We do!  Getting together with people who have similar thoughts on Medical Liberty is refreshing & has become a staple for many of our members.

There are two ways to join us, online or in person! 

To join online you will need to pre-register for the Zoom meeting here.
Bloomington & Fort Wayne met in person!
H4ML Near Me is such an important part of our mission! Developing a local community will result in some of the greatest changes in our politics and preserving our freedoms, but more on that later.

We would love to see you at one of the two locations above, but better yet, help bring H4ML Near You! (See what I did there 😂)

Learn more about what it takes on our Local Partners page.

Do you want text alerts about H4ML Near Me Meetings in your area?
Text 260-286-0988 the name of your county to get updates. For example, if you live in Adams County, you would text “Adams County

If you live in Wayne County, you would text “Wayne County

Election Review

It is no secret that the May primaries were a bit of a shock.  I would be lying if I didn't' say that Liberty took a hit in Indiana. 

The loss of both Representatives Curt Nisly & John Jacob was a blow we knew was a possibility but did not expect.

The establishment is rejoicing.

They think they accomplished something big…
We will be working on an update to the Legislator Line Up to reflect liberty candidates for the general election in November. We will send reminders out closer to the election. 

Please take time to review who will be on your ballot and ask them to complete our 2022 Candidate survey.
Candidates committed to Medical Liberty
The following candidates include those who have won the primary and have returned a 100% Candidate Survey.

Many of them are likely to face a challenger from the other party or an independent.

Candidates in RED are incumbents whose voting record does not align as closely with Medical Liberty as we would like, however, they did return a 100% candidate survey. More on this later…

State Senate
  • 14 Johnson (R)
  • 25 Higgins (D)
  • 47 Byrne (R)
  • 49 Tomes (R)
State House
  • 10 Maldonado (R)
  • 25 Cash (R)
  • 32 Glynn (R)
  • 43 McNeil (R)
  • 45 Borders (R)
  • 47 Greene (R)
  • 50 Sweet (R)
  • 55 Patterson (R)
  • 62 Hall (R)
  • 66 Payne (R)
  • 70 Shemanski (D)
  • 75 Ledbetter (R)
  • 92 Couch (R)
  • 99 Rios (R)
These candidates have all agreed to help secure your medical liberty, but they are going to need some support and accountability. Being a legislator is not an easy job.

Since winning the primary each of these candidates has been battered by any number of groups asking them to write or support legislation they propose. They will be tempted by other groups and the establishment to focus on other issues or betray their commitment to Medical Liberty.

It's up to the citizens of each district to communicate with their legislators, making sure they know YOU are watching and will do your best to communicate your needs with them. They also need to know YOU will be holding them accountable for bad choices in legislation.

We will need to keep a very close eye on the legislators marked in red. These legislators may be increasingly more susceptible to the influence of the establishment but they have made a commitment to Hoosiers.

They signed a paper asserting their commitment to your Medical Liberty. They must uphold their word!

H4ML WatchDogs

We have launched our WatchDogs program.  Ultimately, our goal is that we will have 3 WatchDogs for each legislator.

WatchDogs will be in regular communication with the legislator in their district. This is how we build accountability as an organization and it can't be done without YOU.

We are working on detailing some steps just for guidance but the process will be simple centering around monthly communications varying between email, phone, and in person.
WatchDog Basics:
  • Works independently or with 1-2 others
  • Monthly communication with Legislator
  • You are “supervising” them
  • Share Medical Liberty education & legislative updates with them
  • You are creating ACCOUNTABILITY.
  • Legislative mistakes come with consequences - you will tell neighbors about these now & during election season.
  • Driving to Indy is NOT a requisite. 
  • You can meet with your legislators in YOUR hometown!

H4ML will support you sharing educational information and updates on the bills. Time commitment is around 1 hour a month.
You can start today, simply by contacting your candidate and asking them to take our survey if they haven't yet. You can check the list above to verify. Then just let them know that Medical Liberty is your top priority and you will remain in touch with them.

The most important thing to remember is that you are NOT to become friends with your legislators. You are there to hold them accountable, this is a "business relationship."

When you start thinking that you want to be friend with your legislator, look at the image at the top of this section and ask yourself, “Which do I want to be?”

If you would like to get WATCHDOG updates?
260-286-0988 the word: WATCHDOG

WHO treaty?!?

There is a huge buzz surrounding the WHO Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulation amendments. These are two separate items and many people think that they are the same thing.

Watch the video I made earlier this month here to learn a bit more.

Here are a few key points about the TREATY.

  • 25 countries, not including the United States, signed on to a commentary discussing the need for global pandemic treaty. 
  • It would focus on enhancing international cooperation including alerts, data sharing, research, and the production of resources at the local, regional, and global scale. 
  • The commentary mentions the "one health" initiative connecting the health of humans, animals, and planet. 
  • The need for political, financial, and societal commitment over many years
  • Mid-June WHO will discuss the future of this and likely be referred to as “World Together.

Let's break this down a little further. The WHO is going to keep tabs on this and I wouldn't be surprised if this does proceed forward. All of us need to be talking about this and how it impacts our future. 

We experienced this type of structure with COVID. What they are proposing is not a new idea, they just want to “lock countries into” continuing the behaviors they exhibited with COVID.

If we are keeping this short then we can skip to the 2nd to last bullet point there. They recognize there is a need for years worth of political, financial, and societal commitment.

This means that this is a slow growing threat requiring INFRASTRUCTURE.

They recognize that this is a big commitment.

They are telling us the weaknesses. 

But more on exploitation after we discuss the amendments to the International Health Regulations…

International Health Regulations Amendments.
This deals with a lot of the same things addressed in the WHO Treaty however in this case the amendments were brought forward by the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).  You can read the amendments here.

Again, if you haven't watched the video I made earlier this month I encourage you to watch it here. This is the same link as under the treaty portion.

Read more from Diane Miller & send an email to your federal level legislators here.

In short here is the break down of what is happening in the amendments:
  • A direct response to what happened in Wuhan's delay and hesitance in sharing information. 
  • Several amendments change required time for reporting & decision making in regards to public health emergencies. (Watch video above)
  • Allows WHO to determine WITHOUT input of the country that there is a health emergency happening. Doesn't change who controls the country but what the WHO can tell the rest of the world about what is happening in a country WITHOUT their permission.
  • Sovereignty is not being handed over. The "force" language goes into effect when “member states” don't take a position on if the amendments should be accepted or not. If the member states do not take a stance they automatically approve. 
  • Negative aspect is that these amendments may allow some countries to strong arm or extort other countries into declaring a health emergency or allowing WHO to send assistance if they are not able to meet the agreements. (Think smaller countries who don't have the abilities to run testing etc. 

When we are looking at these different global initiatives one running theme we see is the need for infrastructure.  If they cannot build this out and control the local level, none of them can be carried out.

However, these initiatives are being brought forward by our agency officials. We have also been posting on our facebook page about how the CDC is looking at restructuring with a focus on improving communication and resources in the “under served” areas. Including greater funding to provide better resources, data collection, and “equity."  

You have to ask yourself, how many of the under served areas will coincide with the more conservative responses to the pandemic?

During the past two years we have seen how these conservative “outliers" have pulled the rest of the country from the depths of draconian measures.

It is really a simple principle, the extremes define the middle. If the CDC, WHO, & global leaders are able to eliminate the extremes the middle is quickly pulled into the draconian landscape.

Our job is to hold the line, to secure our freedom loving counties and pull the extremes farther into the land of Liberty.
This issue is BLOWING up right now. Everyone is up in arms and honestly every time we turn around it seems like there is another emergency demanding our attention.

Threats to Medical Liberty are not going anywhere. We are going to battle this for years to come. We need to be thinking about how to preserve our energy and avoid alarm burnout.

As we progress through the next several years you are going to see multiple different opinions on each issue. Some are going to be dire, some will be frightening, and others will just make you cautious.

Variety is normal and healthy.
Difference of opinion within the movement does not mean division. 
Difference of opinions within the movement just mean that we have free thinkers, it means that those in leadership positions are THINKING through the issues and not just giving a prescribed response.

I hope to see varied opinions.

The role of a leader is to to bring attention to issues, provide actionable items that create change, and maintain focus. We are facing a long fight so it must be controlled chaos to achieve that. 

An enthusiastic activist would take the time to listen to a couple opinions and try to decipher what makes the most sense to them.

Even easier, they can look at the resolutions proposed by differing opinions.

If the resolution is the same then you can act quickly. There is no need to split hairs to see “who is right."

If the resolutions differ it can help to ask yourself a series of questions to find a resolution.

You might consider: 
  • What is the issue?
  • Is it movable? (Can we make change?)
  • How is it movable? 
  • Can I act on that alone or are there tools offered?
  • Is there anything else that MUST be done? 
  • Is this distracting me from higher priorities? 
  • Is this preventing me from achieving goals, daily activities?
  • Is this causing anxiety/depression? 
If you answer yest to any of the last 3 questions please talk with someone about what you are experiencing. It is going to be really important for you to maintain your sanity.

During this process be mindful of:

  • Burnout/fatigue
  • Information overload
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Fear mongering & cycling
If we can help, please let us know!
Holcomb's Public Health Commission
This is where it all comes together.

I mentioned earlier how infrastructure and local control over politics is the key to stopping the big machine…

Well, as it turns out, our governor is part of the machine.

Or at least a minion of the machine. We have talked briefly about Holcomb's Public Health Commission (PHC) and how the goal is to centralize the Indiana State Department of Health and to bring greater health outcomes and equity. Essentially this PHC is just building the infrastructure that will support the CDC & WHO initiatives.

You can watch a really great video on the PHC here.

The day of our last meeting the PHC met and it was interesting to hear the way that the wording changed. Obviously, this is something we will continue to watch.

Right now we know that they are working to centralize the county health departments. Doing this will require the support or permission of the County Commissioners.

Our job is to get to the county commissioners and let them know we do not want centralization, and that THEY are responsible for the appointment of a County Health Commissioner. So they WILL be held accountable for unsavory actions by these un-elected people. 

The PHC will be meeting again in both June and July where they will accept public comments. We will be issuing a call to action about this soon.

So if the PHC is the "lynch pin" of all these other initiatives how do we fight back?

It is doing all the things we have discussed the past two years.
  1. Holding your State Legislators accountable (WatchDogs)
  2. Plug into your local community through H4ML Near Me
  3. Share this information with others by forwarding this email. When you tell them that H4ML is here to help and has a plan, it provides so much hope!
  4. Meet with your County Commissioners! These people are local and part of your community. The meeting or phone call should be simple. You just need to let them know you are concerned about attempts to merge county health departments and the loss of local control. Make it clear that you will be holding them accountable for these decisions. 
If we are successful in holding off these local changes the national and global ones won't be able to take root.

The responsibility and the POWER are ours. We just have to follow through.


We are conducting some research to create greater awareness around VAERS. But we need your help.
HEALTHCARE WORKERS are needed to complete this survey. We are hoping to get a broad reaching sample and would really appreciate if you would put this out in your circles. We need to assess the knowledge base of the main stream health care workers, and unfortunately it seems that that has become increasingly more difficult for me. 😉

Please save the image below and share it far and wide through text message, email, or on your social sites. There is NO need to credit or link back to H4ML. It may be better if you refrained from doing so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this monstrous issue. We certainly have a lot to do, but we are making it happen. I truly appreciate each and every one of you for the way you have stepped up!

In Liberty,

Ashley Grogg, MSN-RN

P.S. There will be multiple volunteer opportunities coming. Please stay tuned, we need your skills and talents. If you are unable to volunteer your time please consider becoming a member and joining the effort through monthly financial contribution.

P.S.S. I want to leave you with a closing thought. “People contemplating a visit to the past worry about radical changes to the present. But people in the present don't think that small decisions or actions can radically change the future for the better.” I don't know where this thought originated but I feel it is worth sharing.

What small decisions can you make to create radical change in the future?
<![CDATA[WHO Treaty & International Health Regulation Amendments]]>Wed, 18 May 2022 04:00:00 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/who-treaty-international-health-regulation-amendmentsThis video reviews my thoughts on these two different threats to Medical Liberty and their severity.

Read more from Diane Miller JD & send an email to your federal level legislators here.
<![CDATA[Danger abounds, but you can stop it!]]>Fri, 29 Apr 2022 22:16:51 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/danger-abounds-but-you-can-stop-itThe Primaries are Tuesday.
If I am being honest, it can’t get here soon enough. 
Tuesday’s election will determine if Indiana moves further into Tyranny or starts heading toward LIBERTY!
The choice IS yours.
But you MUST vote!

So many people have worked tirelessly for the past 2 years in order to make sure that we can be as informed as possible, but more on that later.
Let’s take a look at what is at stake, shall we?
Hoosiers have not been shy about their desire for Medical Liberty. This past summer saw countless rallies where Hoosiers demanded protection.

The Indiana Republican super majority was in prime position to protect the citizens, but instead they bowed down to Gov Holcomb and special interest groups.

They killed SB 74 in 2021. That bill alone would have guaranteed exemptions based on religion and right of conscience.

COVID hysteria escalated, the COVID 19 “vaccine” came out, and mandates were rampant. Hoosiers lost their jobs, faced discrimination, and were charged MORE for their health insurance when they refused to be coerced into taking an experimental gene therapy “vaccine.”

All summer and into the fall Hoosiers made thousands of calls, hosted rallies and stood on the steps of the statehouse BEGGING for help.
The legislature ignored them.
Hoosiers continued to lose their jobs and be forced to test with invasive and painful testing methods. Some Hoosiers had significant nose bleeds and tissue damage as a result of aggressive testing.

In November, the legislature decided they were finally going to take action.

But not really…

They jerked Hoosiers around for almost 5 months before passing a “medical liberty bill.”
But was it really?

We knew in November that the authors of HB1001 were simply employing a political tactic to “soothe” tensions with voters. They knew they had to put on a good show for the public and they wouldn’t have time to do that during the shortened legislative session.

Hoosiers had figured out the legislature had MULTIPLE opportunities to provide Medical Liberty in 2021.

But they didn’t.

Hoosiers figured out that the “vaccine passport ban” the legislature snuck in at the last minute was WORTHLESS.

The legislature KNEW their jobs were on the line if they didn’t do something.

Hoosiers testified for over 14 hours on HB1001 and yet the authors REFUSED to ban mandates.

Matt Lehman & his merry men offered a glorified version of federal protections barely offering Hoosiers more.

The minuscule benefit included a “natural immunity exemption.” However, those claiming natural immunity would have to prove it every 90 days.

What’s worse, is that ALL persons using an exemption would be subject to up to twice weekly testing, at their expense and the employer’s discretion. Claiming natural immunity would require more expense & effort than that of a religious exemption.

We were flabbergasted when we heard Rep Matt Lehman tell his fellow legislators and Hoosiers HB1001 was a "good bill to protect Hoosiers" even though it gave businesses permission to discriminate against the unvaccinated with testing.

They created a law allowing discrimination based on vaccination status.
The goal was to END vaccination status discrimination.

Some groups proclaim victory, even with the discriminatory testing placed on the law books.

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty knows HB1001 is a strain on liberty.

But that isn’t all, the legislature showed that they are willing to meet demands of the governor despite constituent opposition. 

Hoosiers did not want to participate in Federal Handouts.

Hoosiers knew those handouts came with string and a price…
The Indiana legislature voted for inflation by passing the administrative authority portion of HB1001 and they delegated their power to an unelected official.

Do you think HB1001 was really to protect your Medical Liberty?
How do you think the Legislature will behave when Governor Holcomb demands the centralization of the State Health Department and collaboration with the CDC?
Do you think that they will stand up for your rights when they couldn't even stand up to the Governor?

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has been warning their followers about the impending threat of the CDC restructuring.

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty was paying attention this year when the legislature passed laws to rename the Indiana State Department of Health.

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty suspected sinister motives.

Unfortunately for Hoosiers, our concerns have been validated.

Governor Holcomb’s Public Health Commission will be headed up by none other than Dr. Judy Monroe, directly from the CDC.

One of the major goals is to centralize the health departments, removing local control. Meaning that the state would dictate policies, mandates, and lockdowns. Of course, you know with the CDC at the helm, the state will likely follow orders.

If you live in an area that was more conservative with the COVID “safety measures” this could be a big change for you. Your county may lose its ability to decide what happens in your county.

We do not need bigger government. We need smaller government.
We have uploaded a copy of an informative video done by Indiana for Medical Freedom on the blog. https://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/state-health-centralization

You will be able to get the details from the video above and we will be sure to keep updating you.
Supplement snatch?
If all that isn’t bad enough it has been confirmed that Federal Senator Mike Braun, is co-authoring a bill with a Democratic Senator from Illinois to place burdensome requirements on dietary supplements and increase control over what the public has access to.

Hoosiers have been using “dietary supplements” (ie vitamins and herbs) for generations to promote and maintain their health.

This bill could significantly limit your ability to minimize or avoid pharmaceutical use.

During COVID we watched as the regulatory agencies pulled tried and true drugs from the market removing hope for early intervention.

Could you imagine if Hoosiers didn’t have access to dietary supplements they use daily?

Being a citizen of Indiana we have a unique opportunity to tell Senator Braun to cease any actions in supporting this bill. Below you will see an image with a call to action. Make sure you follow up.

I wanted to be sure to tell you about this because we need to act NOW before the bill is out, but also to illustrate that the government is trying to make your health care choices across the board.
Hoosiers we must fortify our legislature with Liberty Loving people who will fight for your constitutional rights. The state legislature determines what happens right here in Indiana and is a VITAL part of the checks and balances.
That is why you must be informed and hit the polls on Tuesday May 3rd!
Find the voter guides of our favorite organizations and review them.   
You can find ours here. www.hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/legislatorlineup

Beware! Not all Medical Liberty groups are created equal.

There are DANGEROUS recommendations being made by Stand for Health Freedom.
Learn more here. https://youtu.be/nrPYUwwqLzU
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has been transparent about our careful vetting process and invited Hoosiers to play a role in it.

We state the facts and leave the decision making up to you.

We won’t tell you who to vote for, but rather where they stand on the issue of Medical Liberty.
We hope you will take all of this under advisement and get to the polls.
Thank you for doing your part for Liberty!

Ashley Grogg MSN-RN
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty Founder
P.S. Thank you for your generous commitment to Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, we are so blessed to be able to reach so many and your donations help us do that. If you haven’t done so yet, please take a moment and make a donation today! h4ml.org/membership

P.S.S. Your favorite Liberty candidate may be looking for volunteers at the polls. I will be standing at the polls for a candidate in a district near mine and you can do the same! Most of the time you can pick a 1-2 hour slot but they would be overjoyed if you could do more.
<![CDATA[state health centralization]]>Fri, 29 Apr 2022 21:48:07 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/state-health-centralizationIndiana for Medical Freedom shared this video on their page and it was so good that I wanted to be sure you all were able to see it.

In it you will learn about how the plans of the CDC and Governor Holcomb will come together this summer if we do not act NOW!

The best way to stop this is by putting 100% Medical Liberty Candidates into office Tuesday May 3rd.

You MUST get to the polls and tell your Liberty Loving friends to do the same.
<![CDATA[Axes are not trees]]>Thu, 21 Apr 2022 02:34:34 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/axes-are-not-trees

What you can expect from this update:

  1. Virtual Monthly Meeting Thursday March 21st 7pm
  2. Legislator Line Up & Confusion
  3. Voter Info
  4. Abstinence


Today: The 3rd Thursday of the month we have our virtual monthly meeting at 7pm. You can register here.

If you are in Ft. Wayne you can attend an in person meeting at Crossroads Wellness Center.

We would love to have more local meetings. You can learn more about helping host local meetings here.

Legislator Line Up

Have you seen the Legislator Line Up?

If not, head over now and check it out.  We have worked to make sure that you can make an informed decision when voting in the May 3rd primaries.

We know it can be difficult to keep up on “all the things” so we tried to make it as easy as possible for you to identify where candidates stand on Medical Liberty. 

In February every individual who filed for State House or State Senate candidacy was mailed a Hoosiers for Medical Liberty survey. Our survey gave them an opportunity to declare their dedication to Medical Liberty.  We had a great response from liberty minded challengers, many of which scored a perfect 100% on our survey.

You will be able to see all the details here.

For challengers facing incumbents we have taken an extra step to point out some KEY votes that took place in 2021 highlighting the complete neglect for your Medical Liberty. If this bonus exists for a candidate their name will be underlined on the legislator line up and you can simply follow the link to learn more.

Do you recall the image from the top of this email? The one about the Turkish Proverb. I encourage you to go back and read it if you missed it.

You must know, the establishment is GREAT at trying to misdirect and confuse Hoosiers. 

This IS the reason we are in the mess we are today.

Hoosiers we must not be fooled by incumbents who have historically done a very poor job representing our interests.  We have been scrupulous at watching their tricks and theater then explaining what is happening both in public as well as “behind closed doors.”

Aren't you sick of having to fight endlessly for your rights?

Aren't you sick of government occurring behind closed doors?

Are you ready to get more Liberty minded candidates working for YOU on the inside?


Go, become informed, ask questions, and settle for nothing less than what you deserve. LIBERTY.

Confusion in the movement…?

Unfortunately we have received a lot of questions about the discrepancies between H4ML's Legislator Line Up and the endorsements from Stand for Health Freedom.

We are perplexed to say the least, but you must know that some of the endorsements or recommendations that Stand for Health Freedom gave are a DANGER to your Medical Liberty.

We made a video to highlight a few of the issues, it is about 4 minutes long and describes the flaws people are getting worked up over.

We encourage you to watch the video, review the legislator Line Up, and make an informed decision.

We do want to be clear, as a 501c4 non-profit organization, Hoosiers for Medical Liberty does not endorse, support, or oppose any political candidate. 

Voter info

Indiana has an easy set up to learn about your poling place and find out who is on your ballot.  Simply follow this link.

Then you will click “Who's on the Ballot”

You will enter your info and you will be taken to your “portal." From there you will be able to view your poling place etc.

There will be a section titled “Who's on the ballot” and you can click “View all" to see everyone who will appear on your ballot. 

I hope this information is helpful for you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Let's talk abstinence…

Yep, we are going there!

Informed voting is a MUST! Especially in the primaries, these races are where the decisions are truly made when there is an open seat or a CHALLENGER in a republican controlled district!

I have discussed this for months and talked about the importance of voting, so what I am about to say may be a bit confusing.

If you do not have a candidate that you feel will adequately represent you, YOU SHOULD ABSTAIN from voting in that race.

You can still make selections on the ballot, there are multiple races.

Take a deep breath, I said it. ABSTAIN!!

This is not about choosing from the lesser of two evils. Simply abstain from placing a vote for a candidate that you don't think is fit for the job.

For me this choice is easy, one of my elected officials does not have a challenger and he has NOT been a good representation of what I want down at the state house. I will simply skip over that section on the ballot.

I will probably do the same thing in the general election in November.

Our votes are like points on a job evaluation. If we want them to vote the conscience of the people than we had better do the same.
I don't want to affirm poor representation.

Remember our voting is the only way to hold elected officials accountable and we must make sure they know where we stand. 

🚨🚨Call to action🚨🚨

You knew I couldn't leave ya without a call to action, right?!?!
This one is going to be simple. Pick one or two:
  • Check your inbox for an email and add us to your contacts! If you don't get our emails sign up now!
  • Text the link to our blog to a 5 people (h4ml.org/blog)
  • Share on social media.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to Medical Liberty! This is a long fight, and the primaries are a big part of accountability!

For Liberty,
Ashley Grogg, MSN-RN
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty- Founder

P.S. Don't forget to hop on our meeting tomorrow night where we will discuss the election races more in depth and answer any questions about the legislator line up and voting records.

P.S.S. If you like what you see here, please make sure you take a moment to become a member or donate. We are so thankful to our loyal donors who keep this mission alive.
<![CDATA[Be informed]]>Wed, 20 Apr 2022 01:25:44 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/be-informedBeing informed is hard enough, but when organizations give conflicting information it is even more difficult.

Stay informed friends.

You can click the link to the Legislator Line Up on the menu above.

<![CDATA[HB1001 SENT TO THE GOVERNOR'S DESK]]>Thu, 03 Mar 2022 21:51:54 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/blog/hb1001-sent-to-the-governors-desk
Oh Hoosiers,
It has been a long battle fought for Medical Liberty. Unfortunately, our State government is more interested in protecting big business, special interest groups, and the Governor rather than the citizens who elected them.
I know that the passage of HB1001 is disappointing.
  • It does not provide any protection to Hoosiers.
  • It guarantees discriminatory testing practices.
  • It eliminates the slim possibility that an attorney would take a discrimination case for testing.
  • It opens our state to federal meddling in exchange for money printed out of thin air…
This disappointment should do nothing more than MOTIVATE you to take your activism to the next level!

After all, if we want to win we can’t quit.
Your participation is going to be vital to eliminate employer-based discrimination. Nothing in HB1001 says that the employer must require testing or even mandate a vaccination. Working together with your co-workers will be imperative. We will have more on that later.
  1. Know who our legislators are and how they voted. Follow Liberty Defense PAC, they have laid the plans for Indiana constituents to become a #rinohunter by recruiting and endorsing only the best Liberty candidates.
  2. Become FACL trained- Join me in Ft. Wayne 3/26. Learn the techniques H4ML uses and why they are so effective.
  3. Promote GRASSROOTS mobilization in your community. We are looking for Local Partners to help us hold meetings in your neighborhood. Visit our website for more information. You can also start working with your coworkers to enact change in discriminatory policies.  We will be sharing more information on this soon. However, attending a FACL training will fully prepare you for this.
We have so much momentum behind us and it wasn’t coming from the legislature.

Make no mistake Hoosiers, you are the force of change.

Medical Liberty is dependent upon YOU.
When you feel discouraged, I want you to look at the success we have had thus far.

Hoosiers, together we have
  • fought and overturned employer mandates
  • protected and created awareness of exemptions
  • Defeated OHSA mandates
  • Stopped segregation in public schools (IPS)
  • Brought awareness to injuries
  • Educated thousands on VAERS
  • Activated & Mobilized thousands of Hoosiers to participate in the legislative process

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty’s activists have done this in the past two years, imagine what we can do if we continue to march forward?

I have been told that in the past one of the greatest frustrations with Medical Liberty organizations & groups is that they are filled with fire during legislative season and then fall off during the “off season.” H4ML is not that kind of organization.

We are full-bore, protecting your rights year-round.  

So what can you expect? We will continue with updates and communications. We will be working on collecting the remaining Candidate surveys for the 2022 primaries then sharing the information with you. Hoosiers for Medical Liberty does not provide endorsements to candidates. We will only discuss behaviors and voting habits of incumbents and compare that to how Challengers complete our Candidate survey. 
We will focus on the development of local grassroots. We truly see this as where the “magic happens.” We need you to stay engaged, dig deep and help us create a future where Medical Liberty is the norm, not the exception.
Thank you for all your hard work, it is not unnoticed!

For Liberty,
P.S. I hope you are already registered to vote but if not you will want to do so prior to April 4th. If you are not registered by April 4th you will be ineligible to vote in the May primary.

P.S.S. If you are not a member, we invite you to become one today.