<![CDATA[HOOSIERS FOR MEDICAL LIBERTY - Election 311]]>Wed, 19 Jun 2024 22:35:27 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[BREAKING CONVENTION NEWS]]>Fri, 14 Jun 2024 21:58:12 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/election311/breaking-convention-newsTomorrow delegates from around the state will vote for the Lt. Governor at the state republican convention.
As a delegate , I have been hit with a barrage of literature from the Mike Braun campaign, which is pushing for the election of Julie McGuire.

Over the course of the last week, I have received over 12 pieces of mail, including several postcards and three letters.

In the words of my husband, “Boy, the Braun campaign has money to burn.”
The Beckwith campaign has sent a smattering of postcards and one letter from his wife, Susan, but not the overbearing flood of mail like the Braun Campaign.
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty does not endorse, support or oppose any political candidate, however, we do provide issue discussion.

Hoosiers deserve elected officials who’s words are congruent with their actions!

Right now Medical Liberty is more important than ever.
Last week we broke the story of how the Council on Foreign Relations met with state and local leaders discussing “The Avian Flu Outbreak and Preventing the Next Pandemic.”
Will avian flu bring back all the COVID nonsense?
The Council on Foreign Relations met with state and local officials May 29th and suggested so.
If the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) decides to do what the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS says, and create administrative rules to enforce these measures, your county WILL be bound by financial strings of SEA4, 2023.

Will your Lt. Governor protect your LIBERTY?

The BAD NEWS is...
  • Julie McGuire voted to pass a historic +1500% in the Indiana Public Health Budget (SEA4 2023, 3rd Reading)
  • Worse yet, SEA4 binds counties to administrative rules which can be changed at any time by the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH).
  • IF the IDOH creates administrative rules during a public health emergency for contact tracing, or prohibiting your CHURCH from gathering, your county will be bound by the financial strings of the LAW McGuire helped pass.
  • McGuire FAILED to return H4ML's survey despite sending a letter to delegates claiming to "have produced significant results on health freedom." H4ML has not seen actions or evidence that match this statement.
Micah Beckwith returned H4ML's survey and PASSED, committing to protect Medical Liberty.
  • Beckwith commits to ensuring churches, businesses, and the public are free of unconstitutional mandates & closures.
  • Beckwith agreed to help repeal the bad law, (SEA4, 2023) McGuire helped pass increasing the public health budget by 1500% and creating binding financial strings on local communities like YOURS.
  • Beckwith agrees to fight for bodily integrity- or the right to say NO.
Best of all, since 2020 Beckwith has been an outspoken voice for medical liberty. He fought to keep his church doors open during the pandemic. He reports writing thousands of religious exemptions for Hoosiers, and hosted many events to promote liberty. Beckwith's actions have been congruent with his words.
<![CDATA[Lt. gOVERNOR'S rACE]]>Tue, 11 Jun 2024 01:54:16 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/election311/lt-governors-raceWe have been getting an increasing number of questions about the Lt. Governor's race.

While Hoosiers for Medical Liberty does not endorse support or oppose any political candidate, we do provide issue discussion.

To do so the candidates will need to return a candidate survey. Download a copy by clicking here.

We have sent a copy to both Mr. Beckwith & Ms. McGuire. We will update this page if and when they are returned.
<![CDATA[primaries are coming!]]>Wed, 01 May 2024 16:07:06 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/election311/primaries-are-coming

Scroll below to see the survey results!

<![CDATA[2024 Survey Results]]>Fri, 29 Mar 2024 02:28:27 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/election311/2024-survey-resultsAs per usual, I have a disclaimer. Hoosiers for Medical liberty does not endorse, support, or oppose any political candidate.

Below, you will find the bare bones of the feedback we have on the May 7th primaries. 

A couple months ago we posted about sending surveys out to EVERY SINGLE STATE & FEDERAL Legislative candidate. Now it is time to share those results, but there are a few things you need to know.

1. While we do our best to understand candidates while they run, we won't know how they will act in office until they get there. Historically, some individuals who claimed to support medical liberty fell short. If you see a "Pass" next to a candidate, we are going to need your help holding them accountable, we need you to become part of our watchdogs. Click the link for more info.

2. If a candidate is not listed below we did NOT receive a survey. Follow up with these individuals! There are a few listed below who did not. **Anyone who turns in a sign survey from those listed as "FAILED- REFUSED" or "Not returned" below will get a free t-shirt from our store!**

3. If a candidate has not returned a survey but claims to support medical liberty, you need to question WHY. If they are only willing to give you a verbal confirmation, ask yourself WHY they are not willing to make a written commitment. Look at their voting history, if they have one, and reach out to us to get more information.

4. Choosing who to vote for should NOT be taken lightly if you value your medical liberty. "Good enough" isn't going to cut it. We must have representation that is willing to fight for your rights rather than seek political immunization.

    "*" indicates an incumbent currently holding the seat, unless the incumbent is otherwise marked their voting record is NOT favorable to medical liberty.

2024- Pass, The candidate passed our survey and agreed to fight for medical liberty. If an incumbent, their voting record shows consistency in voting for medical liberty.

FAIL, The candidate or incumbent failed the survey

FAILED- REFUSED, These incumbents were sent surveys via certified mail to ensure that they received the survey. They have a challenger or have previously been outspoken in support of medical liberty but thier ACTIONS or votes do NOT reflect these beliefs.

2024- Probationary, the incumbent has passed the survey however they have made multiple bad votes on medical liberty. The incumbent has made progress, however caution should be exercised and these incumbents will need strong accountability to ensure they continue to support medical liberty.

With out further delay...

Indiana State House of Representatives Candidates

Indiana State Senate Candidates

United States Congressional Candidates:

<![CDATA[Candidate survey Deadline approaching]]>Fri, 15 Mar 2024 18:55:42 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/election311/candidate-survey-deadline-approachingIt's hard to believe we are half way through March!

While we have had many candidates return surveys before the deadline of March 6th, we still have a few outstanding.

We will update this page with those whom havepassed our survey and what that means. 

While we wait, make sure to follow up with your candidates and ensure they have returned a survey.

They can be downloaded here:

Federal Level Candidate Survey (US Congress, US Senate)
State Level Candidate Survey (State Representative, State Senate)

In Liberty,
<![CDATA[Candidate 311]]>Thu, 21 Sep 2023 21:15:09 GMThttp://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/election311/candidate-311We are trying something new this year.  Rather than constantly updating a web page I thought a blog might be beneficial to allow a review of archives as we move closer to election season.

This page will house all the information about candidates and I will add tags to each post so that you can pull up a list of all posts including your legislators. My hope is that this page will serve as a resource as you educate yourself prior to voting.

We can use the voting records of current legislators to speculate on how they will behave in the future, however we would prefer to give legislators, and candidates alike, the opportunity to share their beliefs with us.

Please print out this survey and ask your legislators to complete it and return it. We greatly appreciate your help in getting completed responses from all current legislators and their challengers.

We will update this space as more information comes in.